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Web development as a whole involves creation, designing, innovating, maintenance, improving functionalities, appearances etc of websites or homepages and web applications or what we call web apps. Let’s put it this way, the end number of websites or homepages and the web apps or web applications you visit and download on your laptops, PC’s and smartphones are all, stringent, innovative and serious efforts by web app development companies to present to you an easy access on your interface devices to troubleshoot a digital necessity and make your digital experience better and a lot easier. 

The fact that you are able to read our blogs at the comfort of your homes, offices or while you are traveling is a joint effort of web app development companies across the globe with the virtual world of the internet by respective digital providers in a particular geography. Web development can be sorted into two major phases. The website or homepage phase and the web application phase. These work hand in hand with each other promoting, supporting and making the whole objective of the web application developed, simpler but smarter. Lets try to understand the whole process of web development step by step in a simple manner

Web development agencies in the UAE

You might have come across web development services in and around UAE and the GCC in plenty. That’s right, after the onset of the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic, the whole world, locked in time, could not afford to use the physical manner of shopping, reaching out for required services and other industries like the usual owing to the safety and health of the generations to come. UAE had a no compromise approach towards safety, maintenance and the health of all the people in the Emirates. UAE were one of the first countries in the world to completely take their markets and other required services online at the earliest considering the severity of the situation around the world. UAE being the king of all transits around the world, they knew the importance of using websites, web apps and a better digital connectivity. 

By 2020, the UAE became the e-commerce leader among the GCC council of countries with a record $3.9 billion in e-commerce sales and other digital services, i.e. a catapult jump of 53% in the middle eastern digital market in 2020. Amazon acquired, which was one of the largest e-commerce companies in the UAE in 2017, paving the way for a few companies who were planning to take their business online. 

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed it. Almost all businesses irrespective of their product types and services, were making it online in the digital world in the UAE, especially in the Emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It was a sudden hype and a record establishment of many social media and web development companies and services all around the UAE and the GCC.

Businesses went online and the need of the hour was trusted, experienced, expertise driven, quality web development services that required sowing the seeds of start-ups and already existing businesses in all of a sudden surprisingly fertile soil of the digital World for the first time since their inception, watering the sown seeds by taking the first time online business presence the right way, one step at a time, stone by stone not leaving them on their own and when fully blossomed, the web app development agency, being the required exposure of sunlight for the sown seeds of businesses in the digital World, they make sure to get in to the innovative mode by always improving, modernizing and updating the first time client’s web pages and in turn their web applications that make their business objectives a lot easier.

Websites and web app development services

Websites and web apps compliment each other in the digital world by promoting each other on their official homepages. Did you know, most websites on the internet are actually web applications? Here’s what makes all the difference. A website is not interactive but a web app is interactive, they pick up select information from online consumer behavior and create custom tailored products or services online. A web application is interactive, they use a web server to stay relevant and they are accessed via a web browser. A web app’s design and function is almost always dependent on online consumer behavior. In a web app, the user experience determines the web application’s interaction, it’s improvement and changes in its development. A web application uses API( application program interface) to collect select or required data from the user and automate the information collected, by funneling them for acquiring the best of development, concentration on tastes of consumers, Analyzing what ticks customers and helping the business involved, generate online traffic, a certain amount of SEO, developing a pattern of style and the right narrative for the web applications interface. HelloPixels, a renowned web app development company in the UAE has developed web applications for clients across the UAE and the GCC council of countries for over a decade now. When enquired about how a web application is useful for business in the UAE,

HelloPixels mentioned a very important point that caught my imagination. Having developed, interactive e-commerce web applications for esteemed clients like Amwaj Jewellers(, Jboutique the luxury boutique store( and Soleil products(, HelloPixels clearly tracked and made a report on products on the client’s respective web applications that had customers linger, the longest when shopping online and similar products were all set and ready to to be shown, when the customer logged in again. That’s useful client information that can have an effect on sales conversions for these companies. These e-commerce businesses literally have an upper hand when compared to companies that only have a website rather than a web application. That’s on the dot, crisp customer interaction induced information collected and saved for an upcoming sale session as they chose to have a professional web app development agency handle their websites, homepages, social media platforms and web applications. In this scenario, the useful stats recovered wouldn’t have been possible, if the companies only had a mere website , that would make available the same product for every visiting client and a very limited standardized set of features.

Web app development consultants only!

Let’s put it this way. A web app development consultant knows their stuff. A website or a web application, any attempt to handover its reins to a freelancer or an experiment by oneself is one step closer to self proclaimed defamation. let’s not forget, we are dealing with the face of your business here. The last thing you want is to be at the receiving end of customers gone berserk. No customer online has the time to wait on ever hanging websites, stuck payment gateways, web apps with a non user friendly interface and a boring aura about the online shopping experience. If your business is not keeping up with the best of online web app services on a web browser, the IOS or an Android, ‘you are not striking the iron when it’s hot’. A freelancer is limited when it comes to web applications owing to a lack of organized team members who support the client throughout till they reach their business objectives and continue innovating, improving and keeping up with the latest in web development services. We are talking about highly sensitive and complicated software programming induced skills required to set up the right web application.

Web app development consultants under a web app development company are always training and educating themselves with the latest techniques in web app development services to keep up with the ever evolving digital world with serious skills on the technical side. The front-end and back-end web application skills include HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python and PHP. A serious quest for more knowledge on web app development, led to a group of web app development consultants at HelloPixels in Abu Dhabi. A team with a highly improvised set of skills when it comes to development of web applications. They have developed web applications for clients over the years with web app development backend skills like the Ruby on Rails development, Codeigniter development, Node JS development and Laravel development. Their front-end web application skills included AngularJS development, Sass development, Bootstrap development in Dubai, Vuejs development and WPF.

Do you need help with the right web application development for your business?

A basic website is not the way to go about it if you are looking for a customer base rather than a one time customer list. Keep them coming for more with the best of technology and innovative services, set and created by, on demand web development companies in the UAE. For help from experienced developers and expert opinions on the best options for your choice of a web application. Check out HelloPixels for the largest pool of web development experts in the UAE.