How to pick the right agency to develop your mobile app?

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Now you have validated your app idea and decided on the type of app and the platform which may work best for your app. But another important thing that comes into mind is choosing the best mobile app development company for your project.

Choosing a Mobile app development company is a challenging thing. From the beginning research stage to when you come to review proposals- there’s much to think about. Selecting an excellent app agency will help you achieve your business goals or connect with your audience, and if you choose wrong, you will get an app which people do not use or which doesn’t provide a return on investment for your business.

Following are the ways to pick the right mobile app development agency

1- Calculate Your Budget

The first and most crucial question every agency asks at the beginning is how much you expect to spend. But money is a pervasive question which comes to mind, no matter how excellent your idea is or how great an opportunity this seems to be. It would be best to always get inside these discussions with a clear picture of how much you want to spend or be transparent with your prospective partner.

2- Understand your business needs

After getting a proper understanding of your business needs, and started thinking about how mobile can fulfil them. So now it’s time to start researching and talking to prospective app development companies. The crucial part of this early contact is looking throughout their app development portfolio. And the app agency you selected must have a proven track record with the platform you are interested in, whether the medium is developing for IOS vs Android or both.

Ask the companies whether they have worked in the past on a project similar requirements of your business. Their past work will give you a glance into their experience and competency.

3- Understand their pricing
For the mobile app development firm, it’s hard to determine how much app development costs because many variables are involved, from the features required or the project’s scope to ongoing improvements or updates. You will likely have various price points, but it’s necessary to understand the reason behind each quote; you could purchase twice if your first choice can’t deliver on their promise.

An excellent mobile app development company will deliver a unique quote that contains structured pricing. It allows you to look at where the most expensive features are, which takes much time to build or enables you to compare the time quoted, not only the cost. Ask the agencies for more details on what they think is required for that feature. All this will help you prioritize your app development time and maximize your budget.

4- Read their process
When it approach to mobile app development, there are various things to consider when building an enterprise or consumer app. That’s why seeing how each app agency you talk to will approach development is essential. You need a better understanding of their process or how their team will work with you- from the beginning to the ongoing optimization of your app.

Our mobile app development consultants begin their process by defining the business strategy for the project. We then establish the value that your app brings before we move into the design and development process. Each app passed through our internal Quality Assurance process before being reviewed by the client.

5- Good app company goes for more innovation

The best app agency will always think outside the box, or they make sure that your app takes benefit of the Internet of Things (IoT), wearable devices, artificial intelligence (AI), new coding ways or augmented reality.

Our team of experts in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE, takes time to think, create or innovate with the latest cutting-edge tech. We make a style event that lets our team experiment with how new and emerging technology can benefit businesses.

6- Trusted QA and Testing Measures

Most custom mobile applications are found to have some technical errors and bugs. And the regular interruption in the functioning of mobile apps results in a loss of interest in users. That’s the reason great app design and development methodologies are not sufficient.

The HelloPixels in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE provides the best mobile app development services by following the latest manual and automation Quality Assurance or testing measures to ensure that the final product couldn’t lack any technical errors or bugs when it arrives at the app stores.

Reasons why mobile app development consulting is important

The primary reason startups use mobile application development consultants is to save money and time. When you are a small startup, you may not have resources to create your own app. Even if you are web developer on the payroll, they may not have specialist skills to build out smartphone app for you.

The average salary of mobile developer in UK is $55,355 which vary from country to country. Or even at the lower rates, it can be expensive to have mobile app developers in-house. One of the main advantages of bringing a mobile app development consultant though is that they can manage the process from beginning to the end. The mobile app development consultants offer can vary, they typically provide the following:

• Planning and Research
• Design
• Development
• Testing and quality assurance
• Deployment
• Technical support
• Marketing


Choosing the mobile app development company is a stimulating process, and a good app development company will do the following:

• Insist on a complete understanding of your business requirements first.

• A good mobile development company will be able to show you various products that demonstrate how they’ve used mobile to tackle core business challenges before.

• Must have a team of expert developers who understand their projects’ business side.

• They are always innovative or continue to strive towards thinking of new ways they can enhance your app with the latest advancing technologies.

HelloPixels use its process and do its work with a core team with proper dedication and ensures a return on investment for your app. Choosing our services from us is a significant investment, so investing the money in the right direction is essential.