The application of three server-side solutions in the website development arena of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Server side applications is one of the famous terms in the process of website development in UAE. ‘Server side’ means the whole thing that has been happening on the server. Formerly, there were a good number business logic on the server side, which involves the interpretation of dynamic webpages. It also includes the collaboration with databases, authentication of identity, and push notifications.

Server-side applications following by the Abu Dhabi website development companies

Server-side is the arrangement that functions on a server. Client-side is the software that performs on the web browser of the user. The main provisions of web development are server-side, client-side and full-stack development. Both the server-side and client-side programs are indispensable for the reliable functioning of a website. So many website development firms in Dubai carry out this service absolutely satisfactorily.

Web applications and Server-side technologies utilizing by the UAE web development companies

The ‘server-side technologies use a variety of software solutions, chiefly for scripting languages on server-side. Database Management Systems (DBMS) and also the web server software applications are very much reliant on server-side technologies.

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The role of Server-side in Abu Dhabi website development

The working of the website scripts take place in two places called the client side and the server side. Client side is the front-end, whereas the server side is the back-end. The client of a website is the web browser that views it. The server of a website is nothing but the server itself that hosts the website.

The purpose of server side according to the Dubai web development firms

The hosting on the server-side processing involves the request for travelling from the client to the server. This familiarizes a good deal of dormancy, and hence the present-day applications utilize more code on the client side. In certain cases, Abu Dhabi website development firms use dynamic webpages for moving scripts within the browser, and thus, bring forth changes to the viewing of content by the user.

Just like the ‘frontend’ and ‘client-side,’ backend also takes part in the processes on the server. When the backend refers the types of processes, the server-side refers place where the processes take place.

Server-side scripting by the UAE web development companies

JavaScript is collectively very supportive. So, the scripts writing in Java Script are functioning perfectly. Other scripting languages are also using as the browser of the user can support the process.

Server-side scripts often run on the server, for delivering dynamic content to the webpages in reply to user actions. As the server can support a variety of languages, it is not mandatory to write the Server-side scripts in Java.

The server-side processing following by the UAE firms in a server less construction

In server-less system of computing, all server-side or backend processes can run-on servers as an alternative to client devices. However, they are not arranging on any specific server or an array of servers. Backend processes which scale up automatically, are shifting into functions, and work with respect to demand. Web Developers in Abu Dhabi build-up all such unique functionalities which typically works as server-side within a server-less construction.

Support available in Dubai by the server-side solutions

Server-side programming is very supportive as it enables to competently deliver personalized information for individual users. Thus, the web development companies in UAE can establish a much-improved user experience.

Certain companies in Dubai follow server-side programming to avail search results for their products. It is also helpful to gather suggestions regarding targeted products with respect to client likings and earlier buying experiences. This is highly helpful to simplify the process of various purchases.

Effective storage and delivery information by the firms in Abu Dhabi

Server-side programming supports to gather the information in a database. It enthusiastically prepares and return HTML and other types of files like images, pdf etc. It allows to return data for interpretation by proper client-side web frameworks. This minimizes the processing load on the server and the magnitude of data that decides to send.

The server has no limit in sending information from database. Moreover, it can alternatively return the outcome of software tools, or data from generally used various communication services. The content from the UAE web development firms can also target the client devices to collect reliable information.

As the information is storing in a database, it can effortlessly update and share with other available business systems. If the selling of products is either online or offline, the shop will have to update its inventory database now and then.

Three tier server application in the website development of Dubai firms

Even though the server has different names in web development, they perform more or less similar functions:

The web server is the presentation tier and offers the user interface. This is typically a website or web page designed by the Abu Dhabi firms. Thus, an ecommerce site where the user provides list of products to the shopping cart, can deliver payment details. The content can be stationary or active, and generally developed using HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

The application server represents the middle tier, covering the logic of business for the user input procedures. The middle tier supports the E commerce website for enquiring the inventory database. The arrangement also informs the availability of products, and give such details to the profile of the customer.

The database server is the backbone of a web application which usually runs on database management software system. For example, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2 etc.

Benefits of three tier server application offering by the UAE firms

The chief benefit of three-tier architecture is its physical and logical separation with respect to performance. Each tier works on a distinct operating system and server platform such as web server, application server, and database server. It is possible to make it functional with respect to requirements. Here in Abu Dhabi, each tier performs with the support of no less than one dedicated server hardware or virtual server. Thus, the optimization and customization of the services of each tier is by not influencing the functioning other tiers.

Additional benefits

While comparing with single-tier or two-tier server applications, the three tier applications by the UAE firms have some added benefits.

Speedy development

As diverse team can develop each tier simultaneously, companies in Abu Dhabi can bring forth the application speedily. Thus, programmers can use the newest as well as the best tools and languages for each tier.

Enhanced scalability

The tiers are scaling self-reliantly with respect to requirements.

Improved reliability

Any kind of stoppage in one tier may not influence the availability or performance of the other tiers.

Better-quality security

The presentation tier and data tier can’t communicate directly. So, an internal firewall supports the functionality of a well-designed application tier system. Thus, it becomes capable to safeguard SQL injections and other spiteful exploits.

Features of three tier solutions available in UAE

Presentation tier

The presentation tier is the user interface layer or communication layer of the application. Here, the end user can interact with the application conveniently. Its main intention is to display information to the user and collect information from the user. This most powerful tier can work on a web browser as desktop application, or with a graphical user interface (GUI). In UAE the web presentation tiers are usually designing with CSS HTML and JavaScript. At the same time, Desktop applications are expressing in a variety of languages with respect to the platform.

Application tier

The application tier is the logic tier or middle tier. It is the fundamental of the application. The information storing in the presentation tier is processing with a precise set of business rules known as business logic. Sometimes the processing is against the other indications in the data tier. The application tier is also capable to modify, delete, and add data in the data tier. In Abu Dhabi, the development of the application tier is by using PHP, Java, Python, Perl or Ruby, while the communication with the data tier is by means of API calls.

Data tier

The other names of the data tier is database tier, data access tier or back-end. Here, the processing of the information is with the application of stored and managed data. This can be a relational database management system like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, DB2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Informix or NoSQL database server.

In a three-tier server application system, every communication moves through the application tier. However, the presentation tier and the data tier are not allowing to communicate rightly with each other.