Ecommerce Website Development Checklist + Costs

The Middle East is witnessing a rapid transformation on online business. UAE is a rising online market place. So, it’s crucial to build your ecommerce platform according to the shifting trends and dynamic behavior! Ecommerce website development should essentially meet the needs of your customers. Especially, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the leading online markets that discover huge business and uniquely lead to success.

Ecommerce development companies focus on launching a profitable and fully-functional eCommerce store to increase your visibility online. This includes complete analysis of ecommerce needs, formulating web design plan, signing for web hosting, and finally, scheduling of ecommerce website launch.

Abu Dhabi or Dubai has plenty of ecommerce businesses that offer good shopping experience on quality of products and its performance. Besides customer experience, ecommerce website development companies make sure your online store is completely optimized and provide customers with necessary values.

However, setting up ecommerce store is a tough job. It’s significant to show your attention on few things and ensure success,

Top Ecommerce website development checklist in UAE

Layout and Web design

Design is the first impression that encourages your users to browse more. For example, ecommerce store has just 5 seconds to grab the user’s attention. Here, design and layout is an essential challenge.

Design is the point of contact between store and customers. In order to ensure success, you need a design that has both simple and attractive features. For example, ecommerce development companies in Abu Dhabi focus on listing prominent products at the top most section of the page and continue with discounts and deals. Therefore, a user who visits your home page will instantly know the products and its discount details.

Ecommerce website development has no limitations. Apart from few basic guidelines, you can create attractive UI and store layouts. Dubai or Abu Dhabi has potential online buyers and so, display everything unique for quick results.

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Content and optimization

Initially, be aware that you’re not the single ecommerce store in UAE. Therefore, before launching your site focus on unique content and creative optimization. Always, proper optimization will leave you at the top of SERP.

Ecommerce development companies work on attractive content pages to engage the audience. Furthermore, the website has minimum three types of pages that include landing page, policy page, and product detail pages.

Besides creating content, optimize your ecommerce site for higher search results. This simply requires changes in the structure of content, adding keywords, and other visual elements to the page.

Product description pages

Since, Dubai or Abu Dhabi has plenty of businesses, huge group of visitors land on the product detail page. So, pay attention to these pages before website launch.

Ecommerce website development should focus on picture-perfect product display. It’s essential to keep your product attractive with stunning visuals and well-phrased descriptions.

Further, add more features that encourage users to end up with a purchase. For example, add price graph, use competitor price comparison chart, and more for better purchase.

Ecommerce websites are visual-rich by adding high-quality images. Additionally, add video reviews that increase your product credibility and help visitors.

Checkout Process

UAE is a busy marketplace and so, keep your checkout process simple enough. As per research, more than 30 percent of the people leave because of long checkout process. Further, the process should be flawless and shouldn’t prompt users to sign up while checking out.

Before finalizing your ecommerce website in Dubai, make sure it should not take more than three clicks from start to end. Account creation or sign up should not be a mandatory part of the experience.

Instead of using ‘buy’ button, offer those discounts or freebies. For example, giving a $5 off will help the visitors to remember your store and increase the number of returning customers.

Mobile and virtual reality presence

Most of the ecommerce development companies are advanced enough with cutting-edge technology. Although, focus on implementing new technologies like virtual reality and voice search.

As an ecommerce website, custom developed mobile app is your first priority. Dubai or Abu Dhabi, more than half of the buyers use mobile phones for online shopping. Therefore, invest in the right platform and optimize apps for complete user experience.

According to Google reports, more than 27% of the people use voice search for online services. So, ecommerce website development should consider voice search options before launching your website. Optimizing voice search in ecommerce websites will improve your overall SEO.

Support options

 Most of the entrepreneurs don’t realize the impact of support pages in ecommerce website. Moreover in emirates like Dubai or Abu Dhabi, it’s essential to keep up few guidelines in online shopping. So, keep your support pages simple with store return policies and other related information.

Initially, privacy policy, refund policy, and return policy should mention the details of the exact process. Always, make sure it’s easy to read and understand. So that, users need not reach your customer service for help.

Ecommerce website development cost requirements in UAE

When it comes to development price, it depends on the requirements and platforms used before launching and the cost may add up even after the site is live. Generally, ecommerce website development starts from $5000 to $500,000 or even more. The cost basically depends on few factors that include project complexity, platform used, special features, and most significantly, the ecommerce development company you choose in UAE.

Factors that determine Ecommerce website cost

Final thoughts on ecommerce website development checklist and its cost

In UAE, even the most prominent retailers are establishing online marketplace. It’s because of the growth of online shopping and dynamic consumer expectations.

So, while choosing an ecommerce development company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or anywhere in UAE, find a reputable and experienced company. Even if they cost more, the companies ensure more value for your ecommerce store.

Therefore, it’s crucial to follow up the website development checklist and make it perfect before launch. Stay informed with shifting ecommerce trends and update user experience