The Next Big Thing in SEO: Latest Tactics to Boost Your Website Ranking in 2023

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an ever-evolving field. It is important for businesses to stay up to date with the latest techniques to increase their visibility in search engine results and rank higher in Google.

With the internet taking over more and more aspects of our lives and the constantly changing nature of Google’s search algorithms, it is no surprise that businesses have to be on their toes to stay ahead in this ever-changing game. The fierce competition in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the rest of the GCC is no exception, and the role of a good SEO company or SEO Consultants for guidance in such turbulent times cannot be neglected. In this article, we will be unravelling the latest SEO techniques to leverage in 2023 to gain a competitive edge by optimizing your business websites for higher rankings on search results pages.

For beginners, let us understand the importance of SEO for your business. When used with precision, SEO is the magic wand that can increase your brand awareness and boost your business and services. This cost-effective tool can help you showcase your services to a global audience through search engine results. Since organic search takes a major percentage of the website traffic, SEO optimization will result in increased traffic to your business’s website. Furthermore, you may take the expertise of an SEO company like HelloPixels, for your business to reach target audiences and provide a pleasant user experience.

The main goal of SEO is to boost or increase your digital visibility and presence in search engine results. For the past many years, we have seen SEO trends changing from algorithm updates to AI-based innovations. It has become imperative to keep an eye on this changing landscape to have stronger business growth and success.

Your business should keep an eye on the following SEO techniques recommended by SEO Agencies for building a strong brand identity and be in the good books of search engines:

SEO Consultants vouch for Audience-targeted and Search Intent Content

Your business is about food recipes but you create articles and blogs on banking products for the sake of high-performing keywords. Beware, Google crawlers are going to catch you if your content is not catering to your target audience. It is better to produce rich content for your users than to use irrelevant search traffic to boost your website ranking. You may take the help of an SEO agency for content creation services if required. HelloPixels has a dedicated team to cater to content creation and marketing of a website.

Rank-worthy content can be created by paying attention to what your audience wants, relevant to your industry.

Search Intent content can be clubbed up in the same space as audience targeted strategy. SEO consultants would often advise a business to understand their customer’s requirements and proactively provide them with the desired results. This will benefit businesses in the long run. Analysing the search content of all organic leads and refining content strategy according to the search results will ensure high-ranking success in 2023.

SEO Companies see Voice Search and Mobile SEO as the future

The future of SEO would most probably be catering to the needs of users searching with voice.

Hey Google, tell me a pizza recipe”. Sounds familiar!!

Alexa and Google Assistant are examples where voice is used to hear songs, track orders, and even know the weather forecast for the day. Voice search is now becoming more common than it was last year. The question remains – “How to optimize for voice content?” or is it even possible? Well, the answer lies in the device we use. Mostly, voice search is done on tablets, mobiles, or smart devices. The best strategy is to make the content mobile-friendly or optimized for smart devices. You may take the help of a good SEO agency or SEO consultant if required.

In the future, Google may determine the ranking based on mobile sites. So, SEO consultants would advise that a business website performs equally well on mobile devices. It is important to take into account factors like the site design, and page structure of a website to ensure a quality experience for users on mobiles. A good SEO marketing strategy and website design will go a long way to achieving this goal. Creating a website that is easy to navigate on small screens and ensuring that all content is optimised for mobile search engine results pages (SERPs) will be a big bonus for website ranking. HelloPixels has an expert team of SEO consultants and designers to make this process a cakewalk for you.

SEO Agencies believe Image SEO is here to stay

A picture can speak thousands of words. A vibrant image can do so much good to a website in terms of user experience. Images add to the look and feel of a website. For some niches, like a recipe blog, images are the epicentre of everything. Image SEO can enhance user engagement and can be a very important factor in Google search results. Images account for more than half of Google searches and Google has added more features like image carousels in recent times. Image SEO includes ensuring the image has a name with a description, alt-text with captions, titles, and semantic keywords.

SEO firms recommend Video SEO to maximize business growth

Videos are a form of interactive content that conveys a message. Video content can be used to educate about a company’s motto, infrastructure, and services in a few minutes. Google places a lot of credibility on video content. Video SEO includes optimizing content for YouTube with keywords in the title, tag, and description section of the video. Video content adds a lot to the business brand’s credibility. Ads, promotions, and new launches of the company can be marketed through videos.

SEO Consultants consider Zero Click Search for higher website traffic

You may have entered a query on the Google search page and your intended result will be shown as a paragraph on top of the page with a reference to a website. This is ZeroClick Search where the intent of the users is assessed and the result is shown as extracted from a website at the top of the page. Users can have a detailed answer to their search query without entering the page of a website with this powerful tool. This ‘no-further click’ search result gets maximum points for showing credible information right at the top of the SERP. One advantage of optimizing your keywords for Zero Click Search is that your website information is treated highly by the search engine, which can result in further user engagement resulting in brand recognition. You may need the services of a well-established SEO company to guide you in achieving your website ranking at the top of search results.

Tried and Tested Techniques

There are other emerging trends such as local SEO, structured data markup, artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, natural language processing (NLP), data-driven insights, etc., in the field of SEO. SEO companies always place the topmost priority on keyword search and competitive analysis. Businesses should identify the right keywords to target to ensure that their content is visible in search results.

Competitive analysis will help provide valuable insights into the competition by helping to identify their strategies, their strengths & weaknesses, and most importantly, potential areas for improvement. This handy information will help them to develop an effective SEO strategy thereby giving them an edge over the competition.

Link Building cannot be forgotten which is another important SEO technique that includes building quality, relevant backlinks from other websites. An organization can increase its domain authority and improve search engine ranking by creating links from high-authority sites.

SEO space is growing at a fast pace and as competition continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly important for local SEO companies to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to optimizing websites for maximum visibility. This means businesses should employ experienced SEO consultants who have an understanding of emerging trends and technologies to help them outrank their competitors on SERPs.

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