Pros and cons of mobile apps vs web apps

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In 2023, more than 80 percent of the population owns a mobile phone and according to statistics, the percentage keeps increasing. Being an entrepreneur or CEO, you have to win the audience either with a mobile app or web app. You don’t have a quick and accurate answer for the question, whether to choose web app or mobile app? The choice depends on number of factors that include your business plan, objective, resources, and other properties related to your business.

Being a web app development company in Dubai, HelloPixels have built a number of projects in both the platforms. We have a common misconception that mobile apps and web apps are the same. But, actually this is not the truth. There are quite a lot of disparities for the users and also how they are developed and deployed.

Initially, you should be able to distinguish between websites and web apps. In short, web app is designed fluidly resembling the view on a smart phone.

Difference between mobile app and web app in Dubai, UAE

Mobile apps are built for platforms such as Android and iOS for iPhones. The apps are downloaded and installed via play store or app store. They have access to your system resources, gps, camera function, and more. The mobile apps run on the phone itself. For example – facebook, instagram, google maps, etc are the popular mobile apps in Dubai.

On the other hand, Web apps work on the internet browser and adapt to any screen size. These web app are not particular to any software or system. You can access it online without being downloaded or installed. The responsive nature resembles mobile apps and here comes the confusion.

Web apps need internet connection whereas mobile apps work offline as well. Now-a-days, mobile apps are being faster and efficient, but they need regular software updates. Alternatively, web app development services update themselves.

Pros and cons of building mobile app Vs Web app in Dubai, UAE

Before deciding the app for your business, you should have a research on its advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, brainstorm how it will affect your business. You can get the help of a web app development company or mobile app development company to keep your apps both attractive and budget-friendly.

Mobile App development services in Dubai

Mobile apps are designed for specific operating system and it includes the native functionality of particular mobile device. Today, people prefer mobile app development in cross platform languages like Flutter and React. Cross platform development provides a single code base that supports both Android and iOS. Mobile app development is quiet expensive compared to web apps.

Mobile app pros

High performance

Mobile apps work with built-in features like microphone, GPS, and camera. Therefore, apps built for mobile devices ensure high performance and usually work faster. Getting access to these native features make it seamless.

Marketing options

There are different options to monetize your app. You can pick the best option, moreover utilize more than one method to make it successful. Mobile apps ensure extreme flexibility in monetization.

Offline Access

Mobile apps offer offline access once the user downloads the app. If software would benefit users by allowing them to save and add data without connecting to Wi-Fi or other internet service, then mobile app is a quick solution for offline services.

Wider audience

Most businesses have an app these days. It’s because many customers prefer using app than web versions. Users are comfortable using these apps, they can shop at their favorite places or order quick from an app.


While using mobile apps, they provide push notifications where certain notifications are sent that trigger user action. Moreover, if you haven’t used the app or logged in for a while, they provide gentle reminders. With such reminders, they login and re-engage potential users who dropped off.

Mobile app cons


Mobile apps are comparatively costly than web apps. Most apps include custom code and integrations with other features, so it requires a hefty amount. If you could consult the best mobile app development firm in Dubai, they help you achieve a budget-friendly app,

Maintenance cost

Mobile apps require regular maintenance from bugs, security issues, etc. There are continuous updates required when compared to web apps.


Few complex apps take up a lot of storage space. For example – gaming apps take around 3 GB. If the phone’s space is limited, then you have to avoid other apps.


There are millions of apps in the Google Play store or app store. Therefore, there are chances that you won’t be able to reach target audience. It’s because, the app stores are highly structured for organic search result deliveries.

Share profit with app store

When you list an app on the store, it costs money. The app store takes an annual fee of $99, whereas they earn 15% commission on all in-app purchases. Similarly, Google play store expects $25 and follows the same commission structure as Apple.

Web app development services in Dubai

Web apps are responsive apps that users can launch in their desktop or mobile device. They look good on any device making it faster and cost-effective option.

Web app pros


Web app provides access to different range of devices and operating system. Therefore, you get access to larger audience group.

Easy to update

Developers make changes to the custom code, therefore updates are simple.

Better visibility

Web apps are displayed in every search results, so it’s easy to find your business. Most people look into search engines when they try to find answers. There are many ways to manipulate web app and get higher ranking in search results.

Cost-effective development

Compared to mobile app, web app development requires a reasonable pricing. Alternatively, a single version of web app serves all operating system.

No Download required

Without downloading the web app, you can directly login and logout. Web app stays competitive without downloading and it encourages users to look around.

Web app cons

Less integration with device

Web apps provide limited accessibility to mobile device’s features like location and camera services.


Web apps are comparatively slower than mobile apps. If the browsers have an issue, it affects the speed of your web app.

No offline availability

To operate your web app, you need internet connection. If user is out of data connection or Wi-Fi access, then you can’t view or input any data into the web app.


Web apps don’t need any vetting or approval process like app stores. Therefore, web apps aren’t secure, making it easy to threaten your safety.

Mobile App Vs Web app – Best option for your business in Dubai

Web app or mobile app ultimately reflects the business strategy and budget. For better user experience and high-performance, mobile app is a good choice. Similarly, if you need less functionality in a smaller budget, then web app is the best choice for your business.

HelloPixels is a leading mobile app and web app development company in Dubai. With a team of highly experienced developers and designers, we help you build both mobile and web apps with utmost perfection.

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