User Generated Content

What exactly is user-generated content means? User-generated content, or UGC for short, is any content that has been created and published by any unpaid contributors. Those contributors can be from fans who promote a brand instead of the brand promoting itself. User-generated content can be content of any type, including blogs, website pages, images, social media posts and testimonials.

Video Content

video content is the way to the future, video keeps the audience engaged longer than any other type of content. Posting videos to the social media pages can boost engagement significantly. Video content encourages the audience to spend time and engage with your brand.

  • 96% of buyers likes to watch the product video that helps them to understand the product in more detail.
  • About 70% of internet users share their favorite brand’s new video;
  • 83% of corporations saying that video content has increased their conversion rate.
  • 87% of companies use video as a primary marketing tool.

All this does not mean that pictures and text lose relevance. Nevertheless, video is the easiest and most effective tool to convey information to the audience. Among the younger generation, online video has completely displaced watching TV.

Videos Continues to Dominate

Video content is one of the most effective forms of marketing we can experiment. This is especially true for all social media platforms. Not only because of the newsfeed algorithms on popular social media channels like Facebook and Instagram favor video content but your followers are more likely to see your post – but stats show that users prefer video content.

There are countless other studies and statistics shows the fact that video content is highly effective in getting your brand name out there, in order to connecting with your audience, and promoting your products and services.

Reach people in Real-Time with Stories

Stories, which started on Snapchat and have now grown to Instagram, Facebook, and even YouTube and become a big part of the social media landscape. Especially in recent years where timelines on Instagram and Facebook are no longer in chronological order, stories are a more organic way to reach your audience in real-time.

Stories, especially on Instagram, offers you a variety of great features that allows to create interactive content for your audience, including polls and quizzes. You can even post photos or videos, including music, fun stickers, or gifs, include geotags and interactive filters. All this allows you to create some more dynamic content then you could in posts in the newsfeed. Once your account reaches a certain follower threshold, you will also get the “swipe up” feature, where you can link off to your website.

Develop Your Social Media Strategy in 2020

With all the different social media platforms available now, and all the brands competing for our attention from their audience in this space – it can be overwhelming to define your own social media strategy.

That being said, the most effective social media marketing, regardless of trends, will always be the content that is authentic, entertaining, and informative for your target audience and that eventually will help to create trust and build a relationship between you and your consumer.

We are a full-service digital agency that can help your brand grow online and can help you to develop a social media marketing strategy that is right for your business. To learn more about our services, contact us today!