LinkedIn – Reviews and Rating for Professional Support

LinkedIn is ready to scale up your professional platform! The platform adds a new element to improve its professional service listings. This simply highlights the quality of your professional skills with LinkedIn profile details.

LinkedIn users are now rated and reviewed based on their services. These reviews are displayed on their profile. It’s a recent update from LinkedIn that allow users to get rated and reviewed based on their unique services.

Initially launched in 2019, the service listings allow freelancers and small or medium business to list any services they provide on LinkedIn. The same can be found in search results too.

While enabling the service listing option, user profiles will have the reviews displayed in a new section. This feature allows service providers and other enterprise to highlight the specific skills they offer to prospective clients.

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As an additional compliment to this feature, past customers or clients can review on your work and it can be displayed within your listings. It’s an effective option to stand out and sell you in this competitive world.

Users who enabled the service page will receive an email from LinkedIn that gives you a notification on how to view and manage reviews. While enabling the services on LinkedIn page, initially you get 20 credit request reviews that can be shared with your previous clients as a part of the launch.

To prevent any sort of abuse, LinkedIn reviews are given on an invite-only basis. It’s because, in most of the cases people may misuse it by sending wrong feedback or critical comments designed to hurt your professional life. So, invite-only based review request protects your service page from being attacked with negative reviews. Having this limit will encourage users to think carefully on invites sent to keep up their professional standing.

Consequently, you have a range of managing options to control how reviews are displayed and if necessary, you can switch off the entire reviews. Overall, it’s a purposeful additional feature that provides more assurance and guidance for prospective clients. Service listings secure your business with a potential reach. At present LinkedIn services are currently viewable on desktop, but further expansion is planned in the future.

Individual users or SMBs can create a dedicated landing page to showcase their significant services.  Focus on more effective LinkedIn features and scale up your business!