Introducing Threads, Meta’s answer to Twitter

Introducing Threads, Meta's answer to Twitter

Threads by Prominent Digital Companies, UAE

Threads have been in the news and making its presence felt in the digital world for quite some time now. The last time I checked, it has 100 plus million users worldwide. That’s the fastest I have seen a social media platform storm the internet, ever! Not bad for a completely new social network. ChatGPT crossed a million users in the fifth day after its launch, but Threads, it’s just something else. Threads by Instagram was exceptional in digital penetration in June 2023. I bet, Meta wasn’t expecting this overwhelming reception but the best part, Meta was ready to serve the wave that took over after the launch of Threads. On July 6th, the Khaleej Times reported the emergence of Threads linked to Instagram by Meta making its debut in Dubai. The editor at Khaleej Times described Threads as a competitor to X owing to its text based conversation format on the social platform. Instagram, a worldwide social network is propelling Threads through its network capabilities to boost usage and create an influence across the Middle East making the UAE its first choice of penetration owing to Dubai and Abu Dhabi as windows of the GCC that opens the Arab World to the rest of the world. The Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, broke through Threads as the most influential personality in Threads, Dubai in the first half of 2023.

Threads by Meta, FEATURES!

AI generated imagery descriptions and a vivid screen reader support, Threads enabled a lengthier post of upto 500 characters as compared to previously called Twitter, now turned X social network that only accommodated 280 characters. In Threads, online users could use images and videos that lasted for upto 5 minutes when compared to X’s two minute policy. The competition is real! Founder Elon Musk has threatened to sue Meta for trying to rake in the social network X, previously called Twitter like characteristics and DNA encompassing a lot of X like behavior for online users with accounts across both the platforms. The latest news confirm, Meta  rolled out the web version of Threads called, very similar to the app version, allowing users to enter via a username and password. One step away from encasing complete app-like features: allow users to post threads, toggle between their feed and news and also capable of interaction between users, very similar to X previously known as Twitter. Brands and Businesses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi went for their promotions on threads making it the new announcement platform. Thanks to Instagram, Threads did not have to start from scratch regarding their customer base, they got a built in audience as a part of their already existing relevance online.

Meta Threads Vs X

What is Threads? Well It’s a conversation based text equipped version of Instagram in which online users can speak out just a little more than X. Communities are enabled to come and discuss topics trending today to subjects that matter tomorrow. An online user at Threads can follow interests, build a loyal following, meet up with creators and people of the same mind and share creativity among masses. Instagram is a world constant these days. The best thing about Threads, the online user can pull in a selected  circle of audience existing on their Instagram account rather than having to start from scratch to start a community to share interests and other creative works. Ever since its launch Threads By Meta have been at loggerheads with the CEO of X, Elon Musk who called out the similarities between X and The newly launched Threads.


  • Threads, Meta's answer to TwitterText posts are limited to  500 characters.
  •  5 minute videos 
  • Imagery and GIFs. Capable 
  • Web links.
  • Each thread can encompass 10 items 
  • Privacy at will.
  • Search accounts by username and names 
  • Instagram shared built in audience 
  • Ad-free until now
  • No charges applied


  • Text posts are limited to 280 characters
  • Payment involved for another 25 k characters in text posts.
  • 140 second Videos
  • Pay for posting upto 2 hours of videos
  • Imagery and  GIFs. Capable 
  • Web links.
  • Polls capable 
  • Each post can encompass upto 4 items 
  • Privacy at Will
  • Hashtag browser 
  • Advanced search Capabilities
  • Analytics Capable
  • Paid Subscription for followers
  • Location tags
  • Ad induced content
  • Paid features

Threads and X positioning UAE

Instagram Threads and X are free to download on iOS and Android. Users can sign up and interact with other users on the same platform completely free of charges. X has a few hidden features that are charged whereas no feature in Threads incur cost of any sort. X has ads which can be reduced with a minimal charge and threads are ad-free till date. Threads are clutter-free and have an amazing ux experience owing to its instant pick up from where users left at Instagram. Threads are looking good for the time being owing to its adaptability to Instagram and other social media platforms integration does not look far away. X takes the cake when it comes to finding out and user engagement of the formal type. It has been in existence for more than a decade than Threads. It’s more of the global news compatible and world trends, a bit more on the usability part than threads. Come, join us at the ‘Threads or X’ webinar at HelloPixels, Dubai all through October this year as we decode Threads and it’s influence in the UAE and the rest of the GCC as compared to X previously known as Twitter.