10 Important PPC Trends to Watch in 2021

The years 2020 and 2021 will be remembered for it’s out of the box thinking because of the huge pandemic. Moreover, people moved on to a creative approach rather than traditional marketing. Before pandemic, the PPC services were set on a specific path. The PPC experts were busy on researching trends like audience targeting, automation, and privacy.

Almost the world was stuck in covid-19, but today several countries are overcoming this struggle. UAE also came back with a remote work platform and digitalized solutions. Additionally, the emirates like Dubai and Abu Dhabi are shifting towards a digital trend to upgrade their businesses. Hopefully, 2021 will be a trending year when PPC services shape the local and international businesses.

Top 10 PPC trends in 2021

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PPC automation

Automation is the biggest PPC trend in 2021. PPC agencies combine both artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate the labor-associated task with Bing and Google Ads. Further, global automation industry is expected to expand rapidly and generate billions. The market size of automation process is expected to increase from 70% to 83% by 2021.

As per research, automation will optimize the PPC campaigns and experts will simply adopt it to

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is expected to change the economic impact. When it comes to PPC services, AI will enhance marketers to create more effective ad campaigns.

AI in PPC allows,

AI learns your user behavior and so, it can create more targeted ads. Furthermore, it improves the performance of your PPC campaigns. Not only Google or Bing Ads, AI has a good impact on Amazon Ads too.

Therefore, use AI to power up the Amazon Ad campaigns with

PPC Smart bidding

Smart bidding is a rising trend in UAE! It’s a subset of automated bidding while implementing machine learning to optimize the ads. Basically, it’s guesswork on Google Ads.

The Google’s AI system automatically optimizes conversion in each auction. Inform Google on your advertising goal and smart bidding figures out how to accomplish it within your budget.

Smart bidding supports PPC goals that include,

Earlier this year, Google released few smart bidding controls that include campaign level conversion, maximum conversion on daily budget, and seasonal adjustment. Additionally, Google is about to introduce value rules that enable advertisers to differentiate conversion vales.

Smart bidding in PPC services helps advertisers to improve ad performance by optimizing each ad campaign.

Virtual reality Ads

In this digital era, people spend more time on virtual reality. VR opens up a realm of opportunities for PPC agencies or advertisers.

How VR technology can transform the PPC ads?

VR Ads allow viewers to try out the product before they actually purchase it.

Understand the audience

 Initially, for successful PPC services, you have to understand the target audience. Analyzing the target audience is essential to come up with any digital marketing strategy. The same format is applicable to create PPC campaigns too.

Take time and go through your audience. Make sure to keep all the information on the audience search, medium of interaction, factors on buying decision, and so on.

Keywords and images are the two aspects that take you to the audience. However, business that learns and understands it audience can build strong and result-driven PPC services.

Using diverse platforms

Dubai is a diverse business destination. So, instead of relying on Google Ads, try various other platforms to accomplish your PPC services.

Apart from Google, use platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, you tube, and even more.

Additionally, platforms like Quora, Amazon, and Linkedin are entering into PPC and slowly expected to play a significant role in the forthcoming years.

Using video ads

Video Ads are the current trend in PPC campaigns and it has taken a sparkling hike in the recent few years.

By 2021, 80% of the traffic will reach via video ads. Also, people remember video messages more than text message. With the rising benefits of video ads, PPC agencies plan to take advantage of this video marketing at its best.

As a result, video marketing will continue in the upcoming years as well.

Using Voice search

In this digital world, text search is gradually shifting towards voice search. People always look for results at a faster pace. By the end of 2020, almost 50% of the search queries are expected to be voice-based. Mobile devices take up voice search more effectively and it has become a PPC trend to consider in 2021.

It’s because, almost every individual use a mobile device and so, it’s easy to get connected with the help of voice search. Further, in 2021 voice search will grab the attention among PPC services

Using Ads Data Hub

As you all know, pixel technology has been dominating the digital marketing for a long time. However, it works for single screens alone.

Since mobile devices are ruling the world and pixel technology is not capable of tracking the effectiveness of Ads. It has given rise to a new term called Ads Data Hub.

Ads Data Hub is a part of PPC services that provides marketers with detailed reports. This allows users to understand the efficiency of ads on a variety of screen size. Although Ads Data Hub has some limitations, it gives a better opportunity to understand customer behavior and reaction towards ads.

Mobile optimization

After prioritizing desktop search, Google now crawls, index, and ranks web page on smart phones. So, you need a mobile and desktop optimized version to reach all users. It’s changing PPC trends that reach the target audience.

PPC services focus on link building strategies around mobile website too. Mobile optimization is a mandatory option in today’s scenario for a successful PPC campaign.

PPC agency in Dubai

Digital marketing is a cost–effective option to reach your target audience in UAE. PPC Agencies create effective ads that improve your brand visibility.

PPC marketing is free from algorithm changes unlike SEO and content marketing. Therefore, following the current trends in PPC helps you reach your business goals at a rapid speed.

To stay ahead in the world of extensive competition, follow current PPC services and reach your marketing goals effortlessly.