How to Implement Blockchain in Business?

Blockchain Technology for Business Development, UAE

We Know! You have surely come across this term and some of you recognise it, having a brush with it at some point. Blockchain Technology is trending and this article by HelloPixels is for both, the first time users and business entrepreneurs closing in on achieving business prospects and its development in the UAE and the rest of the Middle East. Let’s start with dissecting the interesting term. The term Blockchain is derived from its functionalities, where ‘blocks’ are pieces of digital information or stored data called records and the term ‘chains’ are referred to databases holding  massive volumes of digital information. Prominent digital marketers and software providers in Abu Dhabi, HelloPixels explained blockchain technology as the latest advancement around the block in the digital world to secure your business data and information in a simple yet powerful way. 

Blocks in Blockchain technology stores complex business data and information like contracts and agreements, financial transactions and monetary information, medical and healthcare data, supply chain data and customer information, all these in the most secure parameters known in the business world.

Blockchain Technology for Data Security in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

All businesses across various industries have developed their markets online owing to technology advancement and occasions that rose unexpectedly, leading to payment gateways being included over websites and other third party platform providers which in turn enabled the concept of e-commerce to flourish in the UAE. The COVID 19 pandemic paved the way for a 100% smartphone usage where basic necessities that included groceries and medical essentials were available online making the safety of online payments essential and top priority for business establishments. Customer information and online behavioral data that records information on how an online user navigated when the online page was visited contributing to the creation of a specific customer history that is called a customer database which is again a safety priority as it holds personal information. Did you know, It was the financial structure called ‘the Bitcoin’ that put the spotlight on Blockchain technology making it an overnight sensation in the digital world of monetary transactions. Companies around the world woke up to the importance of securing financial information and customer information in a broader light.

Customer data leaks were a major flaw faced by MNCs across the globe. The UAE was not going to wait for the impact of the ripples in the vast sea of financial transactions across businesses to hit their financial shores unprepared. Pro-activeness and preparedness beforehand is a principle that gave roots to a wonder like the UAE. The government of UAE formed the ‘Emirates Blockchain Strategy 2021’ and the ‘Dubai Blockchain Strategy’ for a safe and secure financial environment across the Emirates. Dubai Future Foundation Formed the ‘Global Blockchain Council’ to regulate, bring order to and set up organized transactions via the blockchain platform enabling further exploration and advancement of financial stability in the digital world.

Blockchain Technology in the UAE, REFORMATION

The UAE government aims to transform financial transactions in to a fully functional Blockchain Technology induced Economy at the earliest with a single vision as a fuel for an objective called ‘the happiest city on earth’ and Blockchain is how they aim to get there. In the UAE, progressive financial solutions and monetary regulations have been aggressively dealt with by the government to make the Emirates a pro-crypto and crypto-centric oasis in the Middle East. When a few countries banned Cryptocurrency owing to its adaptability complications in a financial ecosystem, UAE saw the prospects it brought in. It’s official to say, UAE is the most Crypto-centric nation in the world, thanks to the UAE government and its faith in the potential of Blockchain Technology! Entrepreneurs feel safe investing in Cryptocurrency in the UAE as it’s legal and under specific laws set up by the government to protect and behold the evolution. Blockchain Technology in the UAE are provided by badged digital providers across various industries all bespoke as per preset business objectives.

Blockchain Technology for Businesses by HelloPixels, Abu Dhabi

Blockchain in BusinessEasy Recording Financial transactions

Monetary History of Financial Transactions

Experience Real-Time Ledger Capabilities Online 

Transparency in Financial Recordings for Large Scale Business

Encrypted Block Technology for Safety 

Stamped Blocks for Enhanced Safety Parameters

Best of Blockchain Technology Synchronisation 

Access Via Private Key Technology

All Industry Capable

Blockchain Technology in the UAE, INDUSTRIES

Oil and Gas -

The energy industry in the UAE is thrusting forward with the latest inclusion of Blockchain Technology in all departments. Oil and gas industries are closing in on sensors for almost every area of their functionalities to bring about measured advancement and visible growth for better understanding and support. Financial transactions are stored across all devices for better visibility and understanding in a synchronized manner across all locations of the organization to avoid confusion and online digital safety. HelloPixels provided contracting in the energy industry for private firms with Blockchain Technology by connecting assets to service contracts directly in the process strengthening the collaboration experience.

Entertainment Industry -

Did you know that content ownership and rights to forecast content online or across an OTT streaming platform are some of the biggest issues faced by production houses globally. UAE is one of the most sought after shooting and filmmaking destinations in the world. Blockchain Technology for the entertainment industry by HelloPixels when integrated in the filmmaking industry helped production houses in the UAE and the Middle East track IP(Intellectual property) for content across various channels at the same time at the earliest. Financial transactions made can be verified by production houses and intellectual property owners quickly using Blockchain Technology. Consistent scrutinization of content, its regulation, consumption, production and distribution using Blockchain Technology can do wonders in the entertainment industry.

Food Industry Revolution -

Food Safety and it's advancement is the most important aspect in a developed country like the UAE. The UAE government will not move an inch or compromise one cent when it comes to food safety and its rightful regulation. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are windows to the Arab World and food safety and quality are one of the biggest reasons why they are called so. The cities are so futuristic in its ideas about catering to the people, that the government has introduced Integrated Blockchain Technology in food by 2021. It's mandatory for food companies with an annual production of more than a prescribed limit set by the food and safety regulations to have their business merged in Blockchain Technology for food origin information, QR code scans on food products for customer's verification, Ingredient information on packed foods, sustenance and availability. HelloPixels provided QR codes for packed food businesses in Abu Dhabi that are directly linked to Blockchain Technology set up at the production warehouse via sensors on devices and equipment involved that were synchronized to provide accurate details of the content in the packing which added safety and brand value to the client enabling their customers to scan the QR code on the product package which displayed food origin information, ingredients and date of expiry.

E-commerce -

Blockchain Technology changed e-commerce forever. E-commerce has never had its supply chain management so much improvised till Blockchain Technology took over thrusting the whole institution of e-commerce business in the UAE with transparency, efficiency and on the dot periodical tracking capabilities like never before. Origin and freight information of products ordered online are doing the best of realms ever. HelloPixels provided Blockchain Technology for payment processing for e-commerce compatible companies and businesses in the UAE. No intermediary in between type of financial capabilities for large scale e-commerce companies across the Middle East, dependable product information and fast returns were the best parts of the technology as stated by our clients.

Healthcare and Pharma -

HelloPixels has its first brush with Blockchain Technology in 2021 for our client in the healthcare and pharma industry. Our client required patient data Synchronization, a record of medical science trials in their premises with sensors induced to record data and information, identify medical errors and patterns for safety and precaution, pandemic outbreak and disease tracking and secure sensitive patient data.

HelloPixels and Blockchain for Beginners, UAE edition

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