How social media can impact your SEO?

Wanna to know the impact of Social Media in SEO? As with UAE international market, Social media platforms ensure quick promotion. UAE supports most of the social media platforms. Additionally, 90% of the internet users are active on this platform. Facebook is the most popular social network. It represents the largest demographic in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Marketers still debate on the impact of social media. However, it doesn’t directly affect your SEO.

What is the role of social media in SEO?

While social media doesn’t directly influence SEO, it can impact various factors. SEO companies make sure social media drives in huge traffic. Alternatively, you can share links on your social media page. Social networks help with content too. SEO agencies in Dubai increase your SEO rankings with content creation.

While creating content, your audience get valuable information. For example e-books, blogs, Infographics, and videos are the popular content forms. If your content is interesting, undoubtedly, they’ll spend more time on it. This will rank your page higher with more leads.

What are the popular social media platforms in UAE?

There are plenty of social media sites in UAE. However, which one helps SEO services in Dubai?

Have a look at the best social media platforms in UAE,

Although WhatsApp is a social chat platform, Facebook is a popular platform. Around 90% of the country’s internet users are active on this platform. Consequently, it’s easy to post and share content.

SEO companies should analyze the target audience. For instance, implementing content localization will account to maximum engagement. Also, it’s specific to choose a time slot for campaigns. Facebook campaign surges at certain times of the year.

Moreover, Google can crawl links and index it. However, Facebook is an excellent platform for SEO agencies.

Twitter is another popular network in Abu Dhabi and other parts of UAE. SEO companies consider it as a great platform to connect with audience. Around 41% of the UAE’s population use twitter. So, it’s worth to convey your content strategy and gain exposure.  

While twitter doesn’t allow crawling option, it offer some unique feature. The use of hashtag is popular on twitter. Moreover, these hashtags can be your content keywords. When people search with this keyword, they reach your content. Therefore, twitter allows people to discover your brand.

UAE has one of the highest smartphone users in the world. Besides, Dubai contributes to a super-fast internet with very low prices. Consequently, YouTube’s popularity is unbeatable in the recent years. Video content remain valuable for your audience. Therefore, it’s a great tool to boost organic traffic.

While people get engaged in the video, you achieve leads. Longer engagement ranks your site higher. SEO agencies focus on effective YouTube marketing.

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How social media impacts your SEO services?

SEO companies consider traffic as a major ranking factor. Social media instantly improves your site traffic. Thereby providing more visibility to your business,

Alternatively, when lots of people share your content, it will upgrade your rankings.

The social media profiles aren’t limited to the network itself. Indeed, it ranks in the search engine results. These profiles are often visible in branded search results.

SEO agencies create and optimize social media profiles. This improves your brand visibility and drives more traffic.

Social media is an excellent channel to improve content reach. People discover the content on search engines only through keywords. On the contrary, social media displays content in front of people.

Hence, SEO consultants work on high-quality content creation. If it’s interesting, we share it again and it shows the impact of social shares

Not only search engines, but also social media serve the search option. With robust functionalities, people use social platform as search engine. People discover your page, profile or other significant information.

SEO companies optimize the pages and content with relevant keywords. Thus, it’s capable to boost your visibility online.

Social media has a huge impact on the UAE –based Local SEO. As you know, NAP is significant in local search engines. It’s Name, Address and Phone number of your business. If you maintain it across all the listings, then Google will consider your business more credible. However, it’s crucial to use the same NAP!

Additionally, certain social media allows you to geo-tag post and stories. Thus, improving your local visibility and expand your business reach. SEO agencies focus on local SEO to attract local audience.

You Tube videos get quick rankings in search engine. Indeed, popular and relevant videos will be displayed first. Besides, you get a video carousel in the first page itself.

So, optimize your video descriptions and title according to the relevant keywords. SEO services use You Tube to achieve more visibility.

How to use social media to boost SEO?

SEO companies in Dubai use quality content to boost SEO. Keep your content fresh and unique. Earn valuable back links and improve your SEO rankings.

Grow your followers! Therefore, allow more people to reach your content. Present your brand and achieve more audience.

Dubai is an interactive business hub. So, always connect with your audience and build reputation. Feeling connected will build a positive reputation.

See how people respond to your content. Monitor user’s behavior and focus on such content.

Hashtags are the significant elements of social media. Use hashtag in your content and increase leads.

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