Technical aspects behind the mobile app development in UAE

For an online business, mobile app development is an inevitable factor nowadays. Mobile apps can transform the performance of business and support to find out a more reliable and result oriented business plan in Dubai. Such apps enable customers to collect business details swiftly as well as simultaneously. They also support customers to stay connected and help to hear updated information regarding their preferred brands and offers. Apps development in Abu Dhabi are very significant for expanding the business reachability while ensuring related and immense exposure to the concerned brand.

UAE Mobile app development stack

The mobile stack or mobile development stack is a blend of software platforms, programming languages, tools, frameworks, UX/UI, and other technologies needed to manufacture a functional mobile app in Dubai.

The mobile stack is subdivisions

Your technology related choices for mobile stack relies on the platform where the app is mainly focusing. 

UAE Android Technology Stack

If you are thinking to build a mobile app for Android, you can utilize principal app technology.

Programming Languages in Dubai

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Dubai Android mobile App Development Tools

Android Studio is the official development platform for the Android app from Google. This is is constructing on the basis of JetBrains technology. It ensures developers a natural suitable interface for building Android apps in Abu Dhabi. 

Technology Stack for IOS Apps in Dubai

If you want to build an app for iOS, here is the list of required mobile stacks.

Programming Languages in Abu Dhabi

It is also easier for developers to become proficient in Swift as it is very simple to learn and practice.

IOS Mobile app Development Tools in Abu Dhabi

XCode is the official app development tool from Apple. It is your option to choose the platform between swift and objective-C. It has necessary options including visual interface builder to manufacture native iOS mobile app in UAE. 

AppCode is an open-source alternative to XCode designed by a 3rd party. Even though AppCode enables the development of iOS mobile app, it really lacks the characteristics of XCode. To some range, it is still reliant on the AppCode in Dubai.

UI Frameworks Abu Dhabi

UIKit is the elementary outline for building graphical mechanisms in the iOS app. It consists of templates essential for the UI elements which make the building blocks for the app. 

Swift UI is a fresher framework which follows a more efficient approach for designing UI elements in iOS apps. However, in UAE, it only works for IOS13 and versions above it.

Cross-Platform Technology Stack in Abu Dhabi

If you are creating an app applicable for both iOS and Android, this mobile stack will safeguard you from having dissimilar codebases.

Programming Tools in UAE

Cross-platform apps are well-known as it minimizes the time for marketing, and simultaneously maintains the developmental cost low. However, by cross-platform development, some device-specific characteristics are not accessible.

Backend Technology Stack Abu Dhabi

The back end of the mobile, performs data management, business logic, authentications and certain functions significant to the app. This procedure requires a diverse technology arrangement. Backend technology stack comprises of the choice of programming languages, database, frameworks and also the choice of hosting provider.

Way To Choose the Mobile app Development Technology Stack in UAE

There is no probability to recommend a preface set of app technology for all projects. Every app is exclusive in its functioning and has its own specific requirements. Instead of simply copying down the tech stack related to other apps in Dubai, you can begin by asking some important questions. Suppose, if you are relying on only SwiftUI, you will be experiencing the limitations to iOS13 and later versions. In such a situation, there won’t be any option to target other older versions of iOS. 

Your option for tech stack may reproduce the expertise of your team. So, it would be worthless to consider tools that your team is not capable to deal with. Queries regarding the limitlessness of the ecosystem of the tools, and also its integration with other 3rd party tools must also consider with great importance. Preferably, you can choose a flexible tech stack in Abu Dhabi that has no limitation to work with a slim range of segments. 

Factors to consider while picking a mobile tech stack in UAE

Aim of choosing a Mobile App

The thing you are trying to realize with the app will determine the choice of technologies. If you are trying to reach both iOS and Android users in the shortest time, performance is not critical. So, you can go for cross-platform tech stacks. 


While choosing a tech stack in Dubai, you generally consider only the primary features in the early stage. But later, when the app grows, it is essential for you to think about its improvements. This means that choosing a tech stack cannot be restrictive, if it is the time for its development.

When both traffic and users increase, you can concentrate on technologies that assist a steady system of architecture. Your choice of database, hosting provider, server and even programming languages can mean striking a holdup or unified action when you develop the app.


Security is very important irrespective of which platform you are choosing to build the app on. There are some nasty attackers who can use some kind of least weaknesses on your app in Abu Dhabi. 

So, the technology behind every popular mobile app is with the essential security systems. A suitable security is the cleaner transparent framework. It is also a moral practice to choose a toolkit that doesn’t require prolonged writing codes.


Complexity is different as far as developers are concerned. An app in UAE is featuring with so many UI elements, which are not at all complex. Instead, complexity is the way that app cooperates with the primary mobile features, and also the interaction with the backend.

Suppose, you need an app that requires data caching or receives data from the sensors of the phone and camera. Native app technology in Dubai permits to avail features specific to the device. This is not possible if you are creating the app in a cross-platform environment.

The mobile development stack is the cause behind the success or failure of an app. So, never decide to choose the same casually. You may utilize some time to consider the various factors involved. Thus, you can avoid the chance of picking the wrong one to a great extent.