How doing PPC impacts SEO?

PPC or pay per click is one of the most effective advertising platforms to establish your online presence. Launching a strategic PPC campaign reach more qualified leads and revenue in a very short time.

But how do PPC services impact SEO? Especially, In emirates like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, having a strong online presence is essential to stay ahead your competitors.

As a business owner, make sure that every digital marketing campaign work together to benefit your business. Before investing in paid advertising, analyze whether it will improve your site’s ranking. How searchers will find your company? Will they reach your website? Should you focus on PPC, SEO, or both the strategies? Find out the answers below.

How PPC services affect SEO in Dubai?

When you ask this question, you don’t get a direct answer like yes or no, instead the fact is PPC doesn’t directly impact SEO but indirectly impacts SEO. We have indirect occurrences as a result of using SEO and PPC initiatives. To maximize the results with your marketing plan, it’s best to use two strategies in conjunction with each other.

So, understand some ways how PPC impact your organic search results.

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PPC Ads improve ranking on SERP pages

When you run a PPC ad, it appears on the top of the search results. Here, people initially view your PPC ads when they conduct the search.

PPC agencies in Dubai consider combining both SEO and PPC ads to occupy more authority in the search engine result pages. If people don’t wish to read your ads, they obviously move on to organic search results. Here, they look for your business in the listings. It creates a double exposure for your business.

When someone is exposed to your organic listing and paid listing, it maximizes the chance that people will pick any one of your listing and visit your website for more details. PPC consultants use double exposure as a strategy to attract potential clients. When your business appears multiple times in the search results, clients assume that you provide reputable services or products.

Therefore, PPC ads have an indirect impact on SEO building more traffic to your site. Here, you can consider one of the best PPC firms in Dubai, UAE to implement thoughtful strategies and drive more people to your business.

Explore more SEO keywords with high rank value

Identifying the right keywords is essential to appear in relevant search results. Keyword targeting is a critical part of PPC and SEO strategies. To succeed in online business, you must target the right keywords.

Since, SEO is a slow process; it takes time to show the results. Moreover, you may not understand the effectiveness of your targeted keywords.

On the other hand, PPC services ensure quick results. So, you can identify the keywords that drive traffic and understand whether it’s effective or not. Additionally, PPC companies use this data to optimize SEO targeting to drive better results.

Gathering this PPC keyword data helps you understand your customers’ behaviors and the keywords they use. Instead of waiting for SEO results, agencies use PPC data to make necessary changes to your campaigns.

Create brand awareness with organic listings

PPC ads act as a medium to reach your website. When someone click on your ads, they’re redirected to the landing page and users learn about your business. In rare cases, users may leave without learning much on the website. It looks discouraging but people get awareness of your business with the help of these ads.

Later, if they search for any similar products or services, they remember your business and they’re more likely to reach you. PPC agencies in Dubai use ads to engage users and allow them to click on your organic content in the future. Furthermore, it increases the traffic and conversions.

So, PPC ads impact the organic search traffic in a positive way by building brand awareness.

PPC impacts local SEO

While running a business, attracting local customers need some effective marketing plan. Most of them conduct local searches to find their nearby requirements. Here, by using ads it’s easy to increase the local leads on your website.

For example – If a local client search for your product, they will see your PPC ad. Obviously, they move to your website. Additionally, most people use mobile devices for browsing, so PPC companies plan PPC Ads for mobile devices followed by Google business listings.

As mentioned before, PPC ads draw attention and impact your local SEO optimization. The Ads and SEO combined together creates a triple exposure where people keep seeing your business and ultimately, they reach your website. So, the PPC ads are capable enough to drive more people and boost your organic ranking.

Make PPC services and SEO for better conversions in Dubai, UAE

Since PPC and SEO have some common elements, combining both the strategies benefit your business. Start by analyzing the campaign data and implement new strategies to increase the conversion rates.

To achieve a streamlined workflow consider one of the best PPC firms in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. They guide you right from the idea conception to ad posting and further analysis.

How PPC agencies use ads to optimize SEO?

While PPC services don’t directly impact the SEO, they indirectly help you improve the SEO campaigns. At HelloPixels, we have years of experience in developing both SEO and PPC campaigns that create a cohesive marketing plan to grow your business. With deep knowledge and expertise, we curate unique campaigns.

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