The backbone of Digital Marketing in UAE

Importance of Digital Marketing in Dubai

The intention of any business is to gather as many clients and customers as possible through the available open doors. Marketing upholds as the key to attract customers and clients and thereby to generate leads. In the forthcoming years, there are high possibilities to follow traditional means of advertising in UAE business. This may include the display of advertisements on You Tube, Television or billboards. However, most of the businesses having a very good insights will start relying exclusively on digital marketing. For a business venture, the most effective way to attract, delight and make customers engage online is the digital marketing. Even though, we have arrived into the digital era decisively in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced all of us to be totally digital in every field of life so quickly. Thus, this has become the reason for the changeover of business in Dubai to the digital world.

Digital Marketing Trend in Abu Dhabi

These rapid changes have made them understand that going digital is cost effective as well as productive. The significance of digital marketing companies in Abu Dhabi is the fact that it offers numerous advanced and result oriented solutions. So, in the coming years also, the businesses will make the most out of this ongoing trend. Digital marketing in UAE moves up with the young generation who become the majority of the business’ customer/client base. So, let us see how the digital marketing trend in Dubai can help to develop the businesses in the forthcoming years.

Every day, the number of people who prefer to be online is still growing at an extremely rapid rate, because it is so easy for the people to access the internet. This trend also points out that the current offline marketing in Abu Dhabi is not as successful as it was during the past. Marketing always turns around for contacting with the viewers at the right place and at the right time. Today, in this digital era, the perfect place to contact them is the internet where they usually spend most of their precious hours engaging.

Role of internet in UAE digital Marketing

All the marketing efforts in the UAE Digital Marketing rely on the usage of internet. Most of the businesses influence digital channels like company website, search engines, email and social media to get in touch with existing and probable customers. Digital marketing always arranges the environment to contact with the audience. Nevertheless, the digital platforms provide limitless suitable occasions for businesses in Dubai. At the same time, it is equally capable to harm the reputation of a brand if not dealt properly. With a dependable website and appropriate social media channels, you can establish a reliable trust in the overall market.

Here are some digital strategies which act as the backbone of nowadays digital marketing in Abu Dhabi.

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SEO – Dubai Search Engine Optimization

This is the process of optimizing your website which helps to rank the site at the top of search engine results. Search Engine Optimization helps to increase the traffic to your website or blog. Some of the channels you can subject to search engine optimization are – E-commerce Store/Websites, Blogs, Online Brochures, Infographics etc.

UAE Content Marketing

For today’s businessmen in UAE, content marketing is a reality and necessity. SEO optimized content assets are using to generate traffic growth, brand awareness, lead generation and customer prospects. Content marketing can work for improving conversion rates also. Here, the outcome is 6 times higher when compared to non-digital users.

Content Marketing is an SEO related marketing technique for creating and allocating relevant quality content. Consistent and valuable SEO optimized content can attain and manage a defined Dubai audience with the objective of driving sales. Sharing of Content by businesses are meant to establish trust and credibility while firming up brand recognition. To bring forth SEO content marketing strategy for your business, it is better to do the following processes.

1.Understand your audience: Don’t waste your time producing SEO content that is irrelevant and uninteresting to your target audience in Abu Dhabi. Conduct in-depth research on your locality to make sure that you understand their needs, interests, buying habits etc.

2.Make your content easy to find: Whether your intention is to attract new customers, improve sales or increase brand awareness, then the best method to accomplish this is by providing content to your UAE audience in such a way to use the same for improving their lives.

3.Promote your content: If you have a large list of email following readers, then there is no need to worry about the success of your marketing efforts.

Email Marketing in Abu Dhabi

Businessmen use email marketing as a means to interconnect with their audience. In general, Email is mainly using to direct people toward your website and promote contents as well as discounts.

Email marketing in Dubai is relatively inexpensive, easy, and quick to get started. When it is done properly, it is capable to produce quite a bit of profit.

You may build a list of clients, prospects, customers and subscribers who want to hear from you. You can then carry out marketing regularly by sending emails to maintain a priority and produce more sales. The types of emails that you can send in an email marketing are Customer welcome emails, Then Follow-up emails to website users, and also to Blog subscription newsletters.

Social media marketing in Dubai

By this marketing method, you can promote your content and brand on social media channels. In certain other cases, social media marketing in Abu Dhabi is using to improve traffic, brand awareness, and generate leads for your ongoing business. Effectively, almost everyone using the internet is a member of at least one of the available social media sites. This is the reason why the social media becomes one of the best digital platforms which helps to carry out fast and cheap marketing in UAE.

Social media has the capacity to reach all account holders irrespective of ages and communicate in a cost-effective manner. Above all, social media users are very active and engaging. Apart from marketing purposes, social media is a reliable platform for various types of customer services. Moreover, in addition to finding new audiences for companies in Dubai, social media can re-engage customers of earlier times also.

The reputation of digital marketing among businesses become evident, because the executives of digital marketing can figure out the newest social media trends and know the ways to apply them properly. Social media in Abu Dhabi arranges a platform to exhibit a lot of business information like videos, podcast marketing, pictures, text etc. If you are a fresher to social media, it is essential for you to participate in an online course regarding this. The common channels which you can use for social media marketing purposes in UAE are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat etc.

UAE Al Chatbot

Chatbot marketing is gaining lots of popularity speedily, even though the same may feel new to almost everybody. This platform can support your business by enlightening your marketing, customer service, and customer experience. Al Chatbot is really altering the manner how businesses people interact with their clients and customers in Dubai. As per the recent study, 15% of defendants revealed that they have used a Chabot to cooperate with the businessmen during the past 1 year. Below are the methods that reveal how chatbots are considered as a digital marketing strategy.

Generate Leads: You can use a Chatbot to know where the customer is in the sales funnel. Bots may ask questions. Clients can answer such questions and the answer will pass to a sales rep in Abu Dhabi whenever suitable.

Intermingle with website viewers: Bots are the comfortable way to chat with customers. Customers can answer questions and then pass the same to a concerned person for getting additional information.

Personalization of experience: With Bots, it is possible to take information from customers, and personalize for a better user experience.

Video Marketing in Dubai

Another most powerful digital platform is Video Marketing. Here, channels promote and market your business requirements by means of online video. Since video content are always in an easily understandable set-up, it is highly widespread in these days. Here, video helps the taking over from Social Networks to YouTube. As per a recent survey, the people of the world reportedly watch 1 billion hours of YouTube social video in a day.  Below reasons show why videos are including into your digital marketing campaigns in Dubai.

Videos are very much informative: According to marketers, videos educate customers to understand products.

2021 SEO report: 80% of the over-all traffic was by displaying videos.

Helps to remain as competitive: Nowadays, 80% of business ventures rely on videos for marketing.

Enhance Conversion: According to majority of consumers a video assists to make a purchase decision.

A business owner can apply a series of SEO Optimized blog posts having content in the precise position. He can then promote the blogs, products or services over social media, and release email campaigns to its customers in Abu Dhabi. Before you start to incorporate these marketing strategies into your business field, confirm that you have definite aim and solid plans. These procedures can surely support you to understand your business intentions, and help you prosper in the digital marketing field.