Top-rated Ecommerce Development solutions in UAE

Do you have an online store? We could hear this question trending in the recent days. Moreover, the pandemic has bought great opportunities for digital business. Most of the people stay safe at home by using online store for their shopping needs. It’s quiet easy; you can shop at the comfort of your home and get products delivered at the doorstep. What else you want? No need to travel in the crowd and reach bustling shopping destination, it’s all done with a simple ecommerce website. However, digital business has an extra charm in the emirates like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Because, these emirates are completely digitalized and you can find everything online,

Still, are you lacking from a perfect online store? Don’t waste your precious business, connect with a potential ecommerce development firm and get your online store as soon as possible.

Initially, you have to decide the platform to build your ecommerce website. Get started by answering the following questions,

If the answer is ‘yes’, then you have to move on with the open source ecommerce website development solutions.

Ecommerce platform

It’s a software application that simply allows online business to manage their websites, sales, marketing and other operations. Therefore, These platforms unify the main business process that ensure complete visibility and finally, meet the customer expectations.

Choosing the best ecommerce development platform in UAE is a difficult task, because you have a plethora of ecommerce development companies that work on different platforms.

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Top-rated ecommerce development platforms in UAE

Each platform has its own strong points and advantages that is suitable for some clients but not good for others.

Further, open source platforms have the following benefits,

Find out best-rated ecommerce development platforms


Magento is a well-known and popular ecommerce website development platform in UAE. The platform has gained reputation over the years for handling huge amount of data and traffic. However, it’s a good option for big enterprises. The magento store can handle around 4M page request and up to 50K orders per hour. Further, it has a very-high security level to detect any issues. The security team immediately reach us and launch the security patches. Due to regular updates, stores built using magento are free from malware attacks.

Apart from big enterprises, Magento offers quick support to small and medium business companies. It has loads of features to upgrade your online store. Managing multiple stores, custom modules, and using different currencies are the notable features in magento.

Pros of choosing Magento

Cons of using Magento


Woo commerce is a popular platform and so; most of the ecommerce development firms in UAE use this platform to build the ecommerce store. The community has a lot of professional developers who support your web store with flexible and ready solutions. Therefore, this huge community resolve your issues swiftly. Woo commerce platform allows users to upload and manage any number of products, work on a blog, work on SEO, and other marketing activities. It’s simple to use, initially, install a shopping cart plugin, run and customize it according to your requirements.

Pros of woo commerce ecommerce development

Cons of woo commerce


Open cart is a light weight ecommerce website development platform that requires less resource than Magento. Open source is an excellent choice for start-ups and small enterprises that look out for independent web store development. The platform is easy to work with user-friendly features. Therefore, less-experienced people can simply work on open cart. It’s clear and intuitive because of its convenient admin panel.

Pros of Open Cart

Cons of using Open cart


Prestashop is one of the best open-source e-commerce development platform among online retailers. It has an intuitive admin panel and users can easily install their ecommerce website. Moreover, the platform has a level of technical control since they have fully-hosted and self-hosted options. Therefore, prestashop is definitely an easiest ecommerce platform for start-ups and small enterprise. Prestashop has limited options for website customization.

Pros of Prestashop

Cons of Prestashop


If you’re familiar with Drupal admin panel, then Drupal ecommerce platform is the right choice for your website. It’s a flexible and moreover, SEO-friendly option to boost your ecommerce website. Further, it has a clear administration panel, advanced payment modules or even subscription based. Drupal ecommerce website development has only basic features to kick start with the project, in case of additional features, use commerce kickstart package.

Drupal is a good option for online shop with basic features, in case of expanding you needs third party extensions.

Pros of Drupal

Cons of Drupal

How to choose the best ecommerce website platform?

Now, you have a complete idea on the top-rated ecommerce development platforms in UAE.

Initially, understand your business size and required specific features. While analyzing these factors, it’s easy to estimate the development platform and work on it.

If you’re looking for a basic ecommerce websites with limited features then don’t pay for advanced modules and extensions. Yet, if you plan for creative ecommerce page with bright design and custom features, then go for high performance platforms.

Get the requirements accurate and choose the best ecommerce website development platform in UAE!