While starting a new business in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, building your brand is the most critical step for consistent success. As you know, website is the cornerstone of your brand. But, how can you take your business online and bring more sales? With the help of SEO services, your web page will achieve higher rankings in search engines. So, people find you easily and gradually, you get a lot of business.

Similarly, while launching your brand new website SEO agencies can help take your business online. According to latest research reports, attracting more traffic remains as the priority goals among marketers. Here, they draw more consumers to your brand. If it’s done right, SEO can lower the overall acquisition costs. Moreover, it’s an appealing option for companies to establish their brand without breaking the bank.

Furthermore, start-ups don’t have to spend huge amount on the SEO services for a new website. Hence, with a cost-effective strategy consumers reach your brand and in turn you achieve multiple sales options.

Basic SEO services checklist for a new website in Dubai or Abu Dhabi

Dubai is a busy hub where launching your new business is quite a big challenge. So, approaching a SEO agency is one of the best options to improve your conversion and sales.

In the beginner-level you need to follow certain SEO services checklist for your new website. Therefore, have a look at the important steps.

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Choose an effective Domain name

Initially, select a domain name well-aligned with your brand. This gives a basic idea of your products or services to the target audience. Therefore, make it short, simple, and memorable. Such domain names are easy to recollect for your clients.

Domain name is again an important ranking factor. Since search engine crawlers look up for the domain name, ideally include a primary keyword in your domain name and improve the rankings as well. Keyword reflects the users’ search intent and how they find you through Google or other search engines. On the other hand, use SEO tool to pick up the right keywords or talk to a SEO consultant to select your domain name.

Finally, have a unique domain name, you can check it whether the domain name is taken online. Also, use such tools to brainstorm potential domain name ideas. If you don’t get the desired name, then it proposes alternatives.

Outline site structure and architecture

Search engine bots usually crawl the website to index your site. With this information, they classify the web pages and rank them according to the relevancy. While building the web page, have a site map on the number of pages. Most of the websites have a home page, about page, services page, and contact page. For instance, if you plan to add a blog section in the future, you can add a blogging section later.

SEO agencies in Dubai sketch your site structure and architecture for quick SEO results. Indeed, make sure that you organize the content that approach both robots and humans. Next, get a clear idea on the content you need and web pages to build. Finally, interlink all these pages.

Build site by yourself or with outside help

After developing the site structure, now it’s time to decide whether you want to build it by yourself or hire an expert developer. Further, you can do a mix of both. For example – you can use a content management system, and then populate the pages with the content. While handling the CMS, manage content by yourself. Ideally, you can opt for wordpress or HTML5, this gives you more control factors on SEO and makes it much more effective.

Create content and keep a content calendar for future

Initially, focus on your SEO-optimized landing pages, home pages, and other permanent pages like ‘services’ or ‘about us’ page before launch. Additionally, include specific keywords through keyword research. While approaching a SEO consultant in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you get specific keywords to create high-quality content.

Besides creating a content outline, develop a content calendar where you can sketch out timeline of content topics.

Prioritize on-page and off-page SEO for your websites

While initiating with SEO for a new website, you need great content to move on. SEO agencies always create pages with an eye-towards on-site and off-site SEO.

On-page optimization includes writing tags, choosing keywords, Meta description, and images for analytics.

Off-page optimization refers to all the actions that take away from the website to improve SERPs or search engine results pages.

Learn on tracking and analytics

Before launching your website, get a basic knowledge on how to handle analytics tools and use them to understand your website’s success.

Once you have started your SEO services, create your account in Google analytics and get valuable insights on customer behavior and conversions. For example – check for customers’ location, time spent on different pages, and bounce rate too. Therefore, you get a clear idea on the customers and selling strategies.

SEO process is not a one-time task where you launch and never look back to it. Instead, SEO requires continuous attention. SEO companies in Dubai or Abu Dhabi usually work on regular site audits to identify any critical problems or improvements.

Furthermore, improve your knowledge by reading blogs from industry experts or research more to learn new techniques. For example – get knowledge from blogs, podcasts, webinars, e-books, and more.

Launch your site now

SEO is a vast field; you have never-ending updates and techniques to improve your website rankings.

Initially, you don’t have to be a SEO expert to implement the above-listed strategies, but, if you approach a SEO consultant, they keep your site live with changing updates.

Apart from the above checklist, there are numerous tasks that evaluate your SEO work and make sure to achieve some additional results. Furthermore, remove all the bad links, broken ages, bad implementation techniques, crawl errors or any such factors that degrade your efforts.

However, you can gain some basic understanding of SEO to boost your brand awareness and conversions. In order to stay competitive in this digital world, consider choosing a SEO agency in Dubai or Abu Dhabi to upgrade your business with better sales.