How to reduce Mobile App Development Cost?

Are you ready to order your food online? Want your medicines at doorstep? Don’t worry; there is an on-demand app for almost all the products and services. When pandemic hit UAE, most of the businesses were digitalized and well-equipped with mobile apps. Today, people search out for the formula to reduce mobile app development cost in Dubai.

With the growing popularity of mobile apps, start-ups and established business in UAE have to deal with high-cost development. From research phase to design development and finally, launch of mobile includes several factors. Every client ask this question, what is the option to reduce mobile app development cost. However, there is no golden rule to cut down the development cost probably in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Instead, the development companies use few tricks and hacks to optimize the efficiency of development and therefore, reduce overall cost required.

What are the major factors that influence Mobile app development cost in UAE?

Platform – initially, decide the platform to develop your app. Whether it’s a native mobile app for android, iOS or may be a cross platform approach. However, make sure which mobile app platform is good for your business.

Tools and integration – be careful while selecting the technologies like cloud platform and tools, integration with third party, development kits, or any other.

Scope – while including huge number of features, it has more complex functionality. Obviously, it takes a lot of money to build such mobile app in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Scale – understand the audience outreach of your business. It depends on the type of app and the nature of business.

How to reduce mobile app development cost in UAE?

When building your business strategy, sooner or later, you will have to develop a mobile app. These applications promote your business products or services. Even if mobile app development is of high-demand, customized development ensures quick results.

However, find these tips to optimize the expenses and develop apps within a minimum budget.

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Outsource app development

Hiring in-house talents is not a feasible option for every business. While outsourcing, you have access to a pool of global resources and find out cost-effective development opportunities. However, UAE has a bunch of talented app development companies that serve your requirements within a limited budget. As per reports, more than 35% of the decision makers decide to outsource their mobile app project because of the expertise and services offered by their outsourcing partner.  

Now, depending on your project specifications, you can opt for a dedicated team to work on it. Always opt for a full-stack team that can start from the research phase and grow into a fully-functional system.

Prioritize App features

Well-organized feature prioritization is essential for a successful mobile app development. While targeting emirates like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, you have to focus on feature-rich applications.

Prioritizing these features will keep the cost under control and ensure best results among your competitors. Instead of putting all the features together, figure out which functionality works better among your audience. Always test the app and come up with necessary changes depending on the user feedback. By skipping unnecessary features, you can save ton of money and time.

App development companies use many techniques and methods to prioritize your project requirements.

Start with an MVP project

Instead of starting with a full-fledged mobile app, you can start with a minimum viable product. This MVP has enough features to attract the hands of early investors or adopters.

MVP is a key strategy for start-ups and entrepreneurs, who wish to test their idea before committing to a full-fledged market-ready product. Mobile app development companies suggest building an MVP product in case of a new concept or application.

For example – if it’s a new business idea, MVP development will require very less investment. If it sticks with your audience, then search for further resources to improve your application.

Understand hidden costs in development

Most of the app development companies in UAE include the following basic services, they are

To estimate the exact functionalities and features, find these services – CDN, data storage, access control, tools, data, API, and more. These are the hidden factors that can increase your development budget.

Initially, talk to the outsourcing partner or development company to understand the cost factors and get an accurate estimate for your project. However, negotiate with your partner to reduce the hidden costs and maintenance expenses.

Refine existing digital systems

Often, mobile app is complementary to the existing software of a company. If you have a web system and would like to expand it further into a mobile app. In this case, you can reuse some of the existing components from the pre-built system.

For example – you can pull data from API, keep business logic on backend, and reuse third-party libraries, integration from web systems, and more.

Such reusing techniques will save time and reduce mobile app development cost. Indeed, it creates a consistent user-experience for end-users.

What are the mistakes to avoid while reducing development cost?

Finally, why you need an affordable mobile app development?

Mobile app in UAE is a great opportunity to reach your customers. The app simply portrays your company values, ideas and objectives.

While developing a customized mobile app, you know the functions to add, performance of the application, and finally, how it will interact with the customers. However, all the development companies focus on customer-centric approach to keep your app unique.

To reduce the development costs in Dubai or UAE, conduct detailed research, define app requirements, choose a dedicated team, and keep track of the development progress.

Focus on app features and finally, build a truly great mobile app for your users!