How to build a long-term, Search Engine Marketing Strategy?

In this digital era, the ways to present your product or service has seen a drastic change. To keep up with the modernized marketing strategy, understand how to build a long-term search engine marketing strategy. SEM services implement the best marketing strategies to promote your business online. Search engine positioning includes SEO and SEM to gain more visibility and attract website traffic.

What is the term Search engine marketing strategy in Dubai?

SEM is a paid advertising method to market your website on the SERP pages. In turn, it increases your overall traffic and visibility in a well-targeted manner. Basically, SEM companies in Dubai accomplish your business goals and expose your services to global audience.

As you know, every brand needs a space on search engine results with cost-effective promotions. Google Ads is a popular marketing method to drive more sales. At times, SEM consultants use Bing Ads for specific businesses.

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What are the key elements of SEM services in Dubai, UAE?

While considering it as a broad concept, SEM marketing is divided into SEO and SEM.

When you opt for organic positioning in search engines, SEO is the best option to reach your customers. Moreover, it has a series of techniques, tools, and strategies that drive your website to the top position without paying for the advertisements.

We distinguish SEO into two aspects,

  • SEO optimize your website right from the content to image, code and more
  • SEO services increase the relevance of your page by achieving relevant inbound links from other websites.

SEM services place paid ads on Google and other search engines. The ads appear on the top of SERP results. Here, the advertiser is charged every time when the user clicks on the ad. The cost spent is mentioned as PPC or pay per click.

SEM agencies focus on the above listed two aspects for better positioning in the search engines. However, they have some peculiar differences

  • SEM demands an investment. Here, advertiser pays every time when a user clicks on the ad. Therefore, it requires continuous payment. But SEO requires your time and resources instead of payment.
  • Both the services occupy different positions in the search engine. SEM advertisements are listed on the top of SERP page. On the other hand, organic results occupy the center area of the search page.
  • SEM and SEO correspond to different parts of conversion. Generally, SEO seeks informative content and capture users in the early stage. Whereas, SEM ensure immediate conversion, since it’s displayed before target audience.

How to build a long-term strategy with SEM firms in Dubai?

Most SEM agencies in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, combine SEO and SEM to get the best out of digital marketing,

How to develop a combined strategy?

Keyword research

Keywords are the most crucial part in developing your SEM strategy. Our SEM consultants study the following aspects,

Analyze the current situation and position your site among the competition. We look for the perfect words that allow people to reach your brand.

We focus on the buyer persona, analyze their needs and resolve it through online searches.
Search generic keywords and create the most apt words. Use tools such as SEMrush, Ubersuggest, Moz, Google Keyword planner, etc for keyword search.

Long tail keywords are trending these days. So, SEM firms continue to use keyword tools to find long-tail keywords for your brand.

Now, organize and classify the keywords. Finally, analyze the selected list of keywords and implement the relevant ones based on the number of searches and competition.

Start your SEM campaign

If you don’t have prior experience in setting ad campaigns, approach SEM agencies for setting up ads.

With the potential to generate immediate results, set up your SEM campaigns at the earliest. Here, you should define the ad groups, campaigns, keywords, and creatives. We use the same in Google ads and Bing ads.

Use SEO techniques

In this stage, when your SEM services are in full-swing take advantage of the organic positioning. To achieve this, rely on keyword research and use the results to get an idea of audience interest.

After the analysis phase, it’s easy to create well-targeted content that responds to your users needs. Automatically, you gain higher positions in the SERP results. Also, implement off page SEO techniques such as link building to improve your positioning and authority.

Benefits of combining SEM services and SEO as a long-term strategy in Dubai, UAE

  • SEO and SEM services go hand in hand. If you invest in paid marketing, more people reach your website. Similarly, users share your content on social networks which in turn popularize your website in the long run.
  • According to search engine, having an organic result and ad in the top spot, generates 50% more clicks. SEM consultants multiply the click rate providing more potential conversions.
  • Both the services take your visitors to different parts of the conversion funnel. With SEO services, you capture beginners who look for their needs online. Similarly, when the same users try to purchase the product, they reach the paid ad campaigns. Here, these two services do not hinder each other but complement the same.
  • SEO firms usually optimize their efforts with both the services. For example – if you have done the keyword research, utilize what you have learnt in both SEM and SEO campaigns.
  • To multiply your brand awareness use SEO and SEM services. Even if people don’t click your brand after seeing it twice, then increase user’s memory by associating your brand with their needs.

How can we help you build a successful SEM marketing strategy in Dubai, UAE?

Many companies work hard to register their presence online. With the right SEM strategies and tools, we help you target your preferred audience and achieve new customers.

Being a leading SEM agency in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we know it’s crucial to combine both SEO and SEM services. We achieve valuable internet presence with thoughtful campaigns. We make your campaigns effective and offer a complete marketing package. Our digital marketers set your monthly budget, decide the cost model, and keep your business active online.
We promise effective advertising campaigns for better visibility and sales!