Is Node.js currently the best Web Development Platform?

Web development firms in UAE use several platforms for website development. While launching your project in UAE, it’s essential to decide the tech stack and understand its characteristics for quick delivery. Moreover, identifying the right technology will help you identify the budget, potential, and scalability.

Working on a right technology matters your web development! Node.js is a 2021 trending platform for web development. Over years of experience, developers have worked on quality projects. Node.js speeds up the development process while boosting the performance across diverse projects.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a powerful front-end and back-end runtime environment for web development. The platform is based on Google chrome’s high performance V8 Javascript engine. Additionally, it uses Javascript programming language for back-end and front-end web applications.

For example- linkedin, Paypal, Netflix, Uber, etc are some of the websites that use Node.js in their tech stack.

Is Node.js a framework?

However, there is a long-standing debate about whether Node.js is a framework. Well, more than often, Node.js is a platform to execute JavaScript codes on server-side and make it portable. On the contrary, web development companies in Dubai use specific frameworks to build functions. Most of the written frameworks like Nest.js, Express.js, Meteor.js and other tools have unique capabilities that offer convenience to web developers.

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  • What are the top frameworks in Node.js?

    Website development firms use Node.js frameworks, because it’s feature rich according to the rising online demands. Every framework has one supporting use case in the development lifecycle. Node.js frameworks are of three types they are MVC, REST API frameworks, and full-stack MVC.

    Most popular Node.js frameworks by web development firms


    Express.js is one of the best Node.js frameworks. Website development firms use this framework as a minimalistic approach with straight forward coding architecture. It doesn’t require deep learning instead basic understanding of the Node.js environment and programming skills. Express is a popular back-end web development platform.

    Some of the features include,

    Web development companies use this framework for enterprise-grade or browser-based applications.


    Meteor.js is an ideal open-source Java script framework. This framework propagates the automatic data changes to clients without the efforts of developers. Moreover, it’s compatible with various operating system that include iOS, Android, and desktop applications.

    Web development firms in Dubai use Meteor.js for comprehensive libraries and advanced testing features. Additionally, it’s a popular framework for smooth running between client and server.

    Some of the features include,


    It’s a popular back-end website development platform that ensures flexibility with both Node.js and React native. The framework works with several databases giving real-time functionality and convenience to the developers. Besides, it’s easy to fix bugs in mobile apps and web development.

    Some of the features ,

    Feather.js has supportive front-end technologies that build REST API, real-time APIs and more.

    While all the real-time applications have this essential feature real-time updating of responses and requests. is a javascript based library to build real-time apps, communication between client and servers. With library framework, develop applications with requirements for websocket development.

    Some of the features , is utilized by several developers in web development firms for application like multiplayer games, chat room applications, video conferencing apps and more.


    Nest.js is a progressive web development framework that offer scalable and enterprise grade applications with complete flexibility. Additionally, this framework work as a back-end productivity booster. Moreover, use this framework to build multilayered enterprise applications with extensive use of libraries. Website development firms use nest.js for excellent integration and clean-code architecture.

    Some of the features ,

    For efficient and scalable web apps, nest.js is a good framework. Nest.js organizes the architecture pattern and keeps it clean. With this framework, developers build more scalable and easy maintainable apps.

    Why web development companies use Node.js?

    Node.js is useful for building apps that support multiple operating systems. Moreover, it’s valuable for building real-time server application. Because of its amazing performance, Node.js is a prime choice for website development in Abu Dhabi or anywhere in the world.

    Node.js advantages while building the web app,

    Node.js uses javascript for a variety of web applications. Additionally, it’s a powerful language for building both front-end and back-end web development. The developers don’t need to implement many technologies instead use only javascript for web development.
    While using Javascript, Node.js offers quick and flexible web development. Moreover, use simple packages and build application features on the go. The usage of both front-end and back-end makes it flexible enough to achieve feature-rich website development.
    Node.js is highly useful for both front-end and back-end development. The full-stack capability is a perfect choice while hiring a software development company. This reduces the cost of hiring developers for separate functions. It simply reduces the development cycle and make sure quick product development.

    Node.js – the best web development platform?

    Node.js offers quick deployment because full-stack developers can easily work on its frameworks. Even if the installation process is tricky, Node.js is useful for apps with server side requirements.

    Node.js is extremely useful for building web apps. Most of the web development firms in Dubai or Abu Dhabi use this platform, because of its wide communities and members growing every day.

    Node.js is a suitable option for JSON-API based application, I/O applications, Data streaming app, and SPAs or single page application.

    Web development is quiet challenging when the technology is not right. So, identify your requirements and decide the best platform to continue with your requirements.