5 Catchy web design
trends of 2020

Bold Colour Theme

In order to standout in the crowd, go with some trendy bold colors for your website. Bold color theme will be catchy especially for ecommerce website. This attention grabbing color trend is now adapted by many online brands. Going against the grain, where most corporate websites who stick on to safe shades and colours are also now experimenting bold colours.

Now most of the device screens are adopting In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology, which will make bold colors stand out beautifully for the world to enjoy.

Animations, GIFs, and Dynamic Illustrations

The video banner has already been in trend since few years. But slow page load times are making it a tough-sell this far, seeing that slow web pages will make you lose readers or potential customers so animations, Gifs and dynamic illustrations are best alternative solution for this problem.These motion graphics will take up less time to load compared to outright motion pictures such as good-quality video.

when well executed, these integrated animations, GIFs, and custom illustrations can help illustrate what you stand for and tell your story in a cool, clear and confident manner too.

Patterns in web design

Patterns are making a big comeback in 2020 and are super diverse and refreshing! Instead of fully covering the background, in 2020 web design trends, patterns that spread only on separate parts of the background will be very popular and attractive. They will create hot and modern web design looks for the visitors.

Black and white evergreen web design

Black and white colour theme for web designs are classy, evergreen and always trendy. This can be adapted for giving an elegant touch for the website, so we’ll definitely be seeing elegant black-and-white websites in 2020. This kind of design pattern will be often minimalist, containing maxi typography and line art elements.

Retro style in modern web design

Soon, be ready to experience a real blast from the past. The design style of the 50s and 60s is a big source of inspiration for many web designers. Some special effects that remind us of retro such as dust, noise, black-and-white photos, duller colors, will be present in web design trends 2020.