What is PPC and how does it help your business?

Have you ever noticed advertisements that appear alongside each search results on Google or other search engines! Some appealing ads may prompt you to click in and find the business behind that attractive ad. PPC agency in Dubai or anywhere in UAE plays a huge role in determining the online marketing trends and thereby establishing your global presence.

What is PPC?

PPC is an online advertising model where advertisers pay each time when a user clicks on their particular online ads. PPC services in Dubai has different models, but the most common model is paid search ad. These ads appear online while searching through popular search engines like Google, Bing or similar search engines.

In this PPC advertising, businesses are charged only when the user actually clicks on their ad and hence, it’s named as Pay-per-click.

What are the different types of ads provided by PPC agency in Dubai?

  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Social Ads
  • Remarketing Ads
  • Google shopping Ads
  • In-stream Ads
  • Gmail sponsored promotions
  • Local service Ads
  • Amazon PPC Ads

How PPC services in Dubai support your business?

PPC management Abu Dhabi or Dubai is a great choice for businesses that prefer increased sales, potential leads, and promote brand awareness.

PPC is simply about relevance, when users search for particular products, information or services at any time, PPC advertisers have the ability to display targeted ads at the exact moment when people search for it.

  1. Platform based services

Google Ads is the common platform for PPC Abu Dhabi or Dubai. It’s the latest pay-per-click platform geared up to support the entire spectrum of large and small businesses in the country.

Microsoft advertising is also PPC platform that promotes your ads on site. Microsoft advertising is a keyword-based advertising platform among unique desktop searchers on the Bing network.

  1. Account structure
  • Ad groups and campaigns – PPC services in Dubai usually begin by choosing the keyword and creating individual campaigns.
  • Keywords – keywords are specifically assigned a match type, which explains the queries for which ads will show. The seven keyword match types are exact, phrase, exact (close variant), phrase (close variant), broad, modified broad, and broad (session-based).
  • Negative keywords – along with positive, negative keywords help to remove unqualified traffic.
  • Audiences – group of users segmented in a variety of ways, mostly audiences are used in remarketing. They are created with specific page views, pages per visit, time spent on site, and more. PPC management Abu Dhabi support in creating a well-organized account structure.
  1. Ad copy
  • Expanded Ad text – After creating the keywords, ads can be written. Ads should include targeted keyword, value propositions, and call to action.
  • Product listing Ads – these are the square units used in ecommerce PPC campaigns. It has the product title, image and prices.
  • Image Ads – Advertisers also choose display network campaigns that utilize image ads. These ads show up within or around millions of sites across the display network. PPC agency in Dubai work on creating attractive image ads that allows users to respond quickly.
  1. Settings
  • Campaign types – with the help of PPC services in Dubai, select from the different networks like search network, display network, product listing Ads, etc
  • Device targeting – select where the Ads can be shown including desktop, laptop, mobiles, and tablets.
  • Target location – You can select the desired location and ensure that your ad is targeted in the perfect location.
  • Ad scheduling – Advertisers can run the ad according to their desired times. Ad scheduling allows easy management of ads.
  • Budget – each individual campaign has a daily budget and it should be created in accordance with the account goals.
  • Delivery method – Ads are delivered in two options, standard or accelerated. Standard delivery allows ad to be displayed throughout the day. Accelerated delivery method shows ad until the budget is depleted.
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PPC Management

What are the benefits of choosing PPC agency in Dubai?

PPC is a great advertising option for small businesses. Some of the benefits of choosing PPC management Abu Dhabi or Dubai,

  • If you have a well-designed website, benefits of PPC increases traffic to your site. Having a paid advertisement will increase the chance of being seen
  • PPC ad focus on targeting audience with the chance of closing a deal. Online shoppers research products first and they are happy to get quick products on search.
  • With the help of marketing strategies, you can tweak or stop ad campaign if it’s underperforming. There are no particular amounts required for long-term obligations. You can run the ad with the help of PPC services in Dubai for few days, months, or years.
  • PPC is a cost-saving measure where you have to pay only when someone clicks on your Ads. PPC Abu Dhabi is a successful campaign if you’re avoiding bidding wars for keywords.
  • Often you don’t see results of your campaign, but with PPC campaign, you can analyze the ad performance in the real time. PPC agency in Dubai gives you a complete metrics on the real-time data, play with keywords or include a promotion. The Analytics will be useful for your overall marketing plan.
  • Keep your customers engaged with relevant ads. Even if they don’t make a purchase, they get associated with your brand.
  • With the help of PPC management Abu Dhabi, you can easily create the Ads and run it on time.

How to choose the best PPC service in Dubai?

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