How much does it cost to build a website in UAE?

While beginning a new venture in UAE, whether it’s online or offline, you have to think of a strong digital presence. Having this digital presence is a fuel to accelerate your business in the digital world. Corporate or small business, website gives a strong identity to your business and allow people to reach you faster within a span of seconds. Most of the entrepreneurs have this question, what is the cost required to build a website in UAE? It’s difficult to give an accurate answer as the question is not simple enough.

While approaching a web development company, they estimate a website’s price by considering various other significant factors. The factors that affect development cost may include functionalities required, size, design, type of the site and more. So, before approaching a website development firm, you must be clear on the complete requirements to support your business.

As a random estimation,

But, these are not the exact figures. Instead, client has to look upon on several other factors that keep your website attractive and moreover, bring more business!

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Factors that influence the cost of a web Development in UAE

There are several key elements that determine the pricing of your websites. Moreover, in emirates like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it’s essential to update your website with latest technologies and always implement the best strategies to stay ahead of your competitors.

Now, understand the factors that may alter the cost requirements to build a website in UAE,

Technology – to build new website

Web development firms utilize various technologies to build the website. But, most of the companies prefer and PHP. Further, there are several arguments between the best technologies to choose from. When building a website using, there are few attractions,

Size of the website

In spite of the right technology, size is important. The same applies while building a website in Dubai. However, according to the size of website, you can estimate the development time and its cost.

While approaching a website development company, they initially look into the size. If suppose, you have a 200 page website, it will take more time than building a simple five page website. Additionally, while creating large websites developers have to work on link between these pages and it’s a further complication that affects the cost.

Purpose of the web development in UAE and how it works

If it’s a basic corporate site, the site may have only a maximum of 5 to 19 pages. These websites work as an online brochure that represents the company in this digital world. Moreover, it may include the details like company profile, staff members, services or products, and finally, the company’s contact details. However, while implementing too much functionality in simple websites, it can confuse your users. On the contrary, users back out your site and go for the next option.

Web development firms also estimate the cost based on its complications. For example – image or text based websites are built faster while comparing websites that are hand-drawn or designed.

Again, understand the purpose of your website. If it’s a simple online presence then go with simple development. On the other hand, if the website is more realistic with a creative approach, then showcase your creativity with attractive features.

Further, make sure your website design allows users to make necessary transactions. It may include certain activities like options to contact, quick service, purchasing a product, subscribing, etc.

Latest functionalities in the website

Incorporating functionalities may affect the website price. More complex functionalities, the website turns out to be more expensive.

For example, if you’re planning for an ecommerce website development. Then, it’s essential to include different product categories, brands, and lot of other features. So, the companies will have to work more and spend more time in the development process. Again, ecommerce sites also have a payment gateway integration to keep the transactions secure. This simply affects the cost of your website.

Incorporating any new functionalities or third party integration will often increase the cost requirements. But, these integrations are essential to automate your business and reduce manual work.

Content management system in the website

CMS or content management system is one of the overlooked and crucial parts of your website development.  Using this CMS system, allows users to edit or update the information on website once it’s launched.

Choosing a CMS is a significant factor in deciding the cost of website development in UAE. Moreover, marketing or administrative staff update the website and want it to be simple. So, according to these additional features development cost may vary.

Website development cost in Dubai for various sectors

In this case, the companies are often newly established or in the planning stage to start their business. Here, websites can be around 5 to 10 pages and they utilize simple terms of functionalities and additional features.

For this basic corporate website the price ranges from AED15, 000 to 30,000 and 2 to 3 weeks estimation for project completion.

In this case, the website will have to include some additional features to grow up their reputation. Here, websites can be around 10 to 30 pages and the price range starts from AED 30,000 to 50,000. Such websites require longer completion period and delivery ma take 4 to 6 weeks.

As you know, while going on a larger scale the company requires more interactive and complicated development. Therefore, the pricing range may start from AED 60,000 and more according to the functionalities and interactivity.

How to choose a cost-friendly web development firm?

Building a website in UAE is not an easy task, because we have a plenty of options to choose from.

Initially, research on the company profile and experience in the relevant field, understand whether they have worked in a similar model. This gives you a complete idea on the cost requirements and how easy it will be to accomplish the project tasks.

Make sure the web development company understand your ideas and probably, fit into as a potential partner in building up the business. Check out the budgeting formula, how it works or how they calculate the final amount.Communication is the key factor to decide your web development firm in UAE.

These are just estimations and so, the costs vary depending on the website requirements. Therefore, talk to an expert web development company and analyze the real cost evaluation for your website.