How to Generate leads with Digital Marketing?

Ever since the outbreak of covid-19, business and life has come to a halt. Slowly, we’re getting back to a new-normal life. Where social distancing seems to be a new routine, the power of digital marketing is incredible. UAE has been surviving this pandemic with various strict measures and now, the businesses are booming up. Digital marketing agencies have a biggest challenge to re-focus on the lead generation strategies in Dubai. Therefore, they keep the sales funnel fueled to achieve cash flow.

Abu Dhabi or any other emirates in UAE cannot ignore the potential of digital marketing companies. Evidently, they fuel up your sales funnel and generate leads both in long-term and short-term.

What is lead generation strategy?

Lead generation is a biggest challenge for the marketers. This includes innovative tactics that converts interested prospects into leads. Additionally, B2B and B2C lead generation include

Capture – way to collect all the information from a lead

Magnet – something like an incentive that drives prospects to become new leads

Qualification – process to determine how leads are likely to make the purchase

Segmentation – process of categorizing leads based on their habits, behavior, and activities.

Lead generation with digital marketing

Whatever may be the business, UAE is a perfect place to establish it. The Middle East has a special growth-oriented marketing strategy. Digital marketing companies simply drive more customers to boost up your business. Further, with advanced technology and content quality, they attract the target audience.

Moreover, Dubai is a global village and so, digital marketing agencies follow few tactics to boost sales and conversions.

Few digital marketing techniques to improve web traffic

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Webpage optimization

Initially, start from the website optimization. Since, your website is the main source of driving traffic check whether it’s functioning properly or not.

Further, scan for any possible errors like bad user experience, increased loading time, and lagging speed

A/B test determines which page of your website brings in more traffic. Similarly, find out other pages to be improved. The website performance is measured through statistical analysis.

Here, digital marketing companies suggest short forms on web pages for better conversions.

Also, they focus on routine website checks. Don’t just initiate website check when something is wrong or broken in the website. Such laid back approach causes the website to lag and encourage visitors to turn away forever.

So, weekly website scan make sure your system is running smoothly. Further, you can change or improve user-interface as required.

High-quality content

Content marketing is obviously a key to achieve leads. Especially, in emirates like Dubai or Abu Dhabi people look for quality content. Digital marketing agencies use gated content to bring in more leads.

Gated content is an accessible material for users who fill out a lead form. Here, audience must submit the details and access the content. It’s an effective lead generation strategy because you get back high-quality leads. Gated content often include e-books, reports, guides, worksheet, white papers, and more.

Use value-packed newsletters that encourage prospects to stay in touch with your brand. Always stay top of mind by sharing your products or services on social media and turn out leads into purchase funnel. The newsletter might include special offers, product or service updates, blog posts, upcoming events, or any such interesting content.  

Invest in SEO

Even if your website is attractive, it won’t generate any leads if it’s not visible to the customers. Digital marketing companies therefore focus on improving their SEO techniques and make your website visible to audience.

Innovative SEO strategies put your web page into the first page of Google results. So, customers reach your site easily. Further, lead magnets can improve the number of leads. Recorded files or PDF can be used as lead magnets that can be viewed or downloaded by the visitors in exchange for their email address and other contact information.

Smart businesses in UAE never ignore SEO! The entrepreneurs and digital marketing agencies consider SEO as the key to attract organic traffic. With relevant keywords and compelling messages, SEO is a quick option to reach out wider audience.

Invest in Paid promotions

Social media promotions can be a powerful channel for lead generation. In order to acquire successful leads via social media, you must create a strong group of followers. Take time and effort to convert audience into individual leads.

Initially, figure out which social media tool is right for your business. Facebook, twitter, instagram, LinkedIn and even pinterest are the popular channels where you can use paid social ads for promotion.

More than 80% of the people use Facebook, so, digital marketing companies prefer Facebook to drive traffic and sales. This ad formats allow contacts to submit information for further campaigns. Also include subscribe to newsletter, limited offer, or any such attractive words to keep your marketing remarkable. Use this opportunity to send your prospects into the sales funnel. Dubai and Abu Dhabi emirates also use Facebook for their promotions. Because, facebook removes friction lowering the acquisition cost and better user experience. Social media hopefully drives in more leads for your business.

Invest in Segmented email marketing

Although, email marketing is one of the older tactic! Today, digital marketing agencies use segmented email marketing in UAE to reach prospects and existing customers. It’s significant to adapt a marketing strategy with tailored messages that target specific segments of the customer database.

Nowadays, marketing automation help marketers to share highly-targeted mails to respective leads! The content matches are nurtured with specific interests; this includes follow up emails and CTA to reach your business. As you move on, use personalized messages to move them straight to the purchase funnel.

Final thoughts

Apart from the above listed; there are handful digital marketing techniques that bring in more leads and sales.  

Whatever may be your business, digital marketing is the key to attract, convert and nurture leads throughout the sales cycle. Furthermore, it generates high-quality B2B leads for your business.

If you’re seriously planning to generate leads in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or anywhere in UAE, approach a digital marketing agency for better results. Moreover, generating leads doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a slow and steady process. Implement digital marketing campaigns and effectively strategize your lead generation.