Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, UAE

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare UAE

AI in Healthcare Industry Dubai UAE

Prominent Artificial intelligence Experts in the UAE, HelloPixels define Artificial Intelligence or AI as “the science of developing and using machines that can process a certain level of human intelligence inorder to simplify complex assignments across various industries and in the process derive credible data for future references and further innovation along with speedy, accurate, successful and cost efficient completion of required tasks”. Global watchdogs in the Middle East predict a massive AI indulgence in the overall health care sector by 2023, generating a market worth $0.7bn, that is one catapult of a leap, a 45% growth from 2022s stats showing an achieved market worth  $0.4bn across current day scenarios. Startling facts on UAE’s healthcare standings, we can boast of one of the best healthcare systems in the world. That’s right, in fact we have no competition in healthcare management in the Middle East and across various other  countries in the world. We have a population that is health conscious in higher levels comparatively. The citizens or Emirati’s, ticked  the most health conscious index compared to the 85 % of the total population who are mainly expatriates in the UAE. It’s just in the UAE’s DNA to look good and feel good about themselves. Statistics show, UAE has up to 180 doctors per lakh of a multitude of people, that includes transit travelers in case of an emergency.

AI technology in the Medical Industry and Health Economy, UAE

AI induced healthcare technology is deep rooted in the UAE healthcare realms owing to its precise and adaptability factor that can manage medical healthcare and its administration in the best possible means in a developed country like the UAE. Progressive ML or machine learning used in operations, surgeries and other laser treatments merged with AI technology, filtered and sorted medical data from massive collections in one go for better navigation and usability, 5G capabilities when merged with AI is another milestone propelling medical healthcare into fast and on the dot accurate levels and the most advanced capabilities in AI technology merged with the science, research and treatment of genetic diseases under genetic healthcare, AI is all set to take the whole medical industry by a storm and UAE is a pioneer, an oasis of healthcare in the Middle East.

AI in Healthcare sectors, Dubai and Abu Dhabi

AI in Healthcare UAE, DubaiDOH ( department of health) in Abu Dhabi and Malaffi better known as a health info exchange system or ‘My File’ in the English language, merged together to work on predicting health care mishaps, pandemics or other virus outbreaks using AI at its pinnacle for relevant information that can be taken as sane and reliable, preparing for worst case scenarios by avoiding a debacle and encouraging sustenance as it’s a principle to abide by, pushing the boundaries to strive and remain as a strong and reliable player in global health care and advancement. The UAE Minister of healthcare and Prevention, His Excellency Abdul Rahman Mohammad Al Oweis addressed the ‘Health for All’ theme this year to boost  healthcare awareness in new realms of technology and advancement, especially the AI technology and Big Data merged in healthcare inorder to collect massive amounts of information and patient records to develop and implement better and modern techniques down the lane propelling healthcare management and it’s development in pinnacles that were just impossible feats to achieve in the early stages, now made possible enabling the UAE in the top most list of countries with the best healthcare system in the world. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the windows to the Arab world, healthcare providers, pharmaceuticals, the health and rehabilitation industry and their overall health economy are hiring top notch AI technology providers in crafting the most modern technology in medical healthcare and it’s orderly advancement avoiding untoward incidents at the same time encouraging a systematic study based health system all the way from back-office to the patient in need.

AI Technology - Integrated EHR

EHR or electronic health records are defined as medical data of patients from their past, their today or an upcoming medical requirement of any sort in the future across their physical and mental well being stored in an electronically set system, now merged in AI technology to ease it's regulation and decision making tasks by the medical in charge inorder to supply individual medical data on call and in the process aid government requirements of healthcare statistics, pharmaceutical industry support and brings about an overall effect of progression and advancement in society contributing to the healthcare system in a country, pushing it to its peak of development where actually, Health is wealth.

The AI Administration System

The UAE healthcare system has discouraged paperwork maintenance for patients and employees in institutions across the Emirates. HelloPixels is a prominent AI technology developer and Big Data expert in Dubai and Abu Dhabi involved in the setting up of AI automation across maintenance of patient records and orderly employee system helping management to the best of capabilities in the process, helping medical employees to be more productive and encourage face-face online time with patients enabling doctors to prescribe medical assistance from the comfort of homes, at times for both parties. HelloPixels has set up medical AI assistance for reputed clinics and eye hospitals across the GCC with inbuilt AI features induced on video conferencing for doctors as they check on patients with note taking and apt content regulation according to what the patient chooses on options laid out by the doctor, both vocally and in the click of a button on their interface device. This is the record keeping or medical report maintenance which can be used by the Institution or medical organization to communicate across different sectors in the healthcare industry with ease. HelloPixels are experts in curating AI technology integrated with medical healthcare all the way to creating a medical database for the advancement of health care in organizations which under policies of the government are furnished for the growth of medical science in the UAE.

Virtual Nursing Chatbots

Research by AI and Big Data specialists in HelloPixels showed a significant percentage of the total population in the UAE were comfortable with round the clock AI induced chatbots or virtual nursing chatbots that could answer medical doubts, give suggestions, verify medical reports and display the details of the doctor to visit with an appointment making capability which is again if required, AI Integrated virtual examination. The clinical staff has more time in their hands encouraging them to provide the best of services for patients where a human touch is actually that makes a difference. As I read on the HelloPixels office wall, put up by the marketing team, 'AI technology sure did make the World a better place! Now it's up to us to be responsible for keeping it that way…

AI Technology for Medicinal Discipline

That's right! AI can watch over infants waking up in the middle of the night notifying parents to take control. HelloPixels developed AI induced sensors that work via apps for baby cradles that moved in different swish modes according to infant moods derived from studies around medical healthcare institutions on how infants behave. We have had a climate control request for infants only zones in medical care facilities in the UAE that again involved AI technology merged with air conditioning for infant welfare. Introduction of medicines through injections like insulin if not done the right way, can be Lethal. AI induced technology in sensors around the patient's room and the insulin device can detect a flaw in the administration of the injection pushing the patient to give it a better try to get the maximum benefit.

AI in Healthcare Insurance

Fraudulent practices in this industry in the healthcare sector has created a furore many a times destabilizing the health ministry in countries owing to funds misplacement and wrong allocation of insurance and assurance policies. HelloPixels are experts in AI technology provision for banking, finance and the insurance Industries owing to its expertise in AI technology integration in the banking and monetary sector for over five years in monetary based organizations across the Middle East. Did you know, adding AI technology with insurance administration can drastically reduce fraudulent activities as identifying bizarre patterns in claims are easy to locate with AI technology merged in its database or server.

AI Technology in Surgical Procedures

Surgery, open-cut operations especially delicate tissue based organ transplants in cosmetic and accidental surgery are the best with AI technology integrated robots at work in healthcare institutions across the most developed countries. The UAE is looking at options to get this AI induced technology in to further medical processes ASAP.

AI Technology in Healthcare Communication

With 85% of the total population in the UAE being expatriates without much knowledge of the national language which is Arabic, the government of UAE believes in equal opportunity for all. Its almost mandatory to have multilingual capabilities in every AI technology merged with medical healthcare facilities working in the country to encourage health in its best realms. No miscommunication of any sort should stop an individual from getting medical assistance at any time. These policies are game changers in a friendly country like the UAE where all are welcome to make use of opportunities, grow and remain healthy for a better tomorrow.

This includes innovative platforms in all fields of government work, with the aim of achieving important national files to provide an innovative model of preventive health practices for the next generation, towards reinventing future health services to provide predictive solutions for patients, based on innovation and artificial intelligence,” 

HE Abdul Rahman Mohammad Al Oweis (UAE minister of healthcare and Prevention)

HelloPixels and AI technology in Healthcare, Emirates

HelloPixels, Abu Dhabi is working towards a better UAE with its AI technology for the healthcare system.  HelloPixels have developed medical chatbots for medical healthcare institutions that can be regulated with already existing medical data and information providing the best of virtual nursing for online patients from the vicinity and comfort of their homes. HelloPixels have empowered patients with their AI technology to merge chatbots in the UAE and the rest of the Middle East  since the COVID 19 pandemic enabling safe and secure online examinations, suggestions, saving medical notes by the virtual chatbot or doctors online. HelloPixels, Dubai developed ML or machine learning for instruments and devices used in treatment of hearing aids and dental procedures that can be controlled by apps on an interfaced device automatically gathering data and real time information for better procedures and techniques in the long run. Looking out for an AI technology alliance to partner with your day to day requirements? Write to us at [email protected]