How to increase leads for your business in Dubai?

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Businesses are drastically changing these days. We cannot rely on traditional lead generation strategy for quick results. Creating leads in Dubai takes a lot of time. You have to battle among your competitors and create deals that encourage your customers. It’s not easy to do it by yourself; instead you can approach one of the best lead generation companies in Dubai, UAE.

If you’re a B2B company looking to conduct business in UAE, you need sales leads to progress your business. Lead generation firms are experts in producing leads with the help of a marketing team and various other techniques.

What is a lead?

‘Lead’ in your target audience refers to a potential client likely to purchase your item or service. Lead generation services use various techniques to raise your brand awareness, make connections and product potential leads. The greater the leads it will help your business grow in the UAE.

Lead generation is trending among marketers and business owners. The digital marketing techniques transformed sales funnel, providing a marketing-based approach right from awareness to purchase, where sales comes at the end stages. Marketing is not just a promotion but continued effort that guides your customer to the sales funnel.

Today, lead quality matters rather than the number of leads. You should find the most relevant people who provide a promising chance of being your customers.

Top ways to increase leads for your business in Dubai

Direct communication

Direct engagement is one of the best options to generate leads. How to start a direct communication with your client? You can do it with the help of live chat or support available in your website. On the other hand, you can approach through email marketing as well. Always make sure that UAE people prefer information email content rather than promotional or transactional content. Moreover, you can use WhatsApp or SMS since it’s a widely accepted communication medium.


Lead generation doesn’t work attracting new prospects alone. Instead, it’s beneficial if you consider missed opportunities with timely reminders. Lead generation consultants recommend re-engaging with missed leads in different ways or retarget the audience with various advertising strategies. Remarketing is important to attract leads in Dubai or UAE. Since, the Middle East market believes in trust and loyalty when making their purchases.

Social media lead generation services

Social media plays a critical role in lead generation process in Dubai. Campaigns, contests, and other advertising forms attract customers to your brand or business. Social media continue to grow and you have to choose the most appropriate channel for your business.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is a business centric social network, so you have to keep your website SEO-friendly and mobile responsive. Also, ensure that you update listings frequently and follow basic conversion-rate-optimization rules. LinkedIn is the place where marketers start searching leads and it’s quite easy in Dubai. Consult the best lead generation firm to start your LinkedIn lead generation.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter is a great platform to get more leads than before. You can tweet in Arabic and create brand awareness among your audience. This helps you reach a majority of Arabic-speaking community. Twitter allows you to implement few tactics and increase conversion rates. Have an expert or hire a lead generation company to manage your twitter advertising.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is yet another option to generate leads creating massive social media presence. Facebook allows you to create a community of people with similar interests. If you stay relevant in the content, you get quality leads in short time. Consult the best lead generation company to start your Facebook lead generation campaign.

Provide tools

Keep your customers convenient by offering them relevant tools on your website. For example – certain features like appointment booking, contact option, or live chat with clear CTAs drive more leads to your website. Furthermore, you can consider providing a translation option into Arabic or English. Since, the Middle East people tend to read Arabic fluently.

Contribute as content

You can increase brand awareness and visibility with different contributions. Content Marketing is a great option to increase exposure and get access to new prospects. Share your content to publications and industry-related forums, it increases your brand recognition and easy to attract more leads online. You can do it yourself or reach the best lead generation consultants to work on content marketing.

Create good network

Your current customers are always a good source of sales leads. Because, they’re familiar with your products and warm referrals work better than cold calls. As you know, reaching out to prospects with zero knowledge about your product is a futile attempt. So, create a network and reach out to current customers post sales. Show your gratitude and ask for referrals. Such referrals may generate potential leads. Encourage your previous clients to share their business experience and create new leads.

Benefits of hiring lead generation consultants in UAE

Save your energy and time

Handling marketing and sales is a difficult part in your business. Hiring a professional lead generation company will help you devote more time on core business aspects.

As you know marketing strategies differ and you need an expert to join the team. So, lead generation experts save your time and money.


Lead generation firm will understand your business objective and advise the best solutions ever. They never leave you in a dilemma instead suggest the right track to achieve quality leads. So, they’re well-focused in achieving potential leads.

Good connections

Having worked with lot of customers, Lead generation companies will have more genuine connections. They help you expand your business reach and gain more potential clients.