Top 5 eCommerce UI Best Practices

Ecommerce is ever-evolving and so, design is a good chance to impress your customers online. Ecommerce website design has a direct effect on the users time spent online and their purchase rate. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the recent trends in UI to elaborate UX. Ecommerce development companies not only look into the development but also work on appealing design.

In addition to carefully planned marketing strategy, to upgrade your ecommerce website in UAE, it’s necessary to pack up attractive design features. Moreover, it’s just a few seconds that decide whether they should stay or not in the store. Dubai is a competitive place, so it’s significant that your ecommerce website development should showcase the value of your products and keep them engaged.

What is Ecommerce development UI?

User interface is the visual aspect that defines the user’s interaction with the concerned application. Convenient navigation determines the user experience of a website or app. Web design elements deal with the visual aesthetics, interaction design and website layout. UI and UX designs are separate components but they are correlated in most of the ecommerce website development.

UI design is valuable to succeed in the digital marketplace and allow users to stick around enough time to make a purchase. Further, keep your interface seamless and straightforward.

For a successful ecommerce store, it’s essential to keep up the navigational features, input controls, and informational components.

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Top 5 eCommerce development UI best practices

Use a mobile responsive design

Ecommerce development firms focus on creating a mobile-friendly website that regains your online presence. In other words, mobile responsive feature is capable of realigning the dimensions and functions of a Smartphone screen. If an ecommerce site looks good on desktop but weird on mobile screens then user find it unusable and never return back to your site. Moreover, mobile shopping is at peak!

Not only responsiveness but also you can do more, get adapted to a mobile-first design. While mobile design is a default option in Dubai, start with a mobile layout and make them work perfectly. Expand this layout in the desktop view and create a slick site that works well on everything.

More than a store experience

Ecommerce website development obviously should think on engaging customers, but that’s not all people expect from you. Moreover, it’s usual for any ecommerce sellers to build large brands with in line curated content with overreaching goals.

In Abu Dhabi or Dubai emirates, it’s essential to update your ecommerce website rather than providing a great User experience. Moreover, writing blog posts and covering other search terms can improve your SEO efforts and bring in lot of organic traffic.

Ecommerce development companies also look into the effective use of social media posting and other features. While implementing these SMO features, your target audiences revolve around the products and services. Having viewed by lot of people, your overall brand will have a big advantage over competitors.

Robust search options

Ecommerce development firms create a website with supply lines, fulfillment options and more. Today’s online store have a massive product ranges and shoppers have to go through carefully to find their products. Here, internal search is a critical concern. For example – if you’re searching for furniture, they might want a particular color, design, or material. You have to cater it according to their preferences.

Additionally, excellent search options will allow users to look for specific item with relevant keywords, find suggestions based on the things you search for, filter and sort the results. If users want to search for cheapest items or just view the current stock details, failing to accommodate these requirements will move them to next competitor site.

Allow guest and social logins

Most of the websites have tasked you providing your personal details. This can be rather frustrating with ecommerce website users. It’s true to gather data and find insights into what people want and why.

Ecommerce development companies should allow users to log in using their social media account with a service like Auth0. It’s because logging in with a facebook or Google account is convenient on a smart phone. Also, allow guest accounts with their email address alone.

Add call-to-Action buttons

For increased conversions, ecommerce development companies should include CTA button and make them visible as well as easy to find. The visitors in Dubai or UAE should feel the confidence to take any action. These CTAs will lead you to the next step.

However, make sure it doesn’t compete with any social buttons or pop-ups that might drag the visitor’s attention. Ecommerce website CTAs should be distinctly visible with clear and precise description.

What is the ecommerce development UI design process?

Understand the audience and business goals to come up with the best ecommerce UI interface.

While estimating your business goals, it’s easy to list down the essential website features. Having a clear vision on the performance of ecommerce website will have a better sense of web design and development process.

Ecommerce development firms work on through research and understand the requirements of target audience. Research on your consumers shopping habits and preferences that easily structure your ecommerce site layout and ensure that interface meets their expectations.

Always keep your interface simple, because, complicated design will not be convenient enough.

Ecommerce development companies should have clear information architecture. Thus, users find it easy to search and purchase a product without bouncing over your competitors.

Wireframes are significant when it comes to UI design. Ecommerce development firms visualize how different elements work on your website and appear in the final layout.

This wireframe design will filter friction points in the shopping journey from the time they land on home page till they hit the checkout process.

Prototyping in ecommerce websites understand how user interacts with the web pages. The prototyping feature helps in testing the usability in development process and avoids costly changes later on.

Final thoughts

While launching your online store in UAE, it’s essential to focus on the best ecommerce UI practices. Ecommerce website development should aim at extracting the maximum possible profit.

So, along with the above listed practices

With technology advancing every day, ecommerce continue to expand and grow. So, find one of the best ecommerce development companies to compete with real competitors online.