How SEO & Web design go together in Dubai, UAE?

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Have you ever thought of SEO while designing your website? If not, you have to think it. When you try to improve the website performance, it’s significant to focus on various aspects simultaneously. When you start digital marketing for your company, you just pay attention to one or two elements while neglecting something that remains equally important. However, if you consult a SEO company in Dubai, they do it with better ideas.

When designing the website, SEO agencies focus on incorporating search elements because it’s not easy to include such elements at a later date. To establish your brand online, SEO works as a crucial part of your strategy. Therefore, it’s essential to plan SEO in the early stage of your business, may be before starting with the website design services. If your website has a below-average design, then you’re just wasting your efforts in SEO optimization because visitors will have poor user experience and they leave your website.

How SEO services and web design services go together for your success in UAE?

SEO and web design work together for the success of your business. When executed correctly, users simply navigate through your site provided with a very good user experience.

Understand where web design and SEO collaborate? How it impacts your business in Dubai, UAE?

1. Crisp and clear design

If you’re working to improve SEO, then content is something that requires a lot of attention. Some people don’t realize the importance of web design and how it impacts your content. So, making a least presentation of your content will evoke a discomfort in your readers.
Poor design is always a hurdle for the readers; they gradually bounce back to other websites. Web pages with blocks of content and too many hyperlinks don’t serve a clear purpose for your audience. Moreover, it diverts people that you managed to bring on site with SEO services.

At some point, it will be impossible to read the content because of web design. Due to the color combo that resembles the offbeat period of 1990s, or due to the hard-to-read font types, etc. Websites that isn’t responsive on desktop or other devices.
Here, you can consider one of the best website design companies in Dubai to design a crisp and clear website. Web designers understand how to create website that comply with SEO guidelines and make it attractive.

2. Mobile Friendly websites

If you’re aware of the SEO elements and web design, you should know the importance of making it SEO-friendly.
If you haven’t spent time on doing it, then you’re outdated in digital marketing. Having a mobile-friendly website will improve your ranking as per the Google ranking factor in 2015. Later the search giant introduced mobile-first indexing in 2017. So, it’s clear that Google knows the importance of mobile-friendliness, but still many websites haven’t caught on.

Desktop searches are being declining these years, while mobile browsing has been steadily increasing in 2023. More than half of the web traffic comes from mobile device that means half of your audience use smart phones. So, websites that don’t load properly on a phone shares bad signal to its users.

Therefore, mobile friendly design is a must-have option for higher rankings. Here, you can consult an SEO agency for better optimization.

3. High-speed website

What slows down your website? There are chances with your poor web design. Website speed is the significant aspect of technical SEO. It’s a primary drawback in many websites. If you don’t get better rankings, it’s because your website is slow and people just bounce back to other websites.

Page speed is the most important ranking signal, so you have to increase the speed by optimizing images, avoiding unnecessary plugins, removing cache, and more. Do you know the waiting time of a visitor? People just wait for 2 second to view a website. If it takes longer than 3 seconds, they abandon your site and move to next. Page speed is also a significant factor in mobile devices. Moreover, Google takes it as ranking criteria. The website speed affects Google’s ability to crawl web pages. If it’s slow, it affects your overall ranking.

If you don’t have an in-house SEO team, consider outsourcing to one of the best SEO companies in Dubai, UAE.

4. Sitemaps

Good web design makes crawling effective. Sitemap is the factor that decides how smart search engines crawl your website. Sitemaps usually provide a guide to all the content and pages in your website. Here, you get a chance to index search engines about the important pages on your site. Even if it’s a larger website or new one, sitemaps add value to your search engine results.

Additionally, sitemaps benefit search engine results but also supports user navigation. Sitemap helps new visitor to get around the website smoothly. Also, it contains a meta data of web pages providing chances of higher ranking.

5.Earn user’s trust

SEO is much calculative but you cannot measure how much people trust your website. However, gaining user trust is important for a better ranking. Today, most people are quick to share their opinions. If once fixed, it’s difficult to change their minds.

Over the years, we have seen perfect websites providing phenomenal user experiences. It’s the natural expectation when you visit a website. We would prefer clean, easy to navigate, and informative websites.

Alternatively, if a website looks odd or outdated, most people will have a bad impression and they firmly leave your site. You might have a product or service what customers are looking for but when your website doesn’t convey the same, it’s a total failure.
A poor website design can always demote your SEO efforts.

To wrap it up!
SEO services always go hand in hand with Website design. Specifically, when you’re a business owner in Dubai or UAE, online presence adds value to your business.

How can you do it perfectly? Yes, it’s possible when you approach the best SEO Company with a core web design team. HelloPixels is your choice when it comes to effortless designing and tactical SEO strategies. So, keep these points in mind and start seeing higher rankings in a very short time.