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What you get when you hire us as your eCommerce PPC agency?

Website Audit

Our eCommerce consultants take a closer look at how your website is structured, its design, user-friendliness and other factors.

Competitor Analysis

We study your competitors to find out what keywords they rank for. This helps us understand opportunities for better client acquisition.

Keyword Research

An eCommerce website could rank for thousands of keywords. We focus only on the ones that bring in revenue. GET A FREE WEBSITE AUDIT

Compelling Copy

Converting a website visitor into a valuable customer with the help of engaging product descriptions is an art, which we have mastered.

Local SEO

For 44% of buyers, their journey starts with a search query on Google. We help drive traffic to your website organically for better sales.

Blogs & Guest Posts

Our writers craft keyword-rich content with outbound links to product pages and categories that results in the increased likelihood of a sale.


Our eCommerce services include creating professional videos of your product(s) or service(s) that convert viewers into paying customers.

Social Media

Consumers are not looking for a product or service anymore, but for a relationship with your brand. Done right, this could foster brand loyalty.

Increased Engagement

Our eCommerce experts know how to increase user engagement with your target audience. This involves not only content, but the overall experience.

We help increase your sales!

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You get access to a state-of-the-art Dashboard that allows you to view everything in real time

Monitor traffic 24/7

Find out where your customers are logging on to your website from, and how many there are at any time.

Keyword Rankings

See which keywords you rank for and at what rank you come in for these selected keywords.

Social Media

Find out in real-time how many users visited your social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Activity Reporting

Monitor all website and social media activity on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Generate reports when you want them.

What Makes Us
Different from the Rest?

10,000+ Projects Completed

Our clients include those in both the B2B and B2C sectors, across all industries. We have both the expertise as well as the experience to execute your project successfully.

Dedicated Project Manager

Every client is assigned a dedicated Project Manager who updates the client on the status of the project regularly. The Project Manager will answer all questions that the client may have.

Customized Packages

Every client has a unique set of needs, and we make sure that our packages are tailored accordingly. At Hello Pixels, we are in the business of building lasting relationships.

360-degree Approach

Our services cover everything digital, from web and mobile app development to digital marketing, SEO, social media, lead generation, and online reputation management.

Monitor Progress

Our Google Analytics-integrated client dashboard allows you to see everything that is happening, including daily, weekly, and monthly progress reports about the project.

Great Return on Investment

We see to it that our packages are always affordable and deliver value. With our sights firmly set on achieving clearly-defined results, we help you get the most out of your money.

Awards & Recognitions

About Hello Pixels

Hello Pixels is an award-winning firm with years of experience in managing both large and small projects. We believe in helping our clients achieve their goals through the execution of well-planned strategy that keeps pace with changes in the digital landscape.

What Our Clients Says

Our promise Listen to our customers; we did these for our clients,
Client Overview

The HelloPixels team helped me with stunning designs. We had a very good development time with quality results.

Fitness Tree Owner
Kate Gross Client Overview

We’re pleased to work with HelloPixels team. They managed to get through the process with great ease.

KATE GROSS - Journalist
Thegem Client Overview

They were clear with our website development requirements. With creative development phase, we're happy with the results.

Steven Hall
CEO - Phab Media


Our experts have answered few questions that might be in your mind. If you have any questions, please contact us.
Pay-Per-Click is a form of advertising where the advertiser is charged only if someone clicks on the ad. Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns for eCommerce websites is simple, requiring only a headline and a few lines of copy. In some instances, an image may be required. But nothing to worry, a small image will do, as opposed to one in high resolution. With Google Ads, it is even simpler. You need only a headline, two lines of copy, and a link to your landing page.

Keywords are those words, which when typed into a search bar, trigger the ad. You most likely won’t be the only one offering these products, so expect some competition for select keywords. This results in a bidding war, and the advertiser who is willing to pay the most per click wins the spot. This is where you have to be careful – if you bid too high, you might win the spot, but it would eat into your profits. The key is to find the right balance between ad spending and profitability. You can set limits on your spending.

A keyword like ‘best T-shirt’ is bound to be extremely competitive. It would therefore make sense to bid for a more specific keyword like ‘blue T-shirts’ that has a lower search volume if you sell blue T-shirts. There might be an even lesser search volume for ‘blue T-shirt size XL’ but remember that this is a highly focused search query, and advertising to this demographic means an increased likelihood of a sale. This is why keyword research is important, and a professional eCommerce PPC agency can be of help.

If you are already engaging in some form of Pay-Per-Click advertising, keyword research done correctly by an eCommerce PPC company can let you know of which keywords are underperforming as well as the ones you should focus on. Good eCommerce PPC firms would be able to tell you that you should also bid on the names of your more well-known competitors if you are able to offer the same product(s) as them for lesser. They can also save you a lot of money with a negative keyword strategy.


  • Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns for eCommerce websites can increase traffic by 95%


  • Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns for eCommerce websites can increase conversion rates by 37%


  • Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns for eCommerce websites can improve lead generation by 60%


Over 75% of those who use search engines do not scroll past the first page of Google. What that means that three out of four users never check out the search results on Page 2 of Google. You are missing out on a lot of potential website traffic if your SEO strategy hasn’t gotten you on to the first page of Google. Search Engine Optimization takes time, and a faster way to get discovered and/or to drive traffic to your website is to be on the first page of Google with Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Good eCommerce PPC firms know their way around Pay-Per-Click advertising and delivering results on a tight budget. To increase bang for your buck, the advertising campaign can be switched off at times when search volumes are low, such as at 3 AM in your time zone. If you do not ship overseas, their eCommerce PPC consultants can ensure that the ads are displayed only to users in your country. A good eCommerce PPC company would run A/B ads to see which one is more effective.

There are also other ways a professional eCommerce PPC agency can maximize the returns on your investment. They can set up the eCommerce PPC campaign so that the ads are also displayed for related keywords, such as when someone searches for denim and your ad for blue jeans shows up. The entire suite of eCommerce PPC services also includes the services of an experienced copywriter who will write compelling copy that motivates users to buy your products.
Good eCommerce PPC consultants know how to check the ad quality score, which is a metric provided by Google. This is based on factors such as relevance to the keyword(s), the clickthrough rate [how many people click on the ad after seeing it], and the user experience after they come to your product page. Google tracks how much time they spend on the landing page, and whether they make a purchase, navigate to another section of your website, or exit the page. A high bounce rate means they need to do better.

This is how good eCommerce PPC experts distinguish themselves from the not-so-good ones. They identify the top-performing keywords and focus on them, while weeding out the low-performing keywords. Professional eCommerce PPC consultants make recommendations backed by data as to whether you should increase your advertising budget for better visibility and improved sales. Their keyword research also comes up with new long-tail keywords that make a positive difference to your bottomline.