Planning to start your own e-commerce business in UAE? Here is how we can help you?

Ecommerce is continuously growing these days. Knowing or unknowingly, it has become a part of our daily life. Owing to the increase of online shoppers, ecommerce websites continues to create more entrepreneurs online. Today, more and more countries acknowledge the fact that they can purchase anything around the globe with secure payment and data security. Moreover, during the Corona virus pandemic outbreak, we could see a huge rise in the number of online shoppers throughout the world.

Ecommerce stores are growing at a faster rate in the UAE and its emirates. Dubai, the most populous city in UAE offers a good marketplace to start your online store. With its strategic location and strong economy, the country provides a welcoming business environment with ample opportunities.

How to start your ecommerce website in Dubai, UAE?

Dubai is a huge ecommerce hub with the rise of online markets and social media growth. The outstanding government services have motivated several people to invest in Dubai. With UAE being a technically advanced country, setting up an ecommerce company is a brilliant idea.

Ecommerce development firms simplify the whole process by guiding you throughout the online store setup.

Initial research

Whatever may be your business, you need an initial research to get started. Since, ecommerce works at an escalating speed in Dubai, the competition is incomparable. Therefore, you have to choose a niche and channelize your services. Ecommerce development companies in Dubai can help you in this process by investing quality research time and choosing the perfect ecommerce business. The company decides it based on the audience survey, current business interests and market needs.

License process

Getting a license for your ecommerce company is quite easy. When it comes to ecommerce development firms, they connect you with potential business setup consultants in Dubai. Ultimately, they simplify the overall ecommerce business setup process and obtain the license to start your business. Here, the business owners should select whether its free zone or non-free zone.

Free zone is a special economic zone providing concessions in tax and custom duties for emigrant investors. Additionally, free zones provide complete ownership, 0% income tax, complete repatriation, and more benefits. In case of a non-free zone, you will need a local partner who holds 51% share of the company. Dubai has a lot of freezones to setup your ecommerce store. The licensing procedure is done by the respected free zone authority. Alternatively, if you wish to operate in a non-free zone, then you have to get license from the DED or Department of economic development.

Ecommerce website development

While starting an ecommerce business, having an attractive website is the most crucial factor to develop your business. Website is a core identity establishing your authenticity and credibility in the country. Right from deciding the domain name to launching the final online store, ecommerce development companies guide you through out the process.

Initially, you need a domain name to identify your business. With this URL, users locate your business online. The firms make sure that you have a unique domain name and register it too. Furthermore, make your brand name or URL easy to remember attracting potential customers.

Ecommerce Website design and Development

After choosing a domain name, you have to choose the design features and development platform. Here, you can consult an ecommerce development company to develop your storefront. Ecommerce website is the space where your customers interact with your brand and indulge in shopping. So, you need a user-friendly ecommerce store with proper design and development customization. Moreover, they make the website or app compatible with the audience meant for it. Similarly, ecommerce is all about product image and content. So, use effective content optimization like navigation links, headings, title pages, website content, and more. Also, display the prices in your official language. Furthermore, the firms can fine-tune customization according to the business requirements.

Payment gateway integrations

After ecommerce website development, you need secure payment gateway integration. They integrate a highly-secure payment gateway for secure transactions. We research and find the most apt payment gateway with high success rate and stability. The more stable your payment gateway; you get more online traffic transactions. Additionally, using multiple payment gateway increase the chance of more shoppers on your website.

Choose your logistics services

The ecommerce business requires logistics services that include import, export, customer support, and delivery services. You need a strategic approach to logistics otherwise your business may remain stagnant at a particular point. In Dubai, you can choose your own services or hire any third-party for the same. Based on your financial status, you can choose either self-hosting or third-party logistics services for your ecommerce company.

Choose the warehousing space

Ecommerce businesses need some extra stock to avoid uninterrupted delivery of goods. Here, you can consider a warehouse to store products and ensure smooth management of the supply chain. Unlike logistics services, you can setup your own warehouse or consider any third-party services.

Popular ecommerce business opportunities in Dubai

Find some ecommerce business ideas for your reference,

• Online shops
• Online tutoring
• Influencer marketing
• Digital marketing
• Web development
• Jewelry
• Clothing

Apart from the above, you can develop your own creative ecommerce business solutions in Dubai, UAE.

Work with the best ecommerce website development company in Dubai, UAE

Today, web development companies play a significant role in any business. It’s a fact that success of a brand depends on the expertise of website developers. Since more and more people turn into online shopping, more ecommerce companies evolve in Dubai and UAE. Here, you need help from the best ecommerce development company to fetch maximum sales and profit.

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