Top 10 Landing Page Examples

After creating a successful website, it’s time to capture some leads. How to collect valuable information from your site visitors? Landing page is a quick and effective way to attract leads. Due to diverse landing page design agencies , there isn’t a magic formula that works for everyone. Because of this, try to learn from the existing examples and understand the essential ingredients to come up with a creative and successful landing page.

What is a landing page?

It is a single page website developed with the only motive to generate leads. Therefore, the page has a clear message, supported by descriptive headlines, engaging visuals, and finally, a captivating CTA. While targeting your business in the UAE, landing page design companies have a competitive approach over it. Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any such emirates are well-digitalized with huge audience group. So, it’s essential to have a creative landing page.

Moreover, it’s a conversion tool to sell a product, capture new email subscribers, or get registrations to an event. Most of the web agencies, promote their landing pages through paid advertisement or social media. However, depending on the purpose of marketing campaign, the page designs may differ.

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10 best landing page examples for better conversion

Udemy for business

Udemy is a learning platform with online courses. They developed their landing page from a creative web agency. Although, users signup for their individual courses. Udemy has a particular landing page that promotes their business plan. Moreover, in emirates like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, people educate their employees to learn more on various topics. So, such a landing page will empower people to develop their careers online.

  • What makes it an example?

Engaging user experience – dynamic background with a compelling scrolling experience and well-defined layout,

Mobile responsive – because UAE is quite busy, it’s essential to optimize your web pages for mobile and other devices.

Vimeo for business

Vimeo is a video hosting site with a group of professional audience. Creators get access to different tools and technologies to work on their videos. The design company has focused on creating a specific landing pages for their business. Therefore, people who need video solutions reach here.

  • What makes it different?

Understand your audience – whether it’s Dubai or Abu Dhabi, it’s significant to know your audience and create accordingly.

Avoid all other navigation – The pages should have a clear goal, therefore remove all unnecessary points that could deter your visitors. The page has a consistent CTA called ‘ get vimeo business’.

Dropbox paper

Dropbox is popular for its file hosting services with number of additional tools and features. The creative landing page has utilized the wonders of visual hierarchy. With just very few words, but implementing large text, it draws the attention of site visitors. Furthermore, it has a clean and spacious design with explanatory text and videos. Additionally, the page has a clear defined button encouraging easy sign up at any time.

  • What can you learn from Dropbox landing page?

Include whitespace – it’s aesthetically pleasing. Perfect space between various elements! So, adding white space is crucial as it allows visitors not to feel inundated. Therefore, craft a spacious design and disperse your content.

Blue Apron

Preparing meals can be a challenge especially when you’re busy with other task and activities. Moreover, in place like Abu Dhabi or Dubai, people run ahead of time to upgrade their business. Blue Apron is a food-related business along with delivery of fresh ingredients and recipes at doorstep.

The blue apron page aims to hook in new leads with exciting offers. The page is quite appealing with headline, CTA, and high-quality food photography. Further, a simple explanation of their service is something convincing.

What makes them different?

Enticing offer – the page has easy solutions for cooking. However, web agencies should focus on creating a unique landing page that display the reasons to choose them or benefits obtained after receiving your services.

Deliver clear message – short attention spans are significant while designing a website. When designing a web page, it’s significant to hook visitors within a couple of seconds. In order to convert visitors into leads, keep your message crisp and clear. Certainly, blue Apron has a simple yet easily skimmable content.


Dubai is a busy place and so, taxi booking is quite a significant service. Uber is a ridesharing business started in 2009. Today, Uber is quite advanced with plenty of other features. Therefore, it gives the best solution for clients.

Although, Uber for business has a different landing page compared to Uber pages, it’s highly recognized. The page has a quick view on what they offer and repeat it on their landing pages. As you scroll down, find more relevant information in detail.

What can you learn?

Crisp and short content – design agencies should consider web pages with short content. Not only UAE but also anywhere in the world, users have a habit of skim reading. So, it’s significant to keep your text concise and sweet. While using limited words, convey your brand message.

Follow F-pattern – creative landing page use F-pattern to catch up with skim readers. Grab attention while allocating your heading into the horizontal lines and other exciting features in the vertical lines.

Certainly, few other web agencies follow Z pattern. Because, the landing pages are low on text and high on elements,

LinkedIn Business solutions

LinkedIn is a social media platform specially tailored for businesses and professional network. The LinkedIn page is targeted at businesses who wish to reach new clients by consistent advertising. The page has mentioned some quick benefits of LinkedIn ads and easy to access CTA.

What makes it different?

More focused – the landing page is focused to the point with a single purpose to promote LinkedIn ads. Similarly, take your business plan and define it clear without any visual clutter.

Give an order – LinkedIn has developed the page in a structured format. Furthermore, with a powerful headline and CTA! Similarly, landing page design companies should focus on a structured layout.


Hootsuite is a social media management tool that plays an integral part in marketing strategies. Moreover, they have developed landing pages that explains exactly what they offer. It has a professional approach while explaining their multitude of services.

What you can learn?

Top fold – focus on top fold of the page because, it’s the most-attractive element to stop your visitors. Furthermore, make it clear and to the point. For optimal results, keep your first fold to 11 words or less.

Repeat CTA – CTA is the significant option to convert clients. So, make sure it’s available throughout the page. Hootsuite makes it perfect by placing multiple CTAs.


Airbnb was launched back in 2008 offering homestays, lodging, and other stay for tourism across the globe. The company has different services, allowing users to become a host or book a stay. They have launched a specific landing page targeting businesses for accommodation, co-working space or others while travelling.

It’s a creative landing page filled with video background and various other scenarios. Additionally, clear headline and CTAs to maximize conversion.

What to learn from Airbnb?

Video background – video is a captivating tool for promotion. So, design agencies should focus on a visual language.

Brand presence – help audience to recognize your brand regardless of how they landed to your page. Use landing page as an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is customer relationship management software that manages your sales and marketing. The Zoho CRM landing page is quite attractive with catchy headline that enhance your customer relationship. The word ‘free’ is mentioned over headline, CTA buttons, and throughout the descriptive copy.

What makes it different?

Multiple CTA button – the whole page has a contrast red CTA button, making them stand out in the crowd.

List features – the landing page has listed all the essential features and likely to increase conversion rates. Therefore, web agencies should focus on including the top offers or features.


Wix is a website building platform popular among small and large business owners. The Wix web page is a quick insight into their features. The landing page design is quite attractive with descriptive headline, consistent message and appropriate visuals. Therefore, it’s a good example to start your designing.

What can you learn?

Include CTA – design agencies always focus on a strong CTA and convey the right message as well. Additionally, make it very short, using action-oriented words.

Minimize scrolls – minimize the scrolling option, let visitors view the complete information within the above fold itself.

Final thoughts on best landing pages

While starting your business in UAE, it’s more specific to create one of the best landing page designs.

While creating your web page, focus on these tips,

Even if you’ve mastered landing page designs, there’s always room for further development. So, research more and find the best landing page wisely. Consider one of the top-rated web agencies to implement ideas that resonate with your audience!