Tips to improve UX in ecommerce website development, UAE

Imagine you’re the one among thousand online stores, how to differentiate your products from others. It’s not easy to attract customers in this competitive online market. Consumers have too many options in the choosing the online stores. The competition is getting increased day by day and it’s difficult to make enough sales. Here, ecommerce website development companies can support your online business providing a pleasant shopping experience. Moreover, in Emirates like Dubai and Abu Dhabi ecommerce stores are extremely competitive. Most businesses are fighting for the same online recognition. It’s time to grab your consumers and motivate them to come back to your store. Ecommerce website development consultants make your online store splendid with better user experience and stay ahead of the competition.

Ecommerce user experience requires more than a pretty design. Apart from the design, we need multiple components that work in harmony with navigation and complete other goals most efficiently. From designing the ecommerce website to adding product details, every element should be optimized focusing on user expectations.

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Why UX is important?

Ecommerce user experience incorporates all the aspects of end-users interaction with the online store. If you don’t have a great user experience, it’s time to lose your potential customers. With increased traffic from mobile devices, it’s important to optimize your ecommerce store to the mobile devices or any screen.

Also, having a good ecommerce website design will increase your orders allowing consumers to find the product at ease. Pleasant shopping experience will encourage your visitors to stay longer on your site and increase the chance of purchasing more items.

How to improve the user experience of your ecommerce websites in UAE?

Easy to navigate ecommerce websites

Users feel difficult to navigate around complex website designs. If the store remains difficult, people move on to the next store and you will lose your clients. Therefore, while designing a layout make sure to avoid unnecessary clicks. Imagine if you walk through a retail store and find home décor mixed with kitchen accessories. It looks awkward right?

Having a poor navigation recreate the same feeling among your ecommerce visitors,
So, what makes a good navigation? It depends on the way customers shop on your store. It includes perfect product classification, categorize the products and highlight it on your main menu. Also, use filters to support consumers to find their products. Further, include automatic scrolling and pay attention to search technology. If client is not sure about the products, then provide them related product options or suggestions. These are the common factors that enhance the user experience. Make it easy for you clients to explore and increase sales.

Increase the loading time of your ecommerce website

If your website fails to load quickly, then it affects your online store. Since people don’t have long attention span, it’s important to capture their attention in very short time. Too much loading time will leave your visitors to the next store. Online users often prefer shopping sites with quick loading time and smooth navigation.

Ecommerce website development firms help you achieve fast loading sites providing smooth shopping experience.

Analyze the customer feedback of your ecommerce store

Even if you’re following the world’s best practices, there’s a space for improvement. While running your online business, it’s essential to find out the areas of improvement and make necessary changes. In most cases, customers share their reviews and suggest improvements saving the time of business owners.

How to collect your customer feedback? You can opt for automatic feedback request; share it as a mail after their first purchase. Such feedbacks allow you to scale the process. On the other hand, it will be time-consuming if you share a manual mail. In addition, you can provide a discount or incentive to encourage customers who share their feedback. There are many apps to smooth out this feedback process and track comments. If you get any bad feedback, follow up with the customers and solve their issues.

Use simple checkout process in the ecommerce website development

According to reports, shoppers abandon the checkout process if it’s lengthy. While implementing a complex checkout process, your customers are unlikely to return. To improve the user experience, ecommerce website development consultants make checkout simple.

If you include too many advertisements or product options, it may divert your client. Good user experience indicates that after choosing the product, client has a clear path to complete the transaction.

While approaching ecommerce website development companies, they simplify the checkout process with limited steps. They include different payment preferences. They avoid asking repetitive information and make it simple. Especially, in Emirates like Dubai and Abu Dhabi people are super busy with their routine, here simple checkout drives more customers to your online store.

Have a Wishlist option

Adding to the cart may be a big commitment for certain users. They like a product but browse for more similar items to make the final purchase. On the other hand, if they just want to save the products for another time. Whatever may be the reason, giving options to save products before purchase involve users in comfortable purchase. Here, they don’t want to make an immediate decision.

Again, if you’re not adding a wishlist option, users find it difficult to remember products they like and hard to find it later. This turns to be a bad customer experience. Further ‘save to wishlist’ allows businesses to collect their information. Moreover, you can share personalized mails as reminders to finish their purchase.

While working with ecommerce website development agency, they focus on developing a wishlist and allow users to save as many items.

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