The importance of digital marketing for your business in the UAE

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The world of Digital marketing services

Digital marketing is the use of digital channels by an organization, a company or a business of any scale to sell, promote and give knowledge about their products and services to a targeted audience of customers in a specifically analyzed geography. Let’s indulge in some digital facts about digital marketing around the globe and in the UAE. By the end of 2022, almost 70% of the world’s population, that’s a record 4.5 billion people, used the internet globally. 2021 saw a rage in the increase of active internet users around the world. Stats denoted a 400 million jump in the global census of world-wide internet usage. The digital marketing industry, in 2020 was evaluated at $350 billion and is all set to catapult to reach 787 billion by 2026. Did you know 55% of advertising world-wide is digital? 2021, had an estimated $436 billion spent on digital advertising globally, whereas offline advertising stood at $196 billion.

Why a digital marketing company can market-position your business the right way

Channels of digital marketing services

The world of digital marketing consists of different channels that can be used by businesses to reach out and target the right consumer audience at the right time. HelloPixels, a digital marketing company established in the UAE, has a strong market presence in the world of digital marketing around the GCC and the European Union of countries. 720 digital projects established and running across the globe and a prominent presence in digital marketing services in 19 countries, HelloPixels is an expert at analyzing and revealing the ever growing world of digital marketing in an effective manner. Mr Vibin, a business development manager with HelloPixels in Abu Dhabi gave us some insight into why digital marketing is the need of the hour in the UAE. He swears by the most important channel in the world of digital marketing. It’s called Content Marketing.

Content management by digital marketing consultants

He explains content marketing as ‘the strategic implementation of skillfully crafted words, pictures, videos, emojis, layovers and other creative GIFs put together to create a desired effect in the minds of online customers and visitors, which is periodically timed and published in different channels of digital marketing in order to achieve desired results and specific sales conversions‘. Content should be crisp, compelling and on the dot. High quality content always paves way for better results with the audience reach and sales conversions when utilized the right way in all channels of digital marketing. An expert Content creator and content writer is what makes the difference. Digital marketing agencies invest in getting the right content management team when it comes to the client’s content. Mr Vibin spoke about coming across businesses that tried to handle their content in digital marketing all by themselves without an expert opinion and how the content management team at HelloPixels had a huge task, reviving the reputation of the organizations in an organic manner. These self-inflicted scenarios of managing content by themselves took more time to reach the desired online traffic and sales conversions than the usual when content management is undertaken from the start by expert digital marketing agencies. The right content is like building a relationship with the audience. It helps your business improve the conversion rate and generate the set target of leads required by the organization.

These are the results of a consistent manner of content marketing in the digital World which can only be achieved through professional digital marketing services:

✓ Loyal audience
✓ An increase in the rate of SERP (search engine results page)

✓ New level of brand awareness each time
✓ Increased Conversions
✓ Desired market share
✓ Proper positioning of business in its respective industry
✓ Decrease in unnecessary expenses of trying out digital marketing services that yields no results
✓ Content Scoring! HelloPixels have been assessing and measuring the quality and reach of the content created for clients by tracking the performance of individual pieces of content on how much attention it grabbed, how many online conversions and the amount of time spent on that particular piece of content by online visitors.

Content is the reason search began in the first place.” Lee Odden.

Websites, e-commerce and homepages crafted by digital marketing companies

The pandemic, COVID 19 triggered a mass migration of businesses from the physical to the world of online marketing. The amount of time people spend on the internet, almost all businesses have a website or a homepage with their relevant presence in social media which is a direct beneficiary of businesses with Websites. An expert digital marketing company offers up to 10 different types of websites rather than the usual freelancer-tailored single type of websites and homepages that do not serve the business to its maximum, reducing its reach, potential and business based objectives. The different types of websites and homepages provided by expert digital marketing companies in the UAE are:

✓ eCommerce websites
✓ Business styled websites
✓ Blog based websites that contain blogs on different topics, searched by the visitor.

✓ Portfolio kind of websites that display searches for Portfolios of work accomplished, individual collection of accomplishments etc.

✓ Events and memorable days type of websites
✓ Personal websites for an individual’s promotion
✓ Membership based websites
✓ Nonprofit websites that do not have the usual marketing cycle as business based websites and homepages. They are more of a message to the world kind of websites.

✓ Informational websites created for only imparting information on the organization, business or the online deity involved.

✓ Online forum websites

SEO by digital marketing firms

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps your business increase search engine rankings in an organic manner to create brand awareness, retrieve the desired demand and enhance online traffic to your homepage. Experts in digital marketing, take SEO’s of their clients’ business very seriously. They propel the market position of the business involved by performing complex concepts that consist of keyword research, backlinks, analyzing Google algorithms around the industry the business is a part of, page experience and assured signals. SEO amplifies the rate of brand awareness and ensures a benefit of trust in the value of the business.

Expert SEO consultants at HelloPixels have proven results with their clients providing them the required organic search traffic which gives out an approximate ROI( Return on Investment) of 5.3X as compared to 2X from paid or what you know as inorganic search traffic. Three types of SEO undertaken by digital marketing experts are:

✓ Technical SEO that deals with the backend core of your website that involves coding, structured data, image compression and more.

✓ On page SEO which involves keyword optimization of websites and homepages of the business involved.

✓ Off Page SEO which involves keyword optimization of pages other than the business websites and homepages. Backlinks are a critical source under this type of SEO’s.

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