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An ever evolving segment, the mobile app development industry is on a consistent spree of change and development in the UAE and the rest of the GCC. Did you know, Dubai recorded the largest  number of smartphone-release premiers in the Middle East in the last 3 years ? 

That’s a new smartphone launched every 24th day of the year. That’s right! We have more smartphones than desktops and laptops put together. Observe the consistency of the device called the smartphone. It’s at work from sunrise to sunset, at the breakfast counter to the meeting at the office, at a gala event to the restroom to keep one self entertained and bluetooth connected to the car to a wi-fi hotspot connection at the metro,our smartphones are so engrossing owing to its capabilities that appear as apps or applications on its display, more like doors to different virtual worlds of choice. The COVID-19 pandemic had us helter skelter at homes for the safety and sustenance of humanity which was a major responsibility, carried out in elan by the government of the UAE, keeping us posted on our smartphones via emergency based instant apps that were put together by the authorities, the government based apps made things easier in both communication and daily-sustenance. The pandemic led to a new phase across the world. Online education, grocery shopping, OTT streaming platforms, online doctor appointments, kept the brotherhood entertained by playing games online, essentials were available online, over the counter medication was purchased online, passports and visas renewed and sorted online, all these were functioning properly via apps accessed on smartphones. It’s 2023, the app world is in a total frenzy. Every service or required product is put across apps on smartphones via the Play store in Android and the App Store for Apple devices. Innovative app development was suddenly the need of the hour. A reliable global study showcased how the app development industry was all set to grow in revenue by 10 % every financial year up until 2026 encompassing a total market value of about 600 bn. Interesting? Come, let’s dissect this developing Industry and understand app development, its advancement and the technology in use by app development companies in Abu Dhabi that have a reliable expertise in app curation for your app requirements.

Mobile App Development Technology by Companies, Dubai

The most modern cities in the world, a world transit, ever growing business establishments and a world window that connects the world together, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are cities that are equipped with the most modern technology in the digital world to enable and ease day to day activities of the common man avoiding chaos and confusion, propelling a framework of order, class and comfort of living. With more than 100 nationalities having made the UAE their place of choosing in search of opportunities and achieving dreams, It’s not by chance that people around the world come to another country and some fall in love with it, made it their homes, it’s the quality of life and the opportunities the Emirates bestows without any discrimination whatsoever. 

Now this quality of life is the after effect of a well compassed society put together by the authorities with the latest amenities that add to the quality and develop the overall luster of a pro-multinational kingdom like the UAE where all are welcome to come and make their lives. Apps played an important role in society organization and increasing the quality of life in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Apps for almost every purpose under the sun fulfilled 84 % of overall requirements of the total population in Abu Dhabi last year. That’s right! Our statistics show a hundred percent smartphone usage in Abu Dhabi consecutively for 2 years until 2023 and up to 96% of the population in Dubai using smartphones in 2023. Apps across smartphones actually made lives easier for the population of Abu Dhabi and Dubai in a crystal clear picture as shown below.

Mobile app development companies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are growing by the day. The best ones are ardent providers of the best apps across different segments of lives that function upfront, robust in service and has a support and maintenance policy throughout. HelloPixels, an expert app development company in Abu Dhabi with an expertise in app development across various businesses in different niche of industries over a span of 10 years and counting swears by the perfect apps that can change the lives of people across the Emirates in the convenience of their homes and offices over a palm sized electronic device via apps in the swipe of their finger movements to articulate and accomplish previously considered chores or errands as simple non-complex day to day affairs in a matter of seconds. Apps simplified our lives that was once a complex ecosystem. HelloPixels, Abu Dhabi has curated, designed and deployed more than 100 apps over the Play Store and App Store in the last 5 years. Their app development experts owe it all to the technology that only the best of app development companies hold in the Middle East. Technology drives app development into new realms and only a professional app agency badged and certified by recognised app technology providers can create a perfervid app, all up and running throughout with no down time and an excellent engagement rate with customers with round the clock maintenance. App development experts at HelloPixels are experts in technology induced app development immersed in world class app formation technology frameworks like React Native, AngularJS, Laravel and CakePHP. Apps achieved what websites and legacy softwares on desktops could not achieve in the last decade in 2 years time. Apps by HelloPixels simplified lives, propelled growth in businesses and established an online presence for brands with ease in Abu Dhabi and the rest of the Middle East.

Mobile App Development technology in Abu Dhabi, 2023

Top mobile app development company in Abu DhabiOn further discussions about top app development companies and their procedures, app development experts at HelloPixels crafted and curated food delivery apps to an all consumer-grade app, enterprise solutions to medical healthcare apps and to be precise about what the experts at HelloPixels put out about app development, they explained app development in a simple sentence

Top app development companies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai have achieved the best of the applications in the digital world across the globe. They have equipped themselves with the latest in app technology inducing Android, iOS and windows platforms with apps that communicate with different devices at the same time, apps with cloud storage for online users, apps with social media integration and the (IoT) or internet of things based apps that has started  changing the way the world functions.

Got a task to accomplish in the convenience of your homes? We have got an app to do it!”  HelloPixels, Abu Dhabi

Device Integration and IoT

Device Integration or the Internet of things which includes machine intelligence in ( M2M) and ecosystems of computer intelligence, expert app development companies in Abu Dhabi are working and developing state of the art technology induced apps that are capable of communicating with physical devices such as climate control thermostats, security systems on doors and gates, office automation, remote patient care, water and air pollution monitoring systems and plenty of other things. Prominent app development companies in Abu Dhabi have cracked the code and have been handing over IoT based applications integrated with client desired integration across different segments in industries enabling and propelling ease of life. Did you know, a single app can handle countless integrated physical devices and rake in real time data across fixed time periods using an API connection? Prominent app development company, HelloPixels in Abu Dhabi  have enabled IoT for real estate industries by enabling app integration for home owners convenience and better living.

Real Time Data and Reliable Information

Real time data and reliable information which can be used to penetrate future markets for developing companies or established incorporations to design their products and services around data collected after app usage is a big boon to the marketing industry in Abu Dhabi and the rest of the Emirates. App integrated devices keep a tab on preset objectives via apps on the device's running time, its maximum usage time on average, consistency in choice of functionality of the device and much more. This information when gathered enables a better build of upcoming devices slashing unnecessary options and creating on demand requirements for customers in thorough understanding. This saves time, money, the target audience is clearer and the investment on development can be used to maximize productivity efficiently.

Revenue Generation and Good Will hunting, the right way

The best technology when merged with apps can pave the way into making larger revenue and increased sales conversions. Did you know apps around the world sell collected data and information to customer database companies for the sake of developing products and services the right way? Top app development companies in Abu Dhabi provide options on the kind of data that can be collected, the laws and regulations concerning the type data being raked in and the privacy policy that has to be signed by users as mandatory. Superior technology in the hands of app development companies is a huge responsibility.

Pre-eminent Technology by Top App Development Companies, Abu Dhabi

Top app development agencies in the UAE are equipped with the latest technology when it comes to developing apps for businesses in the Middle East. App development experts consider the following technology in use by an app development company in Abu Dhabi to be the answer in developing the perfect app and it’s after deployment experience to keep the app up and running in the UAE.

BlockChain Technology

Known as the best technology to be induced in app development owing to its encrypted payment gateway features enabling safe and secure money transactions irrespective of locations and geography. Blockchain technology by top app development companies in Abu Dhabi come with Private decryption keys ensuring online users safety. This technology in app development comes with a data records safety mode of saving previous transactions and blocks ensuring safety of online investors. Blockchain technology simplified online payment via apps for various requirements in B2B and B2C industries in the safest parameters in the UAE since it's inception and the whole app revolution that marked it's place during the pandemic.

Beacon Technology

Beacon technology enables connection with mobile devices in a 100 feet vicinity of Bluetooth based low intensity energy signals which in turn churns and furnishes best services info and data in the nearest premises for customer usage by using the device location. Expert sources reveal the huge potential Beacon technology holds in the UAE and the rest of the Middle East, all set to become a 32 bn dollar industry in the next 3 years. This technology induced with apps can trigger and alert customers about services available and boost sales for businesses that depend on local sources connected to smartphones looking out for products and services. Hotels, restaurants, themed parks, theaters etc use the beacon technology in app development to push for advertising in the best means possible.

AI(Artificial intelligence)

That's right, apps merged with AI by HelloPixels is the latest offering by a prominent app development company in Abu Dhabi. News spread like wildfire when app developers at HelloPixels, created an app using AI with data from previous app development procedures. The app found bugs and fixed issues on its own for a first in the app development industry in Abu Dhabi.  Shopping apps Integrated with AI, recognised the online user and promoted previously hovered information by analyzing user behavior. AI induced apps are in consideration with working along with translator, Face recognition and other adaptive apps on Android, Windows and iOS.


5g Integrated apps are doing the rounds in the UAE. Faster internet, better quality connection and state of the art clarity in display, 5G apps by prominent app development companies in Abu Dhabi are a rage. Most of the highly acclaimed OTT platforms on both television and smartphone are going the 5G way owing to its ease in refresh rates, speed and multilingual capabilities, gaming apps, 4K enabling an out of the world binge-watching experience and the best part, GPS enabled apps have it more accurate while using 5G connectivity. Data transfer so fast, we recorded large sustenance in battery saving in devices with 5G based apps

Instant Apps

This is another groundbreaking technology by app development companies in Abu Dhabi. The instant app technology propels app usage without really having to download the app from the Play Store. These are available across Android devices only. This technology in app development has enabled saving space in devices by enabling app usage without a download. It's like test driving a car. Use the app without a download, the online user can use limited facilities and on liking the app, the user can download the app to use all options.

Cross Platform App Development

Mobile apps that run similarly on different smartphone platforms are called cross platform App Development. Top Mobile app development companies in Abu Dhabi use cross platform mobile development frameworks to curate native-looking apps across platforms. They use a single codebase on both Android and iOS. The shareable code or a single codebase in cross platform app development, enables a smooth operating system set up by app developers cutting down on costs and time to write a new code per platform. The best frameworks for a cross platform app development includes Flutter that use the Dart language, React Native using JavaScript, kotlin multi-platform mobile using kotlin, Ionic using JavaScript, Xamarin using BCL(base class library) and the NativeScript that uses JavaScript and TypeScript for ardent cross platform app development in Abu Dhabi and the rest of the GCC.

Augmented reality Apps

2022 saw gaming apps use augmented reality in gaming for hardcore gamers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Unity 3D and ARPA were integrated with augmented reality to create amazing experiences while gaming. Teaching apps, brochures, virtual patient diagnosis in case of a virus outbreak in Healthcare and Skincare organizations like MAC enabling their customers to try out makeup without having to put it on in reality in the process save energy, hard work for nothing and time taken

Internet of Things

The technology of the hour in app development, IoT by expert app development companies in Abu Dhabi are working on apps that act as an umbrella cover for different physical devices connected to provide data via sensors that work in accordance with the app to propel and rake in user data that can be used down the marketing funnel for improvised efficiency. IoT technology  by app development experts in Abu Dhabi serve industries in the UAE by providing inventory details, supply chain management details  on the go, working environment details and much more to study, research, compare and choose wisely to increase productivity and efficiency. HelloPixels in Abu Dhabi have induced IoT technology with the highest security measures to maintain safety of sensitive data, storage and cloud to save enormous amounts of data that can flow in from continuous sensor working and inter device connectivity that encompasses different devices connected via apps with a similar objective but different tasks to perform.

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Looking forward to developing an app for your requirements in Abu Dhabi or the rest of the Middle East? Hire top notch app development agencies in Abu Dhabi for keeping your app objectives and preset goals alive and kicking consistently. At HelloPixels, app development is more than just an app creation facility. HelloPixels aims to be the largest app developer in the Middle East by 2025. Having crafted and deployed upto 100 apps across 7 countries, HelloPixels has created a niche for itself as one of  the most reliable app development companies in Abu Dhabi. The whole line up involved in app development from ideation to curation, integration to cross platform tie-ups and deployment to after launch services, HelloPixels understand app development like no other. Call us! We would love to hear from you. [email protected]