Top 5 Best Website Development Trends that Inspire you in 2021

Technology continues to evolve day by day! Every day people innovate something new and do things faster than before. The same happens in website development services in UAE; developers discover new technologies for a brighter future.

Web technologies emerge every day and so, it gives a lot of new opportunities to entrepreneurs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or anywhere in UAE. Website development firms implement the most recent trends for user engagement and ultimately, grow your business.

Furthermore, by utilizing these current trends, the UAE based website development companies create modern web applications. Whether it’s a SaaS app, minimum viable product or an online market place, later it will turn into a fully-featured application.

Top 5 website development trends in UAE

Progressive web applications

Progressive web app is not the phenomenon of this year in UAE. However, the technology gained more developers due to its high-quality user experience. PWA is an application that works as a website with almost native mobile app experience. Additionally, the apps run independently on the browser and interact with the customers.

Website development agencies use PWA because it allows users to view their favorite website on mobile browsers or desktops without using any special apps. PWA is written with JavaScript, HTML and CSS, Angular or React. Besides providing great user experience, there is no need for programs. PWA could send push notifications and ensure users with offline access to cached content.

Why website development companies use PWA?

As per the studies, mobile data traffic is expected to reach a monthly amount of 226 EB by 2026. So, this indicates that more people use mobile devices to satisfy their different needs. Moreover, in 2026 5G networks will carry more than 50% of mobile data traffic with faster and responsive mobile devices. On the contrary, website development firms in Dubai use PWA to stay competitive in the modern market.

Artificial intelligence and bots

What’s the future of website development? AI assistants and bots are capable enough to learn or collect data. Moreover, it’s considered as one of the most influential technologies and the society will demand AI-enabled communication in the future. Nowadays, we see dozens of virtual assistants, AI chat bots, and voice bots. Such latest trends allow businesses to engage and upgrade human interaction.

While building a digital marketplace, website development services use chat bots to enhance the customer experience. AI chatbots help millions of businesses to perform faster by using voice chats or text. AI chatbots stay crucial for all businesses in Dubai or Abu Dhabi to ensure continuous customer engagement.

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Why do we need AI-powered chat bots in website development?

Website development agencies implement AI and bots to serve their customers. Additionally, bot could be integrated into PWA, professional or regular website. AI-based bots have 24/7 problem solving potential with a human like experience and deep consumer analytics.

Voice Search optimization

The future of website development in Dubai seems to be more voice and less text. Back in days, information was all about text. But, 2021 converted more and more internet users to communicate over audio than text. So, voice search is a rapidly emerging website development trend among businesses in UAE.

Further in 2021, most of the devices will hear users and execute commands based on the given voice. Even more, these devices will be capable enough to recognize the voice of different people and ensure personalized AI-based experience for everyone.

Obviously, in 2021, people would prefer less time for typing commands. So, website development companies optimize their digital products for extensive voice search and voice commands. As per the survey, 55% of the households are forecasted to have voice assistant by the end of 2022.

Why companies choose voice search optimization?

Voice search and navigation is one of the most-interesting web trends. Nowadays, website development agencies anticipate this technology and enhance its impact even more.

Motion UI

Innovative web design is a trend in the rapidly changing digital world. However, start-ups to well-established firms pay more attention to user experience. Websites that look beautiful have more chances to be noticed by users. Therefore, visual design is not the question of engineering instead one of the marketing strategy in UAE.

In Dubai, more than 80% of the people look for the website appearance than its actual products. So, consider motion UI as a powerful tool to boost your page conversion rate. Motion UI is one of the latest website development trends and so, it simply grabs the attention of your website readers.

Motion UI has powerful front-end library with customizable and animated UI elements. With this, web development services construct background animations, animated charts, or modular scrolling, etc. Finally, all these elements express your unique website style. With motion UI, keep your design process simple and boost your web app rankings!

Single page applications

Single page apps are considered as one of the most-important trends in website development. SPA is a JavaScript based web application. This particular application avoids loading separate HTML pages from a server to the visitor. Instead, SPAs load only markup and data to dynamically render the results.

Therefore, website development firms use this technology when visitors browse for a single page with all their needs.  Besides usability, SPA trend boast of cross-platform nature because, it’s supported by most of the devices.

Why businesses choose SPA?

Website development agencies in UAE prefer SPA because of its better page performance and high data protection. These sites consume less and capable enough to work without server-side code.

Final words

2021 transform the way businesses interact with their clients! So, website development companies should focus on using emerging trends to stay competitive in the digital market place.

Especially in UAE, people look for trends, techniques, and approaches that gain popularity. Here, analyzing and adopting the best trends will improve your business reach. Find the best trend and stay unique!