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If this is your first time brushing with the term Generative AI, this blog by HelloPixels, a prominent AI technology provider in the UAE is your first-hand reliable source of information on what, how and why Generative AI technology could be the next big thing in artificial intelligence. Generative AI or GenAI is defined by AI experts in HelloPixels as the artificial intelligence integrated with an algorithm called GANS(generative adversarial networks) to create or generate text, videos, audio, synthetic data and various different types of content formats in a short span of time. 

Generative AI had its beginnings in the 1960s. It was in 2014 that GANS, a type of machine learning algorithm that opened  Generative AI’s  limitations off of chatbots and introduced it to images, audio and video of real time personalities. Generative AI has eradicated certain limitations in the  movies, theater, plays, serials and production companies with ease in recent times. The negatives rose owing to absolute forgery that can come around this technology, imitating real time personalities without their consent, creating imagery and videos without permission and other cyber security attacks that can be a problem if Generative AI ends up in the wrong hands. 2023 saw the UAE showcasing deep interest in Generative AI being merged with education in the Emirates, the first of its kind in the Middle East and was a major crowd puller in a country wide event called ‘The Future of Generative AI in Education’. A special mention of Generative AI being the next big thing in a much needed revolution in the education industry was made in the Dubai campus premises of the Birmingham University. The major discussions around Generative AI involved online content being digitized for a wide variety of audiences in a single go. The Ministry of Education in the UAE has announced AI generated tutors for classrooms before the mark of 2024 beating all odds to be the pioneer in Generative AI in the GCC.

Generative AI Applications, UAE

Image Generation:

We create real time  images from scratch

Our Generative models can curate high-quality images that can mimic real-world objects, scenarios and  abstract art.

Image style transfer induced in  image-to-image translation

Our Generative models enable the transfer of Artistic styles in image creation 

Generate impeccable Content for art and design

Our generative AI models provide artists and designers capabilities in generating inspiring content paving the way for maximum creativity.

Text Generation/ Language Sequencing:

Storytelling and text Generation 

Generation of coherent paragraphs for content development

Language Sequencing and Translation

Conversational Agents and Chatbot technology

Summarize at Will long formats into readable text that can be easy on the readers.

Audio and Sound:

Generation of Musical sequences

Aids music creation and imitates musical personalities to bring about similar elegance in the music in creation. 

Mixing and DJs Equipment

Sound effects, progressive audio effects, and Virtual Reality experiences

Videos and Authorized Fakes:

Video Generation and Frame Quality

Deep fake Technology to aid under strict parameters

Video edits and content development

Enhanced Visual Effects and Video Synthesis

Generative AI Models by HelloPixels in Abu Dhabi

Generative AI Lab, UAEGenerative models in Artificial intelligence are powerful tools capable of creating content induced in imagination. Generative models pivot on complex algorithms and deep learning methods via models enabling machines to give out realistic but fictional images, texts, audio, and videos that mimic or imitate the human touch in creativity. Prominent Artificial intelligence providers, HelloPixels in the UAE are working around various generative models in AI to propel different types of usage based on the industry or nature of business in the Emirates and the rest of Middle East. Various Generative models in AI, based on the definition, the type, usage and the concepts that drive them are a major point of discussion in this blog. Did you know,  AI generative models are designed to retrieve, understand, analyze and learn massive collections of real time data in order to recreate and generate better content that in many ways resemble the first-hand data in distribution? Generative AI models penetrate well- beyond the usual predictions or probabilities and work towards creating newer and better  samples that radiate artistic, expressive-intellect or other required qualities and capabilities. AI specialists and Generative AI experts at HelloPixels explain the various types of  Generative AI models as:

Variational Autoencoders or VAEs

VAEs are generative models that make use of an encoder-decoder type of architecture to connect input data into an available storage space and then work on it to recreate it all the way back to its original data domain. They guarantee pin point accuracy in restructuring and on the dot periodical regularization to give out new samples that immensely follow the data distribution received. VAEs invoice trials and repeated procedures that includes parameter Optimization of the mode to drastically decrease recreation errors and in a proper flow, regularize the space distribution in an order. VAEs play an important role when out to use in complex areas like images, anomaly detection and data compression. HelloPixels have used the VAE model of Generative AI to propel a generation of real looking images, thorough art synthesis and a communicative exploration of latent spaces for clients across the Middle East.

Generative Adversarial Networks or GANs

GANs is made up of a generator and a discriminator network that side up and work together in an adversarial procedure where the generator gives out realistic samples as the discriminator network works constantly to identify and differentiate real and generated samples bringing in the required clarity.The GANs trials for a requirement includes an adversarial procedure where the generator aims to trick the discriminator, and the discriminator discriminates in accuracy to further classify the given samples. These rigorous procedures running in repeated loops improves the performance of both the networks. Experts at HelloPixels have made huge leaps in client based requirements for image synthesis, very real like photorealistic images, style transfer.and image inpainting. GANs models in Generative AI are among the best of technology for text-to-image synthesis, video generation, and realistic simulation for virtual ecosystems.

Auto Regressive Models

Auto-regressive models in Generative AI Technology can create new samples by integrating for deep understanding the best of probabilities of selected data based on the preceding context. Auto Regressive Models in Generative AI generates data in orderly sequences which in turn enables generation of further complex sequences. Auto-regressive models are equipped to predict the obvious data point that comes in a set sequence as per the given context previously. At inference, they give out samples that are obtained by understanding the previous data sequence to its maximum. HelloPixels merged Auto-regressive models in Generative AI for businesses that required text generation, language modeling, and making music by making use of immense dependencies in the occurring sequences, producing coherently relevant outputs on given contexts.

Flow Based Model

Flow-based models in Generative AI directly re-model data distribution by defining an inverted change in between the input and output spaces by enabling data generation and efficient density estimation. Flow-based models make use of usual flows and a sequence of invertible transformations to model complex data points in distributions and in the process enables efficient sampling and digitization of similar sequences.

Transformer Based Model

These are deep learning architecture models that have become prominently dominant in the Middle Eastern markets owing to its success in natural language processing or (NLP) requirements. Well known usage of Transformer models in Generative AI is the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer). Models like GPT-3 models have showcased perfervid capabilities in generating coherent and context based relevant text when hinted with a prompt. Widely used for various NLP tasks that encompasses text completion, question and answering capabilities, accurate translation, elaborate summarization and so much more.

The Future of Generative AI in the UAE and the Middle East

UAE’s AI based Generative AI’s ongoing research and studies showcase a desire to improve the country’s overall performance, its day to day activities marginalized in acute efficiency and complete human authority over generative models merged with machines that propel advancement in  society progression. Consistent Innovations in architectures, imminent evolving in  regularizing techniques and strategies in training methods are bound to  shape the future of AI in  generative models. A well compassed integration of generative models with other AI requirements like reinforce learning and transfer learning will surely make heads, resulting in complex and adaptable generative systems. AI generative models by HelloPixels in the UAE are making its presence felt in entertainment industries like design businesses, advertising, production houses and so much more. Our Generative AI models have propelled the creative industry across 7 countries, catapulting it to realms unknown to man in recent times. Automated  content creation is trending and a personalized user experience is a guarantee while engaging in Generative AI models.

Generative AI and HelloPixels, Abu Dhabi

AI generative models by HelloPixels have taken content creation and innovation factors across businesses in the UAE by a storm and the best of advancement ever. Generative AI technology by HelloPixels has enabled our client machinery to create real time images, texts, music, and videos with  VAEs, GANs, auto-regressive models, and flow-based models. The consistent engagement of AI generative models on our client requirements have opened doors to new capabilities in art, design, storytelling, and entertainment. Looking forward to engaging your business with Generative AI in the UAE or the Middle East? Contact us at [email protected] for the best of generative AI technology all set to be integrated with your business equipment and requirements across various industries. We assure you a happy AI experience!