Tricks to Double your Ecommerce Website Conversion Rates

Ecommerce website can earn you hundreds or thousands of dollars per year. Whether you’re starting a new ecommerce shop or you have been in business for a decade, there are ways to make money. Boosting conversion rate is the best option to generate more revenue. UAE is an energetic place for ecommerce trade. So, it’s essential to optimize your ecommerce website to achieve more conversions and sales.

When you drive people to online store through various strategies, every visitor who leaves your site without purchasing is a missed opportunity. Ecommerce conversion rate is recorded when people take some desired action on your site. Typically, it can be a sale. Additionally, it can be adding an item to the wish list, shopping cart or signing up for the newsletter.

In this case, ecommerce development companies should learn about the visitor experience and behavior to curate the online shop. There are certain tips to improve the ecommerce conversion rate in emirates like Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Top tricks to boost your ecommerce website conversion rate

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Boost page loading speed

As per the research, 24% of visitors spend less than 1 minute on the ecommerce websites in UAE. So, it’s significant to keep your website quick and easy to reach. Initially, take a page load test to identify how fast your website loads online. Use Google page speed insights to find out your loading time.

If you’re website is too low, then visitors bounce at different stages of the buying process. Shaving seconds off in your loading time can significantly boost your conversion rate.

So, ecommerce development companies should come up with ways to make your site faster. They can switch to a new hosting plan or update it to accommodate more traffic. Use an image compressor to remove unnecessary large files to improve page speed.

Reach mobile devices

More than 80% of population shop through mobile devices in emirates like Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Since years, mobile commerce is on rise among UAE people.

Mobile friendly ecommerce sites have around 67% greater chance of conversion. But, website that are not mobile-friendly have a reduced chance of conversion. Obviously, they move on to competitor site.

So, mobile optimization is essential in ecommerce website development. As per studies, mobile users spend twice the amount of money compared to other platforms. Therefore, it will improve your average order value.

Simple ecommerce website design converts more

Simple designs stay more attractive than clumsy information. Ecommerce development companies should take advantage of whitespace and eliminate clutter from their websites.

Therefore, optimize your site structure carefully by using visuals sparingly on your homepage. Always, ensure quick and easy navigation for your clients. If your ecommerce website has too many flashing lights or notification bells, then visitors get distracted easily.

By simplifying the design, bring more focus on to the products and convince them to buy it.

Improve your content or copy

According to recent study in UAE, online marketers consider copy as the significant element to create impact on conversions.

When people are shopping online, they don’t have the same luxury when buying-in person. So, it’s essential to tell a compelling story. Ecommerce website written text should be captivating enough to represent the brand or product. Don’t rush through the content, instead take time and make each word meaningful.

Drive ecommerce conversions with meaningful content copy!

High-quality visuals

As you know, written text alone won’t be enough to drive in sales. Instead, you need high-quality videos and images. Ecommerce websites should give your buyers clear visuals and information about the product. Also, emulate the experience while handling the product.

Take pictures from every single angle and add zoom in on details too. Image quality is essential to attract your visitors!

Ecommerce development companies should use videos and images to demonstrate the product.

Simplify checkout process

According to research in UAE, more than 20% of the shoppers abandon the shopping carts because of complicated checkout process.

Ecommerce website development is a challenge these days. So, while developing, think for a second to work on convenient checkout process. Each extra step at checkout reduce the chances of driving conversions.

Always compress the checkout into a single page and screen, collect only the necessary information and keep it short.

Target abandoned shopping carts

Even if we simplify the checkout process, card abandonment is inevitable. But, never give up on those customers.

In such case, have a strong marketing team to work on such abandoned carts. It’s easy to convert people who are familiar with the brand and product than selling to a stranger. It’s simple, send follow-up mails to target the abandoned carts. Such email campaigns account for about 10% of the total conversion.

Free shipping and fast delivery

More than 90% of the UAE shoppers prefer free shipping and order more products. If you’re not providing free shipping, more than 50% of the shoppers are likely to cancel the product.

Apart from free shipping, fast delivery is also quiet attractive. Most of the shoppers prefer fast shipping. Although it’s expensive, fast delivery drives in more conversions.

User-friendly return policy

Ecommerce development companies should focus on creating a user-friendly return policy. As per the studies in UAE, more than 10% of the shoppers abandon carts because of unsatisfactory return policy.

Unfortunately, returns are inevitable in ecommerce business. Instead of avoiding them completely, turn those returns into a positive experience. 95% of consumers would buy back from the ecommerce websites, if they had easy return policy.

Add live chat support

Ensure excellent customer service to increase the chance of buying something. While utilizing live chat, it’s a quick support choice for people who come online.

If someone has a question, the answers get cleared quickly when speaking to a live chat agent.

Users who use ecommerce websites live chat are more likely to buy the products.

Find the best ecommerce website to boost conversions

Finally, to wrap up, every ecommerce website development is unique with different set of customers.

Apart from the above tricks, go through extensive research and find out options to double your conversion rates in UAE. By doing so, most of you will be able to improve conversions even more.

Further, work on data-driven insights, bounce rate, user-behavior, and other metrics seen across ecommerce websites in UAE.

So, sky is the limit, continue to implement more conversion strategies!