5 things to consider while working on eCommerce website

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To thrive in the UAE market, you need a mandatory online presence. How will you establish this online presence? Having an elegant website will establish your brand presence in UAE. The more advanced your business; you need a bespoke and performance-oriented website to convert your visitors into customers. While establishing your online store in Dubai, you need a strong website to attract your customers. It’s better to hire the best ecommerce development company in Dubai instead of getting it done by yourself.

Ecommerce website development is a complicated process but hiring an experienced firm makes it easy. While approaching a professional ecommerce development firm, they strictly adhere to provide ultimate user experience and high-end performance. Most ecommerce businesses are large scale and have their own unique challenges including product and purchase process. Additionally, online businesses are required to have a strong digital presence to achieve more traffic. Therefore, consider the best ecommerce website Development Company to develop intuitive, flexible, and user-friendly online stores.

5 things to consider while developing your ecommerce website in Dubai

Include responsive design

Ecommerce website should be responsive to achieve the best user experience while customers browse and shop for their products. The rise of smart phones has increased the users shopping through mobile devices. Mobile shopping has facilitated the growth of ecommerce sales in Dubai. Moreover, it brings a large amount of traffic to your online store. As per the 2017 statistics, one-fourth of the ecommerce sales will be generated through mobile app.

So, while designing your website make sure it’s imperative and mobile friendly. Here, ecommerce development firm help you build a responsive ecommerce store with latest features and upcoming trends. They always upgrade your site for all types of users. So, you become more conscious about your customers and give them the best user experience while they shop on your website or mobile app.
Therefore, implementing responsive design is a wise business decision and it will pay off by increasing sales and generating traffic. You can also use a CRM platform to ensure your mobile shoppers are well-served from basic navigation to final payment. Today, it’s esse6.5ntial to consider this ever-growing group of mobile shoppers.

Allow Guest checkouts

Most companies want their users to create a basic account profile to make their purchase. Since, it’s required for future follow-up, customer tracking, and demographic information to analyze the overall sales. However, when everyone wants to go through a process of creating account, they feel it as time consuming and move to your competitor. So, make sure you allow guest checkouts. On the other hand, repeated customers will have to register and avail the benefits of having an account in your online store. Having an account helps you save the user information, encourage future purchase, and send notification about upcoming sales. However, it’s a good option to allow people who just want to make a one-time order.

While developing your ecommerce website, encourage users to create account still you might try a design that allows users to complete a guest checkout. Moreover, upon completion, you can motivate them to create account using information they just entered.

Include site search functionality

Most ecommerce websites includes a huge amount of products and categories. As per the statistics, more than 30% of the visitors use search option to find their products. So, it’s significant to create search functionality on your website. Additionally, it’s mandatory if you have n-number of products like Amazon or Flipkart. Ecommerce development firms also implement the auto complete feature to make it easy for the users to find their product.
Faceted search is yet another option to find the exact products with the help of filters. Here, the developers include functionalities like size, price, brand, type, department, etc. If you could provide more filters, it gives users more authority to find what they need. Most of us raise this query, how to facilitate search functionality? To improve the search results and user experience make sure your product information is structured and well-organized.

Secure ecommerce websites

While developing an online store, the ecommerce websites should support SSL encryption to keep it secure. Such websites handle payment transactions including customer information like address, phone number, email, etc. Here, customers want their information to remain secure while they purchase online. SSL is not just an idea instead it’s mandatory to keep your customers’ data secure. Additionally, you have to meet the security standards according to PCI compliance.

How ecommerce Development Company can secure your data? When you handover the website development, they initially take care of your data security. They implement the best security features for safe transactions. Meeting all the security standards, they make customers’ purchase easier without any data loss.

Optimize ecommerce website performance

If your ecommerce website is slow, you’re most likely to lose your customers. As per the statistics, around 40% of the users will abandon the website if it takes more than 3 seconds loading time. It’s specific among mobile users because they always prefer multi-tasking, if your website is slow, they automatically move to the next.

How ecommerce development firms improve your website performance? They optimize your website and prevent losing your customers. Here, developers do the following to prevent slow loading website,

Combine Javascript and CSS into single file and speed up their interaction. Here, users will have to download only one Javascript file rather than 5 or 10.

Compress the images to provide best visuals at smallest size and thereby reducing download time.
Use caching technique to reduce the time spent between database server and web server. It reduces the overall loading time.

Wrap up

If you’re an aspiring ecommerce entrepreneur, follow the above aspects to provide the best shopping experience to your customers. Apart from the above, there are many more elements that maximize the performance of your ecommerce website.

However, you have to hire the best ecommerce development company in Dubai to grow your online business and bring more sales. HelloPixels is your best choice in providing high-end ecommerce websites in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Being experts in development, we understand your competition and provide a complete package to popularize your business.

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