Social media users in the UAE

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UAE mainly consists of the young demographic engaging with social media. Social media platforms allow two-way communication; even the UAE government uses them to share their policies, initiatives or accomplishments with the public. Social Media Marketing in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, is likely to grow in 2023.

Why having a Social media presence is necessary for your business

Social media increase visibility to potential customers and reach customers who may need to be made aware of who you are or your business. Having a social media presence gives you get towards a large audience inexpensively or quickly. It increases the awareness between you and your business, leading to sales.

Reasons why businesses in UAE require social media

You must be wondering why most companies rely upon social media marketing. If you want to get more than 3 billion audiences, social media is the only place for it. Nothing can be more appealing than these massive numbers if your business is customer-centric.

As per specific Social Media Agencies, more than 80% of social media users follow at least one business or brand on social media. Use this opportunity more so your competitor can not beat you.

Most importantly, if you have business in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE, you must incorporate social media into your company’s marketing strategy. It will help you know about your buyer journey.

Social Media Marketing is one of the most excellent tools to help you in the UAE’s competitive market. Every company looks for different methods to top other rivals in the market.

How does a Social Media Marketing Company help UAE businesses and brands?

Social media help brands or businesses consolidate their online presence. It helps companies to build trust among customers. Or social media enables you to have a real-time conversation with your consumers which adds value to your brand.

Let’s look at how important social media marketing is for UAE businesses and brands
1- Increases the image of the brand
If you are an existing brand, you must know about your audiences who think of your brand and how they perceive your products. You can use social media to churn out all negative opinions about your brand by actively engaging with your audiences.

No one can spread nasty rumours about your brand by uploading the actual story or sharing it with your audiences to see what is right or wrong. It will make your audience believe in your perspectives and how they matter to you.

2- How social media firms help boost brand awareness
More than 90% of people in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the UAE have direct access to the internet. So Social media is convenient for brands to reach out to prospects easily. You can create your brand awareness through social media by reaching new and existing audiences on social media platforms. A plan is necessary for businesses today since so many people can access social media. Social platforms allow you to connect directly or communicate with your current or future clients.

3- Brand Humanization
Humanizing your brand is about letting your audience know how much you value them. UAE people have good purchasing power as more than 69% are adults or constantly look for real-world proof before purchasing.

You can connect with your audience through social media marketing which helps the brand to create a meaningful experience with your potential clients.

4- Increase website traffic
After you have engine audiences on social media, you can change their direction towards your websites, where you can tell them about your brand in more detail. You can share blogs or vlogs to educate the audience further.

Moreover, social media backlinks add value to your website’s domain, and the following value directly affects the rankings of search engines.

Consistent with your social media posts or keeping your audience engaged with your brand maintains a steady traffic flow to your website.

5- Social media services after sales support
Customer services are a central line of any sales cycle. After the product sold-off to customers, the customer services are responsible for providing them with the best after-sale experiences.

Even after sales, it’s important to keep engaged with the audiences or convince them to initiate the net sale cycle. Here, social media help brands or businesses maintain healthy relationships with brands or audiences.

Why you need to hire social media marketing consultant for your business

It would be best to consider hiring a social media marketing consultant for your business for numerous reasons. A social media marketing consultant helps you create or implement an effective social media marketing strategy. And social media consultants help you choose the right platforms for your business or create content that will engage your target audience.

The social media marketing consultants also help you in measuring the results of your social media marketing campaigns or make changes if required. They also give valuable insights into your target market and the best way to reach them through social media.

Overall, social media marketing consultants are a valuable asset for any business. They help you use social media effectively for your business or if you want to get the mass out of your social media marketing budget, so hiring a consultant can be the best option for you.

Approach HelloPixels for compatible social media marketing

As a business owner, staying current on the latest social media marketing trends is essential. So, hiring a social media marketing consultant helps ensure that your business uses social media effectively to reach your target audience or grow your brand. Social media agencies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi UAE, open the door for the latest business opportunities or connect a large audience group. We maintain your brand’s unique personality through social media services.

We create endless opportunities to excel in online sales and help businesses get better conversions. Let’s join hands together or grow your business with social media!