6 website development trends to look out for 2022 in UAE

Website development brings changes every year, and makes it challenging for businesses to survive in the digital era. Most developers hunt for new development trends. Moreover, businesses need to keep pace with the trends to stay competitive. Robust web products enhance your position in the digital market. It’s critical to identify the effective website development trends that work for your organization. 

While approaching a website development company, they suggest the best trends that change the face of your business. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, a strong web product is essential to retain your position in the market. If you don’t keep up with the current trends, it affects your business and customer experience.

We have accumulated the list of top web development trends in UAE

AMP or accelerated mobile pages

Accelerated mobile page is HTML-based open source framework designed to improve the loading time of your web pages. It’s the most common trend in 2022, since most of the popular websites include AMP technology. The web pages built with AMP load within 2 seconds compared to non-AMP pages that take around 22 seconds loading time. 

The AMP pages are well-optimized with simple and convenient features. Moreover, the web pages are mobile-responsive and interactive. AMP shows that internet is getting more user-centric. Although we use 5G technology or many brands create native applications, AMP plug-ins save expenses on UX design and reach target users. Here, we expect apt and smaller products to compete with prominent leaders. 

Web development firms in Dubai use AMP format to design their mobile and web pages, the technology provides higher user engagement and flexible results

Dark Mode UI in website development

Dim the lights and save your energy! The dark mode has become extensively popular in web development. Most world class brands like Instagram, Whatsapp, Google, Apple, and Facebook have jumped into this mode earlier. The ravishing visual design pattern with dark theme makes it easier for the website users to browse continuously regardless of the size.

As per the studies, more than 80% of the people consider dark theme than light mode. When practicing dark mode it impacts the look and functioning of your web and app designs. Most apps have this feature as easy to toggle, where users can switch between the modes as per the reference.

Why dark mode is the best web development trend in 2022?

  • Reduced blue light and saves your battery life
  • The UI content looks more accessible
  • Reduce eye strain in night light or low light conditions.

Web development companies use motion UI

Motion UI is yet another web development trend that offers rich website with interactive elements. Apart from being a popular trend, it turns out to be a marketing strategy that brings more visitors to your website. Motion UI allows you to develop responsive websites with a front-end framework. It makes an element spin, make any movement or transit.

The creative web design element focus on user experience with limited investment in the appearance. However, there are more chances to get noticed if you have a beautifully designed website or app. The design utilizes digital products more precise and spontaneously. Motion UI includes custom animation integration enabled by standalone libraries with different animated components. The design also includes CSS shifts. While using this technology, development team doesn’t have to invest more in creating digital products instead they save budget for the owners.

Website development firms in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or UAE, use Motion UI as a fantastic trend to grab users’ attention.

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Web development with Artificial intelligence powered chat bots

Artificial intelligence has become a crucial ruling technology in the IT industry. With the help of AI, the system works efficiently and solves problems reducing human errors. As per the reports marketers believe that AI made huge contributions to the sales. While integrating AI powered chatbots in your website, it will be a turning point in user engagement. The AI-powered chatbots solve customer queries and perform the operations faster providing amazing user experience.

Further, use a program and record the frequently asked questions to collect the basic data and ensure seamless digital experience. The bots will become self-learning and respond quickly according to the users’ needs. Round the clock support from bots can replace support managers and save companies budget. Most tech giants are using chatbots and B2C companies are following the same trend. With the help of a website development firm in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, integrate bot into websites, PWA, mobile app, and other projects.

Single Page applications or SPA web development

SPA is a Java script based web app that loads a single web page with dynamic content. As per the studies, SPAs have the capacity to increase your conversion rate up to 35%. The high-speed internet and 5G help you get rid of the server-downloaded pages right from the click of a page. The SPAs create a web application-like experience. The Google pages like Google drive, Gmail, Maps, etc and social networks like Facebook utilize this trend. SPA will continue in the future and functional websites also take up this transition.

SPA is an integral part in website development in 2022. Most developers consider this trend as it operates fast and keep hold of users’ attention than other technologies. Single page applications share more information than regular websites and increase user engagement.

Server less architecture in web development

Serverless architecture evolves as a possibility to avoid loss of data, system overloading, and other costly developments. With support from major vendors, it was built as a part of cloud computing execution model. Serverless architecture indicates that regular servers are replaced by clouds and manage the machine resource consumption. The trend continues because of its minimized development, budget-friendly apps, and internet-sustainable apps.

Serverless architecture is actively incorporated in chatbots, complex backend products, IoT apps, and APIs. The tasks related to this trend include notification delivery, downloading files backup, and object export.

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