Strategies for Boosting E-Commerce Performance in UAE

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The UAE is well-recognized for its glamorous stores and significant retail market size. E-commerce is a growing industry, and Abu Dhabi and Dubai hold the top place. With effective e-commerce strategies, you can earn billions, giving you tremendous business growth. Starting your business related to E-commerce in Dubai is a challenging task. One day you cross the sales threshold, the following day is like a journey with zero visitors to your E-Commerce website.

It would be best to have a strategically-proven e-commerce marketing plan to increase online sales here. Before we discuss those ultimate e-commerce business marketing tips with you, let’s get involved and see why it is essential.

Why are the E-Commerce Marketing Strategies Essential for your Business?

E-commerce business offers enormous scope for generating revenues by attracting potential customers and building brand value. And it’s awe-inspiring in countries like the UAE. Founded in the report of Statista, E-Commerce sales are expected to reach approx. 27 billion U.S. dollars. It completely angles for the exploring demands to market your E-commerce business in the UAE. Applying apt digital marketing strategies to enhance your reach to the target market has become so important.

Below we highlight a few impeccable E-Commerce marketing strategies you can integrate into your E-Commerce business promotion plan.

1- Integrate an Interactive Live Chat System
Are you aware of the term chatbots? Integrating them into your marketing strategy can be the perfect start for engaging your site visitors. Try to make it a live chat interaction by allowing clients to get quick answers to their demands. Chatbots provide a realistic shopping experience to clients even if they are making purchases in the digital world. This strategy impressively enhance your E-Commerce marketing goals.

2- Incorporate an engaging website design
An engaging e-commerce website design ultimately makes out since. Users are attracted to good-looking websites and must pay attention to unresponsive or ugly-looking web pages. Thus it becomes much more important to integrate mobile-friendly responsive web designs. Once you develop responsive E-commerce web pages, you will notice that the website bounce will gradually decrease.

3- Develop a loyal relationship with customers
Having a loyal customer is a boon for every E-Commerce business. Customer loyalty in E-commerce will help you keep recurring customers who will, in turn, help market your brand to a large audience. Loyal customers are essential in E-Commerce as they buy more frequently or spend more than average customers.

4- Collaborate with Affiliate Marketing
You can collaborate with affiliates to give higher exposure to your products and services. Reach out to the fellow who you think is relevant and ideal for your niche and begin the journey to build your brand. Affiliates help you get more sales in return for a fixed commission per sale. Their effective tactics attract the target audience to your product or services by generating their interest. These are the tactics which include multiple ways like content marketing or paid advertising etc.

5- Send Personalized Newsletters to Subscribers
If you think email marketing is outdated, you are wrong because, as we heard, that old-is-gold marketing strategy in the digital world. Most large e-commerce development companies in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE, like Amazon, Noon and more, send personalized newsletters to their subscribers. They do it to build strong customer relationships. Two effective ways through which you can make the best results out of email marketing for promoting your e-commerce business in Dubai.

• Mails related to the completion of the checkout procedure
• Post-purchase follow-up emails

6- E-Commerce website development through social media
As per reports by, over 48.3% of the worldwide population uses social media. It angles towards a plethora of scopes to market your business of E-Commerce on various social media platforms. For the success of your E-commerce store’s promotion, Instagram and Facebook are the most effective platforms. These are the platforms where you can run leads and generate sales campaigns. Moreover, creating a social media post calendar with mixed content to draw organic traffic towards your website is a great idea.

7- Attract customers through content marketing
The best strategy for driving traffic towards your website is content marketing. It adds to the important SEO of your website. You can attract customers through brainstorming ideas or by publishing relevant blog posts on multiple niches by keeping them connected to the product you are selling on your website. Add SEO-friendly product descriptions to increase the rank of your website on search engines.
The e-commerce development company can also use other content marketing tactics, such as:
• Guest posts ‘
• Youtube videos
• Keyword-specific FAQ section

8- Voice search optimization for E-commerce development firms
Voice search optimization is a set of SEO techniques which makes your content more likely to appear in the voice search results. Its primary goal is to address the direct verbal question in your content so that voice search technologies or virtual assistants present your page to users in the voice search results. It is an ever-growing technology that grows every day, and it plays a vital role in enhancing customer experience or driving traffic towards your website.
To get impressive results here, we will discuss the way how you can optimize your E-Commerce store for voice search like:
• Include FAQs in that with short and crisp answers
• Integrate conversational or long-tail keywords
• Please keep it simple or avoid jargon
• Improve page speed

9- Create buzz for your brand with influencers
One of the best practical ways to tap your audiences is by creating a buzz with influencer marketing strategies. You can contact macro or micro-influencers in a particular field to promote your products. Influencers hold a strong bond of trust in their community, so they always persuade your target audience to purchase from you. You can seek their guidance for running an influencer marketing campaign to create a result-driven impact.

How can you improve your ecommerce performance?


Build your brand awareness. …
• Build email lists and use email marketing to stay engaged.
• Meet your customers where they are on social media.
• Improve your conversion rate by testing, testing, and testing.
• Use data analysis to improve your strategy.
• Develop buyer personas and know who your customers are.


Without any doubt, it’s clear that for incorporating an e- commerce development company in Dubai is needed to earn huge profits. So HelloPixels can help you promote your website through effective E-commerce marketing strategies. Hopefully, the above-explained tactics to help you to market your E-commerce business in UAE will help you out.