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Information Gathering
Search engines aren't indexing your site at all.
Your well-thought-out content strategy isn't yielding any results.
Previously, ranking pages had suddenly plummeted.
Information Gathering
SSL certificate issues, poor page load times, and broken links are all complaints from your customers.
None of your pages appear on the first page of Google search results.
Web Applications

When performing an SEO audit, the first thing we check is the domain name. It should not be too long, and neither should it contain any hyphens or numbers – these are associated with spam websites and can have a negative effect on your rankings. If the domain name is too long or contains hyphens and/or numbers, you are better off moving to a new domain name.

We can help in this regard. We do our due diligence when selecting a new domain name, such as checking the age of the domain, and whether it is a top-level domain. These factors do play into your search engine rankings. We make sure that the domain name does not contain keywords, as Google deprioritizes websites that have keyword-rich domains but are otherwise not of high-quality.

We pay particular attention to whether the domain name has been penalized in the past, as this will make SEO difficult.

When you sign up for our SEO services, here is what you can expect

Website Audit & SEO Assessment

A detailed website audit and SEO assessment entails investigating everything from coding errors to link errors and content issues in order to develop an optimization strategy.

Detailed Backlink Audit

A thorough backlink audit examines the number of backlinks in your portfolio. Our SEO team will identify questionable sites that link to yours and work to resolve these issues.

SEO Competitor Analysis

An SEO competitor analysis examines the online competitive landscape of your industry. It helps to understand what your competitors are doing and how they are attracting traffic.

Meta optimization

Meta tags enable search engines to understand your content better. Adding and/or fixing relevant tags to all pages of your website is part of the optimization process.

Extensive Keyword Research

Our SEO specialists identify key terms that your target audience uses to find products and/or services that are relevant to you. We look for both high-volume focus keywords and long-tail keywords.

Content Optimization

Our SEO specialists examine your content under a microscope and optimize it to make it more accessible to a wider audience by improving content structure, incorporating keywords, and much more.