What are PPC best practices for B2B e-Commerce?

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The B2B ecommerce companies are rising ever since the covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, businesses capitalize on PPC strategies to ensure more business. According to the latest reports, most of the B2B purchases are completed online. It’s a natural progression in this digital world, but like most industries covid-19 pandemic has created a surge in online sales.

Here, PPC consultants can help you find the best strategies and reach out to target customers.

Best PPC practices that B2B ecommerce companies follow in Dubai, UAE

Know your customers

Initially, the companies should know their customers and what they’re searching for. Google ads can be trickier on targeting B2B buyers than reaching B2C buyers. You have to make in-depth research on finding your target buyers and understand how they search for the products and find it.

Now, if you’re a business owner selling building materials and you sell bulk products like red bricks, etc. It’s a challenging process to use Google to find bulk products and expand the keywords beyond ‘bricks’.

Here, you can use the most effective option to show ads to your target customers. For example- wholesale building material suppliers want to sell bulk orders to construction companies. They don’t want to spend clicks on users looking for anything else.

Always keep in mind that business owners have a difficult time separating B2C and B2B listings on Google. They have to work harder to find specialist parts, industry-grade machineries, or any such items. Here, you have to understand the keyword opportunities and analyze how users specify their queries to pinpoint what they need.

You can use negative keywords to prevent showing ads to users who type in queries that trigger your ads. For example – you can add few words or specifications that trigger consumers not B2B buyers.  

When you approach HelloPixels PPC agency, they thoroughly analyze your customers and find the most appropriate keywords.

Focus on product specifications

The B2B buyers are more informed than regular consumers. They know the industry, its business needs and get the products from right seller.

With keywords, the easiest way to find specific product is to include the product name and its specifications. When users are being specific, you want to include the same specs in your listing.

Product specification is a critical factor for B2B ecommerce PPC campaigns. In Google shopping, you can’t reach target keywords like search campaigns. But, Google looks for the data in product feed and match listings based on the search queries. Therefore, make sure to include key specifications in your search queries.

PPC firms suggest the business owners to include product specification and make it in different variations for the same product. Also, you have to include the full specification in the product description that might lead to the purchase decision.

Master B2B up-selling game

Even if you sell bulk orders, new B2B customers don’t spend much on large order with an unknown firm. So, you have to target small orders and treat them in the mid-funnel lead generation strategy. Gradually, your goal is to convert these customers into bulk buyers.

As long as you generate high revenue than spending on campaigns, even these smaller purchases add to your bottom line and build a better PPC performance.

It’s essential to ensure remarketing to register your brand name among first-time buyers. Also, you can showcase wholesale prices or any deals to attract a first big order.

In this PPC strategy, we aim to tempt buyers to become regular customers who come straight to your site without a mediator. Turn your first purchase into second one and gradually provide incentives for ongoing purchases. Once new customers reach your store, encourage them to create an account, repeat orders, and manage it through website or mobile app.

Having these accounts give access to invaluable data, allow monitor engagement, identify user problems, and even personalize the experience for buyers.

Once you get customers, it’s essential to focus on customer retention. Make sure to maximize the customer lifetime and gain new insights to minimize churn rate and nurture future leads effectively.

Approaching a PPC firm can help you master the PPC strategies and they make it successful with an in-house team.

Optimize your website for B2B buyers

According to reports, 90% of the B2B customers complete their purchase on company’s website. It’s because, B2B customers are informed and confident to find the right offer.

Therefore, optimizing your website is the top priority that drives more conversions to your business. PPC ads bring higher conversion rates than before.

Use YouTube video ads and Bumpers

A picture is worth thousand words, then how about a video? Yes, it’s easier to grasp than documents. However, video ad is not the strongest channel to drive conversions but go ahead with appropriate expectations.

YouTube videos may create a huge awareness and register your brand among customers in a cost-effective way. YouTube video ads commonly appear as a skippable pre-roll before standard video. Fortunately, if viewers don’t get attracted to the 30 sec video, they skip and move forward. Here, YouTube classifies it as an impression rather than a paid view. These impressions are free of charge. Since, you can give infinite impressions for free, it’s a cost-effective branding opportunity.

Dynamic Search Ads

PPC services include dynamic search ads to fill in the gaps in keyword-based campaigns. Dynamic search ads use your website content to reach target audience. Here, you can choose the landing pages, web pages, and other pages categories to generate dynamic ads. Make sure to choose pages that are consistent and content-rich. Google does a good job creating long-tail keywords on dynamic search ads.

Choose the best PPC Company in Dubai

The above PPC services can boost up your conversion rate but you need a professional PPC agency to support your venture. When you approach the best firm, the in-house professionals take up the project and find all the possibilities to drive new customers.

Staying online is a challenging task, getting help from expert PPC consultants will lead your business with maximum conversions. HelloPixels is a leading PPC firm in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We help our B2B ecommerce clients to stay online with diverse PPC strategies!