What is ChatGPT and what are its business prospects in the UAE?

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT Development in the Emirates

ChatGPT in the UAE

2022 had all eyes on one of the greatest innovations of all times. OpenAI created ripples in the digital world when they presented ChatGPT or ‘Generative Pre-trained Transformers’ to the world. ChatGPT, an AI induced chatbot built capable of indulging in any type of conversation whatsoever with a human, searches the internet for the best of information and a weirdly realistic approach with regard to anything thrown at it, is fun, interactive in its core and has powerful AI technology immersed in Chatbot interface’s user experience (UI) to bring out a whole new digital experience for online users. Microsoft invested $10bn in OpenAI after ChatGPT’s deployment last year. Very powerful and complex, yet so simple to use, ChatGPT garnered attention from digital giants across the globe in no time. The UAE had her fair share of ChatGPT indulgence when the TDRA(telecommunications and digital government regulatory authority) of UAE provided information on availability of domain names with ‘.ae’ for online users who provided their business description on the government websites interface in both Arabic and English. Dubai Electricity and Water Authority(DEWA), a government body that propels electricity and water requirements with their  concerns in Dubai, made way for the usage of ChatGPT by online visitors for a quick resolution and understanding regarding the government’s take and initiatives regarding water and electricity, enlisting itself as the first global utility and a UAE government entity to use ChatGPT capabilities for  public works. DEWA using ChatGPT for its customer services clearly shows the extent of how much the UAE government is impressed by ChatGPT capabilities. The latest offering from OpenAI, August of 2023, ChatGPT Enterprise, a complete control over business data for enterprises and businesses encompassed in encrypted interactions and an SOC(system and organization control)  compliant system propelling businesses with ease.

ChatGPT VS ChatGPT Plus in the UAE

ChatGPT or ChatGPT free is a basic version of a bot induced in AI(artificial intelligence) platform by OpenAI across the internet with limited features and does not include a subscription plan for its usage worldwide. 

ChatGPT Plus by OpenAI provides online users with much more benefits and features than the usual version of ‘ChatGPT free’ and comes with a periodical subscription, adequate personalization according to the users interests and the user’s online behavior. ChatGPT Plus is an open gateway for GPT-4 which is a higher version of the usual ChatGPT and the ChatGPT 3.5, understanding the most complex of problems, dialects, emotions and a vast multilingual capability. HelloPixels, a prominent digital marketing company in the UAE is keen on equipping their team with the latest in ChatGPT features for businesses in the Middle East. When I approached experts in global digital trends at HelloPixels about what their take on ChatGPT and the different versions was and  they explained the trending  phenomenon according to purposes served and its major benefactors. The major points they highlighted were:

Real Time Data analytics/ Collection

Both the versions, ChatGPT and ChatGPT Plus collect training data for a better day ahead. It is important that chatbots collect data across different sources to equip themselves for better understanding and give out better results each time. This procedure involves collection of data quantity-wise and quality-wise. ChatGPT Plus does far better when it comes to real time data collection when compared to ChatGPT. ChatGPT Plus has a vast multilingual advantage over ChatGPT. With an understanding of more than 25 major languages worldwide, ChatGPT Plus collects more data across diverse text, websites, documents, ebooks, PDFs in various languages easily and in the process provides more data when required.

Transformer Model/ Architecture

There is a denotable difference in the number of parameters of transformer architecture which is a neural network that propels natural language processing (NLP) between both ChatGPT and ChatGPT Plus. ChatGPT is induced in a 12 layered model and set up in 117 mn parameters whereas ChatGPT Plus is a 24 layered model with upto 1.5 bn parameters enabling ChatGPT Plus to equip and build itself on a massive learning capability of the most complex language patterns with ease using state of the art processing resources to achieve set objectives in the preset time period.

HELLOPIXELS ChatGPT and ChatGPT Plus Comparison Study

Introducing ChatGPT Enterprise, Abu Dhabi and Dubai

ChatGPT in UAEArtificial intelligence experts and Chatbot technology wizards at HelloPixels, Abu Dhabi revealed OpenAI’s latest offering ‘ChatGPT Enterprise’ by chartering webinars across the UAE for startups and mid level entry businesses in the Middle East ever since OpenAI announced its entry in the market in August 2023. These webinars educate entrepreneurs on how ChatGPT can turn a business around in a limited time period. The CEO at HelloPixels, Mr Philip explained the capabilities of ChatGPT Enterprise, starting with its top notch security measures which wasn’t heard of till date in the global digital arena. The privacy and propelled speed when compared to ChatGPT Plus showed a whole new difference in ChatGPT’s DNA. A simple but effective GPT 4 access, perfervid analysis capabilities and bespoke options on-board was what caught his attention. Mr Philip was more than impressed with how ChatGPT Enterprise could play an important role in all business aspects around a venture increasing productivity via propelled and the most effective creativity in its class. Total customization now with ChatGPT Enterprise! OpenAI noticed the drastic use of ChatGPT by businesses for creativity and data collection since day one of its launch in 2023. Almost all major fortune 500 companies merged ChatGPT with their businesses, having OpenAI take notice of this and paving the way to creating ChatGPT Enterprise for amplified communication, speedy coding, quick answers to complex business questions and enriched  creative work to the best of global standards and world class capabilities.

ChatGPT Enterprise advantage, UAE

Personalized ownership and control of business data 

No sharing of data for other business purposes avoiding a conflict of interest where data collected can be used by the competition.

SOC 2 Compliance enables encryption of the highest level at data transit and data rest when stored 

Introducing the admin Console with domain logins per employee in an organization

SSO equipped enabling deep insight on information

Fast and on the Dot

Experience 32k Context enabling processing massive  inputs easily

Experience full throttle advanced data analysis

Bespoke ChatGPT per organization

Build Desired workflows accordingly before business engagement 

Cost-effective and covers a wide range of requirements easily 

Unlimited ChatGPT-4 accessibility

Share Chat templates enabling an array of workflows across the organization.

ChatGPT by HelloPixels, UAE and the Middle East

At HelloPixels, a team of ChatGPT developers are working on setting up desired and the right ChatGTP capabilities for businesses across the UAE and the rest of the GCC. HelloPixels is equipped with setting up custom NLP software, AI induced applications and chatGPT Integration as required by enterprises across the Emirates and the rest of the Arab World. ChatGPT developers at HelloPixels developed intelligent ChatGPT applications with NLP and ML and programming languages like Python, Java and Ruby creating image, audio and code models of OpenAI. ChatGPT experts at HelloPixels have mastered language models like GOT 3.5 turbo, DALL-E, Clip, Jukebox and GPT 3 Code promising a business growth along preset business objectives in a set time period. Experience first in its class ChatGPT capabilities and offerings for start ups and existing incorporations across the Middle East for business set up and development with  free ChatGPT consultations in Abu Dhabi and Dubai as standard, bespoke ChatGPT integrations, ChatGPT scaling and adaptability quotient for various businesses, fine tuning and testing GPT models and early notifications of the best of updates in ChatGPT, ChatGPT services by HelloPixels can turn your business around for the better in a fixed time period and preset parameters.