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The application of three server-side solutions in the website development arena of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Server side applications is one of the famous terms in the process of website development in UAE. ‘Server side’ means the whole thing that has been happening on the server. Formerly, there were a good number business logic on the server side, which involves the interpretation of dynamic webpages. It also includes the collaboration with databases, authentication of identity, and push notifications.

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How much does it cost to build a website in UAE?

While beginning a new venture in UAE, whether it’s online or offline, you have to think of a strong digital presence. Having this digital presence is a fuel to accelerate your business in the digital world. Corporate or small business, website gives a strong identity to your business and allow people to reach you faster within a span of seconds. Most of the entrepreneurs have this question, what is the cost required to build a website in UAE? It’s difficult to give an accurate answer as the question is not simple enough.