Top 10 UI/UX Design Tips from a User Experience Master

In today’s marketing landscape, website is a powerful marketing tool. Website has the potential to be the powerful asset and centerpiece of your marketing efforts. Therefore, designing a website with great user-experience is essential to stay prominent among your competitors. However, rapidly changing digital trends can make your website outdated. Especially in UAE, find the best UI UX design firms to redesign your website or start with a new one.

Effective UX design improves the look and feel of your website. Most of the UI UX design agencies focus on creating meaningful experiences and exceptional business value. Additionally, UX design improve usability, accessibility, learn ability, and fosters user satisfaction.

UAE emirates are completely digitalized and so; UI UX design companies express digital solutions more effectively and attract users. Dubai or Abu Dhabi has a plethora of business opportunities. Therefore, they opt one of the best and appealing visual designs for product branding and overall aesthetics.

Good visual designs draw quick attention of visitors and encourage them to move on. UI UX design services use graphic elements and strategic placement to accomplish their goals and complete their tasks successfully.

Top 10 UI UX design tips for compelling user experience

Before starting, it’s significant to know your users. UI UX design agencies work on the demographic data through analytics app. Moreover, it’s important to know what they need and find options to achieve their goals.

Dubai has splendid digital growth and so, companies ensure careful analysis of statics. Initially, understand the people who use your website. Their goals, how to achieve these goals and how a website can help them overcome these challenges. Always dig deeper to find out your user’s interest. With better insights, fulfill all their fundamental requirements.

This doesn’t mean, you have to spend a lot on market research and analysis. But, find your target audience and work on the suitable UI UX design.

Before designing, it’s significant to understand how people will use your interface. Dubai or any such emirates focus on user-friendly interface. With increasing smart devices, user experience is a great concern.

Furthermore, few apps exhibit excellent UI UX design skills with ease and impulsive swipe. Generally, people use apps in two ways, either directly – by interacting with interface elements or indirectly – by interacting with external UI elements.

Direct interaction includes swiping a card, drag and drop an item, or tapping a button

Indirect interactions include clicking with a mouse, using shortcuts, typing into form field, drawing on tablet.

So, get deep information on your users. Primarily, if you’re designing for coders or writers, use common keyboard shortcuts to minimize their mouse working time.

Slow-loading pages always frustrate users. With the rise of mobile devices in UAE, people access content through various devices. Therefore, they prefer reduced loading time and quick results. Most of the UI UX design companies work on reducing the load time and ensure fast results for the content.

Dubai, Abu Dhabi or anywhere in the world, slow-page load is always an interrupting experience. As a result, people may leave your site without any progress.

How to improve your page speed? Initially, UI UX design services will compress all the images before loading them into the site. Reduced image size will drastically speed up the web page.

Simplicity is the essential grid that limits your bounce rate. However, most of the UI UX design firms create simple and responsive interface. This allows users to search through a clean layout and find the best possible results within a quick view. Especially, people in Dubai have no time to navigate in a maze and find their results. So, keep your designs simple, the graphics must be clickable and insightful.

Important points to note

Using whitespace is one of the most significant tips to enhance your user experience. Evidently, UI UX design agencies use whitespace to make the content more legible. Also, it enables users to focus on elements surrounding it. Keep your website fresh and modern, let your web designs breathe out and look more polished.

Such elegant web pages add simplicity to your business in UAE. The design background need not be white, but find space between elements of the web page.

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How to use whitespace to boost UI UX design?

More than half of the traffic comes from mobile devices. So, if your UI UX design is not mobile optimized then, users will abandon your site. Therefore, focus on optimizing your website for better mobile experience.

Goggle crawls use both desktop and mobile to index your websites. So, keep your website mobile-friendly for better SEO and ranking.

How to make your websites mobile-friendly?

While utilizing UI UX design services for mobile layouts, make sure they interact with a single touch. Analyze the minimum size for a mobile touch target to enhance your interface goals.

Even if search engines doesn’t punish for a soft 404 error, users will. When users approach a link or image, they always expect them to go further without any distractions.

On the contrary, if the UI UX design leads to a 404 error page, then solve the issue immediately. Other than slow page load time, 404 error pages is a frustrating event for user and it completely disrupts their browsing journey.

To analyze and correct 404, Google search console tool is quite effective. Also, find free 404 checkers online.

In terms of UI UX design, the user should flow effortlessly and fulfill the ultimate objective. Having a clear framework allows consumers to go through seamlessly. Therefore, most of the UI UX design companies in Dubai focus on consistent web pages.

Starting from the home page to any services, the website should have a clear flow. Avoid instances where users are misleading anywhere else. Finally, each website has an end target, where the needs of users and goals of website meet.

Action words enable your business to move one. Usually, customers move on with visual cues. They simply navigate with these CTAs and reach their destination.

So, while using UI UX design to create a CTA button, think about the color and its psychology. According to study report, color variations and action messaging bought 11% more clicks to the checkout area. Evidently, different colors evoke different message and so, choose your color wisely.

After creating one of the best UI UX design, now find the actual word that suits your CTA. Find the words that prompt users to click-through and ensure an emotional connection. Always make your words bold, action-oriented and time-sensitive.

In UAE or anywhere, people are smart enough to judge your website before they browse the site further.

Using stock photography will be generic and obviously decrease trust among users. So, while implementing a UI UX design, replace stock photos with original images. This results in quick conversions developing a strong connection between user and brand.

Moreover, UI UX design firms in Dubai use actual images to convey your brand message. Use images strategically and give your users a visual break from regular text. Make sure the images are relevant and unique!

As a conclusion,

A well-crafted UI UX design leads a user to their required data or resources removing all the distractions. While the concept is well-understood, it can be complicated to achieve. Here, UI UX design companies will reduce the complexity by constructing intuitive interfaces and interactions. Additionally, UAE is a competitive destination, so focus on these UX design tips for better results!