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September 2019 was special for the UAE. It was the first time a UAE national traveled to space. Hazza Al-Mansouri wrote his name in the  history of UAE’s space exploration programme as the first Emirati to have visited space, a very proud moment for all of us in the UAE. In 2023, Dr Al Sultan Al-Neyadi Propelled UAE’s dreams of further advancement in space exploration when he traveled to space as a part of the Expedition 69 (69th long-duration) to the ISS(International space station). Dr Sultan Al-Neyadi became the first ever Arab to perform a spacewalk  in the history of space exploration. Emotional scenes everywhere in the Emirates as Dr Sultan Al-Neyadi returned to the UAE after his space mission and for the first time in the UAE, space exploration took the curve disengaging all taboo about space and research triggering a generation to engage and participate in space exploration to bring the best of knowledge of the great unknown and to uplift the countries laurel by becoming a major player in space expedition and it’s advancement in the modern world.

2023 was not done with its share of space exploration. UAE’s strategic partner and close ally, India launched its own space project by ISRO (Indian space research organization), the Chandrayaan-3 to the south pole of the moon, the first by any country on a lunar exploration project. The UAE president His Highness President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan congratulated the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi on the successful deployment of the rover on the moon. The mission was deemed an accomplishment for the world.

These world feats were achieved with a remarkable technology at work called AI that was put to use to propel space exploration and increase the productivity levels of these voyages to the maximum for humanity and its progression. UAE’s prominent AI specialists and developers, HelloPixels define AI or Artificial Intelligence as the science of developing and using machines that can process a certain level of human intelligence in order to simplify complex assignments across various industries and in the process derive credible data for future references and further innovation along with speedy, accurate, successful and cost efficient completion of required tasks. UAESA( United Arab Emirates Space Agency) has enriched the UAE space exploration with AI inducted across all levels of the organization to keep up with world class space projects propelling space exploration in to new realms, never seen before in the Middle East. Sarah Bint Yousif Al Amiri UAE’s Minister of State for Public Education and Advanced Technology and Chairwoman of the UAE Space Agency and the UAE Council of Scientists swears by the use of AI across space exploration projects and the education sector in UAE. Her clear understanding of how AI can be put to use to the best of human advancement is relevant on her briefings across the country’s development meets her push for AI is slowly gathering ground.

“AI or Artificial Intelligence is the science of developing and using machines that can process a certain level of human intelligence in order to simplify complex assignments across various industries and in the process derive credible data for future references and further innovation along with speedy, accurate, successful and cost efficient completion of required tasks”

Artifical Intelligence Technology in Space Exploration, Dubai

Artificial Intelligence Company in Dubai

AI owing to its adaptability across various industries and the capability to collect, process and furnish massive volumes of real time data, the government of UAE along with UAESA has made it mandatory to go for AI across all levels in space exploration and it’s progression. They just do not want to miss out on anything that can be collected, recorded and put to use in later voyages or projects aiding better and progressive launches in the coming times. The ‘Hope Probe’ Mars project, the first of its kind by a strategic GCC member, the UAE went straight for the neck with this  space project of launching a satellite to the planet mars. Suddenly the World was taking notice of UAE’s space ambitions. Dubai’s major AI developers were inducted in creating AI induced functionalities across space expedition projects to help improvise, make better and wiser decisions in upcoming projects and adapt to changing settings without a friction of delay of any sort. Did you know, Dubai’s prominent AI Technology companies were involved in bringing together space instruments for launch via satellite launchers in Japan, USA and  important satellites like the Nayif-1 deployed in space by the reputed PSLV launch vehicle crafted by  ISRO from India in 2017? The AI technology merged with every part of these satellites enabled better functioning by propelling a complete success in data collection, defect identification, optimization for innovative progression and overall sustenance.  AI has shaped UAE’s space exploration ambitions and prospects significantly.

Satellite Imagery for development

AI induced in high quality imagery collecting devices moled in sensors in satellites by UAE based prominent AI developement digital companies secure the best of imagery in world class capacity to derive credible information without a flaw which in turn can help the government make important decisions for the security and sustenance of the country. AI induced cameras and imagery collection program are set across border observation, weater and climate study, migration of birds and their movement, identifying celestial objects and so much more.

Diminish Approaching Technical Issues

AI technology in space is set to have an overall monitoring behavior around every task assigned in AI. The AI technology merged with different requirements in the space exploration project are equipped to propel the desired task to its best if capabilities and at the same time, it can also look out for issues that may arise which are of a huge importance in an expensive venture like a space expedition. prominent AI technology developers in the UAE, HelloPixels work around sensors immersed in AI that are used in apps on interfaced devices equipped to work in space, that are connected with smart watches with space travel features, the first of its kind in the GCC. AI technology merged with interface devices propel better understanding of the overall functioning of the sensor in use and can be made to warn of any untoward situation for the user if the specific scenario is stored under the list of untoward incidents with the AI technology that was induced with the sensor at its development.

Machine Learning

Experience machine learning with AI technology merged with machinery equipped for space travel that propel space voyage requirements that enable analysis of complex data points, identify patterns undertaken by the developer and the team on the space exploration. AI technology helps make decisions from the deepest of probabilities in case of an urgency providing the best of the available options backing it with enough data helping the decision maker come to the best conclusion avoiding mishaps of any sort. Looking forward to positioning your machinery in its deserved realm of AI technology? Contact the best of AI development and advancement in machine learning in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with HelloPixels at [email protected]

Chatbot development for Space Advancement

A human like interference in day to day activities in machines involved in the space project saves valuable time for machine developers and space voyagers owing to getting replies or understanding of any requirement in the form of human communication rather than having to read and then understand the scenario, an AI induced chatbot is simply the most amazing technology in modern day AI owing to its adaptability and human understanding that is expressed in human terms and conditions in a pattern induced in human behavior. It's a different feeling when you understand that the machinery at work is communicating with you!

AI Space Simulator

Artificial intelligence induced simulators are in a huge demand around the world owing to an arising call for space ambitions globally. HelloPixels have mastered the art of AI in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) fir the first time in flight and space simulation in the UAE. Simulation technology was always a matter of imported technology till 2022, when HelloPixels brought in deep technology induced in AI to enable flight simulation for upcoming pilots in flying schools and other flying requirements immersed in laws and regulations set by the client to provide training. Space simulation is another milestone for Hellopixels, UAE. A whole space travel in an AI induced simulator is now possible for clients on request, all bespoke tailored around client requirements around different space exploration scenarios for real time training and pre-preparation purposes. Online space and flight games themed with VR and AR capabilities now at your AI technology specialist HelloPixels, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

AI technology, now shaping the UAE!

Did you know AI technology would soon be regulated under strict supervision and guidance based on jurisdiction induced laws and ethics per country. That includes the Emirates. UAE has taken AI so seriously that UAE became one of the first few countries in the world to have a Minister of state for artificial intelligence. His excellency Omar Sultan Al Olama was appointed Minister of state for Artificial intelligence in 2017 owing to the vast possibilities AI offers for shaping and developing the UAE. The UAE Council for artificial intelligence and blockchain was established to advise on AI usage in both private and public sectors. UAE has deemed AI capacity to its fullest by 2030. AI developers in the UAE, HelloPixels aims to be a breakthrough player in AI technology by the end of 2025. Looking to merge AI technology capabilities with your machinery and other day to day activities in the Middle East? HelloPixels is your best bet as your next-door AI technology provider. Contact us at [email protected]