The next big idea to boost your SEO performance in the UAE

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The Middle East is an alluring haven for entrepreneurs. Above all, the UAE is worth considering because of its economic structure. The country is famous for its oil and gas-based economy. But the UAE has recently made significant transformations in other market segments. In the past few years, eCommerce has grown almost 1500% in Dubai alone. Furthermore, the UAE shows impressive growth rates in the number of online stores. The increasing number of eCommerce stores shows that they have to compete with each other for better visibility. Herein lies the importance of hiring an SEO agency in the UAE. UAE consumers prefer local online stores to eCommerce giants. Thus, SEO in Dubai revolves around localization. When comparing the search engines, Google takes the lead.

As of March 2023, the search engine market share in the UAE,

Google – 96.1%
Bing – 2.78%
Yahoo – 0.45%
PetalSearch – 0.25%
Yandex – 0.16%

As per the reports, UAE SEO consultants target Google as their prime work platform.

How do SEO firms work in Dubai?

Focus on language

UAE is an open space for international investors. English is the most used language compared to Arabic. The country binds people from almost 200 countries. Thus, it’s beneficial to conduct international SEO services in English. Yet, the UAE audiences have a flair for localization. They emphasize locality and absorb authentic results from business owners. If you have a shop or office in UAE, it’s mandatory to improve visibility through Google My Business, Apple Maps, and Google Maps.

Link building

The off-page link-building features the number of votes for a website. The number of quality links corresponds to the website’s authority and relevance. When it comes to the UAE audience, they have a special concern for local ventures. So, an online catalog is an ideal choice to promote local businesses. Online catalogs can increase the integrity of your store and build the finest backlinks.

In certain cases, where online stores don’t have any premises, a catalog may not be the best choice. But there are specific listings or rankings devoted to eCommerce. For example – social media sites allow you to post and promote the business. In this way, you can find influencers and build relationships with new partners.

Social media profile

In order to increase domain authority, use social media and post on company pages.
As per the StatCounter global stats, the social media market share is UAE,

Facebook – 65.85%
Instagram – 11.44%
Twitter – 10.4%
YouTube – 6.55%
Pinterest – 4.41%
LinkedIn – 0.73%

The above percentage denotes social media share up to March 2023. The values may differ in the following years. Facebook and Instagram are the most popular social networks in the UAE. Thus, it’s worth investing your time and effort in social media. Moreover, well-maintained company profiles earn the trust of users and let you stay in touch with your customers.

The above elements offer a lot of possibilities for improving your SEO. The SEO/SEM services are growing day by day. So, businesses should ensure that they keep up with the changing trends and meet the needs of search engines.

So, What’s the next big idea to dominate UAE SEO in 2023?

SEO is not constant work; instead, it involves a lot of innovation. You can’t repeat the same steps and achieve a higher ranking. SEO comprises different marketing strategies to illustrate search engines that your web pages can answer users’ queries. SEO helps search engines crawl better and identify your website. SEO consultants reach the target audience by using the popular search query as a keyword in your content.

Keep Pace with the latest Google algorithm

Why does Google use these algorithm updates? Google has a mission to organize information and make it accessible as well as useful. When Google helps people find useful information, don’t follow a strategy that purely depends on SEO. Don’t create strategies that work for SEO alone; if so, your website won’t flourish in the future. When you approach an SEO agency in the UAE, they focus on search engine marketing trends. It allows them to create useful content that people prefer to read.

Google is introducing frequent algorithm changes to improve ranking quality. These updates aim at delivering relevant and quality search results.

As of February 2023, Google uses an AI-based tool calledSpamBrain‘ to identify spam pages created only to boost ranking in Google. Those pages get lower rankings in search results. The particular Google update prevents companies from cheating the Google SEO system.

There are no specific updates in March 2023. But, based on the past updates, find some takeaways to keep in mind,

Focus on the keyword rankings and organic search traffic. These metrics will measure the impact of updates and find out the areas for improvement.

Google updates aim at serving quality search results. So, create valuable content bespoke to your target audience.

Have a bull’s eye on your website’s technical aspects. Site speed, proper indexing, mobile responsiveness, etc determine the overall ranking. So, pay attention while working on these technical elements.

Few trends to revitalize SEO in 2023

Writing useful content is the motive of 2023. No more keyword stuffing and hiding text to rank higher, instead you need to put some effort into better rankings.

Practice the below trends to boost your SEO

Relevant Keywords

Keyword stuffing is a bad practice. But, using relevant keywords make a huge difference in your content. Use keywords familiar to your business. Also, make sure you don’t repeat it again and again. Use keywords based on your user’s search queries.

Use SEO AI tools

Few AI tools allow you to write original content. Plagiarism tools and grammar-checking tools can improve your writing tone. Also, use keyword-checking tools to find relevant keywords.

Examine technical SEO

Quick navigation is the core idea of improving technical SEO. Check for indexing and page load speed. Altogether, you readers should experience easy and quick navigation.

Link to reliable sources

Google fails to crack down the link-building practices like guest posting, link exchange, and blogger outreach. The SpamBrain algorithm is efficient to detect 99% of spam results. So, always link your writing to trustworthy sources.

Keep Pace with HelloPixels SEO firm in Dubai, UAE

Google stays on a mission to put forward useful content. HelloPixels aims at creating exclusive SEO marketing strategies with top-notch content. Google always updates the algorithm to ensure a better search experience. Having a dynamic SEO team, we revitalize SEO trends and meet the demands of our clients. By watching the metrics, quality content, and optimizing technical aspects, we keep your site in Google’s graces. We keep up with the changing updates and ensure valuable content.

Apply these SEO strategies and stay ahead of the competition!