What are the most-effective digital marketing strategies?

Digital marketing across UAE is something amazing! The marketing approach keeps on changing every year. 2021 has seen lot of trending digital marketing strategies.  Consequently, popular emirates like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc. follow such recent trends.  Moreover, it’s not easy to decide which one to prioritize

However, covid-19 has left the marketers under trouble. Digital marketing firms are working hard to create wonders amidst pandemic.

So far, 2021 has seen the boom of ecommerce and remote workers. Consequently, most of the companies invest in digital marketing strategies. Thus, upgrading their business environment and continue to work safe.

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So, check out the expected digital marketing strategies in 2021

It’s all about engaging your users. Retaining your existing customers and generate more online traffic. Digital marketing companies also focus on sales and revenue. Dubai has a constantly growing economy. So, it’s essential to retain business and achieve high ROI.

Social media strategies contribute more marketing resources. Therefore, digital marketing firms include social media marketing to a great extent. It’s a budget marketing while increasing customer retention. Undoubtedly, lead generation is one of the top priority in social media marketing. In this digital era, people continue to use social media for years.

Last year, more people spent their time online. There were changes in researching a product, brand or organization. Such activities created new opportunities for inbound digital marketing. Additionally, we reach new audience and re-engage them. Digital marketing companies in Dubai ensure quick marketing tactics. This includes a content plan; regular post updates and finally, drives new customers.

Most of the digital marketing agencies use influencers to support their clients. Abu Dhabi or Dubai, wherever you’re influencers play a vital role in today’s marketing. Moreover, they have a commendable social presence with quality content. For example, influencers can be Instagram, facebook or youtube celebrities.

Influencers have great value and often, followers trust them. So, their opinions can influence target audience. Therefore, brands consider influencers for marketing. They simply promote your content and products. It’s easy to connect with customers and build brand awareness.

Several micro-influencers mix up both influencer and digital marketing. Micro-influencers continue to rise in digital marketing. Moreover, it’s a budget –friendly option with higher ROI.

UAE Emirates are completely digitalized! So, interactive marketing content is a popular strategy. Digital marketing firms add interactive elements to your website. Thus, interactive social platforms retain visitors. This evidently increases your brand engagement and content.

For example, few realtors add mortage calculator in the website. This offers great value and visitors increase their engagement. On the contrary, company can learn about their visitors. Use this information to redefine your target audience.

People look for short videos besides long text. Dubai is a fast paced city and so, video can bring more attention. Digital marketing companies consider video content for better traffic. According to the recent predictions, video content amounts to 80% of internet traffic.

Therefore, focus on various video content formats. However, it should fit your brand and optimize them. Brand your videos properly while portraying your values. Additionally, make it impactful and memorable.

The use of Google listings will increase the walk-in customers. While managing your online presence, verify your local listings. Keep your listings on various search platforms. Certain B2C businesses consider local customers for their primary sales. For example, car dealership, relators, dental office, and lot more businesses

Google My Business online listing services are invaluable. The services offer information like geographical location and service hours. Digital marketing firms prefer such Local SEO and listing techniques.

Around 80 to 90 % of the people in Dubai use smart phones. Therefore, mobile is an integral part of our daily lives. Moreover, people consume internet through mobile devices. Digital marketing companies work on mobile marketing strategies. As a result, it produces instant results and huge traffic. The brands still continue to optimize their website and content for mobile devices.

Content personalization is a powerful marketing tool in UAE. Increased online traffic achieves your goals in the digital realm. Build effective sales campaign and educate your audience. Personalize your content and bring in huge traffic.

However, personalization will go beyond customizing emails alone. Digital marketing firms use Artificial intelligence to ensure hyper-personalization. AI input makes data analyses and allow effective personalization. AI solutions select perfect email template and craft content according to it. Make personalized content decisions in the coming years.

Hence, invest in Artificial intelligence- based solutions. Use hyper-personalization based on the browsing history and past activity of customers.

Digital marketing companies use chatbots and AI to enhance marketing. Especially, Abu Dhabi or Dubai ensures global user experience. Chatbots and AI convey content creation and delivery strategies. Such technologies boost the content creation process.

Furthermore, chatbots are smarter supporting marketing campaigns.

At present, video search is not a part of search algorithm. However, it dictates search results. Digital marketing firms also expect voice search because of mobile digital personal assistants.  

Therefore, optimize your online content for voice search. Make your conversational to leverage and accurately sync with search queries.

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