What are the steps for a Successful Pay per Click Campaign?

Pay per click or PPC management is a quick option to reach your target audience. Moreover, in emirates like Dubai or Abu Dhabi PPC services paves way to your target customers and improves the overall conversion rate.

Initially, succeeding in your first PPC campaign will be a big accomplishment, but again you will have to deliver results consistently. The ability to produce consistent results is the major difference between a professional and amateur. So, here you can approach a PPC agency in order to achieve consistent results. Ultimately, you have to follow systematic process such as research, implementation and optimization.

What is PPC?

Pay per click is a common internet marketing model where advertisers pay for the ad whenever it’s clicked. PPC doesn’t work on a random basis instead; the ad appears when a user’s search criteria get matched with the ad keywords. Such effective campaigns generate traffic to your website with the help of related keywords. Furthermore, it’s a paid advertising method where publishers pay each time when the ad gets clicked. However, PPC is an effective strategy applied in digital marketing campaigns across Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Similarly, if your PPC ad is not well optimized without adopting any PPC best practices, then it will impact your ROI. So, it’s essential to spend enough time in planning your ad campaign.

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How to launch a successful PPC ad campaign in Dubai or Abu Dhabi?

As you know, PPC management is necessary for immediate results. Moreover, it has different goals like bringing new leads, identifying the right audience, increase traffic; improve brand visibility and conversions as well. In addition to defining your goal, you have to work on some strategic steps for a successful campaign.

Are you new to PPC management or ready to refresh your knowledge on PPC services! Initially, check out some steps for setting up an effective PPC campaign,

When you target emirates like Dubai, Abu Dhabi or anywhere in UAE, you will face a lot of competition. Therefore, it’s important to set the main objective of your campaign. Identifying this ad objective will help you drive the campaign effectively and plan efficient campaign strategy. PPC ad objective may include increasing brand awareness, website traffic, lead generation or any such activities of your website. Therefore, plan your campaign strategy according to your objective.

There are several platforms to run your PPC ads. Some of the platforms include Google, Yahoo, Bing, social media and more. So, choose the best platform with good reach and plan the campaign accordingly.

As you know, Google is quite effective and popular option for PPC campaigns. Here, Google Ads is the advertising interface that allows you to plan and publish your PPC ads. Unlike Google Ads, Facebook ads and Bing ads also provide interface for PPC services in the Middle East.

After deciding your objective and choosing the platform, next you have to plan the ad targeting. Further, you should target your most relevant audience. In PPC management, you have two types of targeting – initially – target audience in a specific geographic location, secondly – optimize campaigns for specific device, operating system or wireless networks.
  • Geo-targeting

This allows your ad to appear in the selected geographical locations like city, state, country or within specific radius. Such location based campaigns will allow you to find the right customers and ultimately, increase your ROI.

  • Device targeting

Device targeting is effective because most of the people use mobile devices to browse through internet. Moreover, this allows you to reach customers on any device or operating systems.

Initially, you can identify the keywords with Google Keyword tool related to your target’s specific terms or phrases. Indeed, with the same process and target audience, we can use the keyword tool to develop keyword list.

While developing the keywords, you have to think from the mindset of users. Therefore, think about search terms from the user perspective. Now, group these keywords into specific ad groups or logical bundles with unique topic, color theme, or product specification according to its business offering. Further, constantly refine your keywords with low-cost, long-tail, and relevant keywords.

Ad text plays an effective role in the success of your PPC ad campaigns. Such ad text remains as a marketing communication where advertisers promote their service or product.

While writing an effective ad text copy, you should include at least one core keyword, attractive discount options, promotions, and CTA as well. Always keep your ad text appealing and unique. In addition to discount options, add strong call to action that prompts users to click on your PPC ads. Furthermore, include keyword in the major ad text and link it to the landing page.

PPC services in Abu Dhabi or Dubai works with the motive of improving your quality score and conversion rate. Landing page is a critical factor that determines your quality score. Therefore, keep your landing page well optimized to attract your users. If your landing page in unattractive with poor content or listed as ‘under construction’ then users get a bad experience.

If you have an irrelevant landing page, then users will not proceed with your site. So, never forget to add CTA buttons like ‘buy now’ or ‘subscribe’, etc. While creating multiple ad copies, optimize landing pages for each ad copy.

After strong research on objectives, platforms, keywords, ad copy, and landing page, finally, you’re ready to launch your campaign. While doing so, Google asks for a number of settings that may affect the campaign. Now, being clear with all the settings related to your PPC ad campaign, apply them and launch the ad.

Use Google analytics to monitor the PPC management, this tool provides better insights into the user’s search behavior. So, you can measure the bounce rate of the website. Understanding the bounce rate will tell you the number of visitors reached your site but didn’t perform any action. Furthermore, track the conversion rate of the PPC campaign and optimize accordingly.

While establishing your brand in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you have to overcome a lot of competition; here you should approach one of the best PPC agencies in UAE to help you with quality PPC services.

By implementing the above steps, you can develop a successful ad campaign. But, PPC is a continuous process with further enhancements. Therefore, consider one of the best PPC agencies to monitor your ads and identify the flaws or additional opportunities to maximize returns. Finally, improve sales with successful PPC strategies!